Vivid Picture of Jabba, Leia, 3PO, and Salacious

Leia lays in this dais for one year, or the rest of her life

This an alternate story where, exactly after the end of The Empire Strikes Back, Leia tried to rescue Han alone with C3Po, but, this plan failed and Leia is enslaved by Jabba for one year because there's one year of difference between the events of TESB and the events of ROTJ.

Prolougue: Leia goes to save Han Edit

After the escape in Bespin, in the medical ship where Luke's robotic hand replaced his lost hand, Leia and the others looked at the window, Luke said:

"The plan to save Han is on, Lando, you will infiltrate Jabba's palace on Tatooine."

"No, if we go to his palace, we could lose more friends and maybe, the war." Leia held Luke's good hand, squeezing it gently. "I will make a diplomatic offer to Jabba to make him give Han back, but only C3PO will go with me to translate. If you see me again, it will be with Han." Leia said to Luke of her plan, Lando looked at her and at Luke, and they answered:

"Ok, good luck Leia, may the force be with you." Luke answered to Leia's idea, before she enters the Millennium Falcon to Lando leave her and C3PO in Tatooine, she said:

"Thanks, if i didin't return tomorrow, don't try to rescue me, defeat the Empire is the focus, remeber that."

Arriving on Tatooine, the Falcon has landed in the desert of Jundland near Jabba's palace, Leia dressed herself with the same white dress that she was wearing during her stay as a prisoner in the Death Star, she left the ship with C3PO and Millennium Falcon has left before that.

Arriving on Jabba's Palace, Leia knocked the gate, Bib Fortuna comes and asks:

"Who are you and what you want in Jabba's palace?"

"I am Princess Leia Organa, and i want diplomacy with Jabba in the objective of negotiate the life of the captain Han Solo." Leia answered to Bib with C3Po translating, after some minutes, Bib said to her:

"Jabba will listen what you want, let's enter in his palace." Bib said allowing Leia to enter in the palace.

Leia's Capture Edit

Entering on Jabba's Palace, she followed Bib Fortuna, but he said to her to wait in one of the rooms in the palace.

"Wait here princess, i will just warn to my master of your arrival." Bib said to Leia before enters on Jabba's throne room, arriving here he said to the hutt: "Master, a princess at the service of the rebellion wants to negotiate for the life of Han Solo, her name is Leia and she is with a protocol droid, what we will do?"

"I will not negotiate for Solo, he is my prisioner, now i will enslave her and make her part of my harem, the droid will be my new translator droid, now I will make a trap to her, Bib, let her to enter here." Jabba said to Bib, obeying his order, he called Leia to enter on the throne room, arriving on it, she said:

"I'm princess Leia Organa of the Rebel Alliance, and i'm here to negotiate the freedom of Han Solo as one of our best pilots, to make sure that the powerful Jabba will accept this, i offers rebel military support and 30,000 credits."

"There will be no diplomacy, Solo is my prisioner, and now you and your droid too." Jabba answered to Leia, then a garromean guard pushed her near Jabba, scared, Leia said: "Saying no to my offers is not an intelligent option, imagine what you will do with 30,000 credits Jabba, don't you want to think abou it?"

"Instead of giving 30,000 credits to me, you will give me something better!" Jabba said to Leia licking his lips, first she thought that Jabba will eat her, but before it, he ordered to prepare C3PO to serve him, and while Jubnuk is leaving the room with the protocol droid, the capture continues with Jabba licking Leia,s neck and lips and kissing her with his slimy tongue.

"Aaargh, Jabba what are you doing, hutts don't eat humans!" Leia screamed to Jabba thinking that Jabba will eat her, hearing that, Jabba looked at the scared princess and answered: "Eat you? Silly girl, Leia, i will not eat you, and i will not leave you in the cells!" Jabba sayed before continue licking Leia, she tried to resist the best as she can do but the better has going to happen.

Leia is stripped and enslaved Edit

After Jabba licked Leia, she tried to clean her face, humiliated from being licked and kissed by Jabba. The helpless princess looked at Jabba and fearfully asked:

"W-what do you want with me?" She asked, walking back looking at room searching for an opportunity to escape but finding none. Jabba licking his lips and looking with perverted eyes to Leia answered: "You taste good Leia, but now, we want to see what is under your dress, gammoreans, now!"

Leia didin't understand what he said in 'to see what is under her dress' until one of the gammoreans unclips her belt, she is going to be stripped, and she tried to resist, kicking the gammoreans screaming: "Don't touch me!!!"

But Oola comes and holds Leia saying: "Please, cooperate, resistance is futile" and Jabba commented: "She is right, if you resist, I can leave you to be eaten by the rancor or do the same with Solo."

Leia heard that and stopped resisting, Jabba had won, she looked down and said: "So, what do what you want." Then the garromeans comes back and ripped Leia's dress revealing her pretty and sexy body, Jabba continues to licking his lips, saying: "Your body is pretty princess, but we want more, now I will finish this myself!"

Leia shyly puts an arm over her bra, and took off her boots before walking near Jabba ashamed, she was obeying every word of the hutt to end this quickly, and walking slowly with her cold foot, looked at Jabba.

"Please, don't do this!" Leia said to Jabba crying, but the hutt looked at her and sayed: "Of course i will do this." And then he uncliped her bra and took off her underclothes, making Jabba's court see her butt while Jabba could see her breasts and crotch, seeing this, he said to her: "Your boobs are perfect in my hands, my sexy."

For Leia the most disgusting part is to being called sexy by Jabba, but then, he began to lick her breasts and squeeze the same, while his tail was placed between her legs without warning, and then, he jumped his tail on Leia's womanhood, for the most humiliating part now is the fact that Jabba is taking her virginity and they are having sex in public, and her screams of pain could be heard over the palace.

After it, Leia has fallen on the ground