After Leia performed an exotic dance with Oola before the court ,Jabba chose to order them to his private chambers for purposes that Leia and Oola came to be familiar with in their time at the palace. Upon their arrival, Jabba let his lustful impulses overtake him and immedietly stripped them of their slave outfits. After everything from brassire to boots had been removed, Jabba repeatidly raped each of them multiple times.The Hutt would often shift between using his tail, hand, and tongue; all parts used in two slave girls violations were equally slime ridden and filthy. Leia and Oola were used sexually in every way possible, inclusing ways that they could ahve never imagined. Jabba was eager to break their spirits and taste their screams until they were devoid of any other use to him for the remainder of the evening. 

After he had his way with his two gorgeous servants, he found himself in a genrous mood. Jabba decided to that after all their loyalty, his Gamorrean guards deserved a bonus that wasn't  mere food or credits. The guards deserved a taste of Oola and leia. A whole night of tasting. The guards had been polite enough lately in not raping any of his other slave girls lately, so why not. Jabba commanded Leia and Oola get back into their outfits and go down to the guard barricks. It took Leia and Oola a good while to go to their destination as they found themselves too exausted to move. It had not occoured to them in their exaustion why Jabba would send them to the Gamorrean barricks.

Upon arriving to the guard-filled room,  the Gamorrean guards grabbed their bulging crotches in anticipation of what would be an evening full of bodily fluids. The guards; of which consitted of twenty to twenty five; immedietly ganged up on the two girls. Oola and Leia felt a great dread in their stomaches because they knew their evening of dehumanizing would not be over. Then, pig hands moved so fast towards the girls that it might as well have been confused for green lightining. Some guard hands tore at the skimpy slave girl costumes while others dug their fingers into the skin of the two. Pig shrieks filled the room so loudly that it hid Leia and Oola's screams. The guards all simultainously used Leia and Oola, not giving thought to the idea of taking turns. They had decided that fighting each other while thrusting their phallic members into one of the two girls would pan out properly.

With this evening of nonstop violence and depravity, the womanhod of the two girls had come to be pouring blood and semen. After the ordeal with the guards, Leia and Oola found themselves able to sleep for one hour. While it had not been much, the minimal sleep would provide a useful recharge as the next day the girls would be ravaged once again thanks to Jabba's buissness partners during a trip to the podracing track, 

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