Leia accepts her new life as Jabba's slave after the rebel defeat and escape in the battle of pit of carkoon.

This is an alternate ending story that Luke's plan to escape from Jabba's Sail Barge fails, but he didn't die, he only escapes with the other rebels seeing that they can't won the Battle at the Sarlacc Pit, but Leia stays a slave and the droids still serving Jabba that stays alive and returns to his palace, where Leia became a permanent slave girl.

The battle of Carkoon Edit

In the Sarlaac pit, Luke's plan is succefull only on R2's part, when Luke grabs his lightsaber and began to kill Jabba's guards and save the rebels, Boba Fett comes and shots a missile in one of Jabba's skiffs prevent Luke of jump on the Sail Barge, but this doesn't defeat Luke. But when Fett had the opportunity of killing Luke, Mara Jade came and shot in Luke's robotic hand making his lightsaber fall on the floor.

"Don't worry, I will grab my saber!" Said Luke to Han, that answered: "Luke, I know that you are a jedi now, but we can't win this, it will be suicide!"

"Han is right, let's get out of here or else we will die and we will not defeat the Empire!" Lando said, Luke looked at him and answered:

"But, what about Leia and the droids?" Leia looked at the battle seeing the rebels being defeated, and scared of being forced to see her friends die, she remembered her mental link with Luke in the Cloud City and mentally said to him:

"Luke, Get out of here now, forget me and the droids, whitout you we can’t defeat the Empire, now the Death Star II is more important, if Han stays alives, says that I sacrificed my freedom to save him and tell him that I love him, I don’t want you to die, escape from here and never return to rescue me, I don’t want you to die!"

Convinced with Leia’s words he said "Goodbye Leia, may the force be with you!" And then escaped with the skiff to Millenium Falcon, she looks happy to see they alived, while they went away, she smiled at then and then tooked off her boots and sat near Jabba

After that, Jabba already didin't understand what happened, Boba explains: "they escaped, probably will leave Tatooine."

"We will wait here to know" Jabba sayed, then he, Leia and Boba comes to the window, they have seen Millenium Falcon leaving Tattooine after one hour waiting. "Now this jedi will leave me in peace at least, we will celebrate it coming to the palace, good work Boba Fett!" But then, Mara Jade enters. The blast doors opening with a sense of foreboding.

"I defeated the rebels!"

"What are you doing Arica?" Asked Jabba.

"My name isn't Arica, I am Mara Jade, an assasin trained by the emperor himself, and I will leave the Palace tomorrow since my work here is done, and the emperor now wants a non-agression pact with the hutt clans and offers 20,000,000 credits!" Sayed Mara Jade, Jabba thinked some minutes and then, has a decision.

"I gladly accepts the terms, but, will I stay with Leia as my slave?" Asked Jabba.

"please say no, take me as prisoner please!" Cried Leia, begging to Mara to say no. Jade looked with an evil smile to Leia and says:

"This will be the right punishment to the most famous rebel leader, keeping her humiliated and ashamed, consider Leia as a gift of the emperor!" Said Mara, then she leaves to the main deck. Leia's heart sank as Jabba tugged her chain and pulled her closer to him.

"No one will save you now, my sexy girl!" Sayed Jabba, then he ordered to Max Rebo's band to sing a sensual song, Leia gasped: "What is this music?"

"This is the music that you will listen while I take your virginty." Jabba said, Leia then understood what her master will do: have sex. Then Jabba uncliped Leia's bra and then her hip fastener and her boots, leaving her naked in front of the Khettana's crew, Jabba, then put his tail on Leia's ass and slowy moving his tail to her vagina, this makes Leia's cheeks glow red. Then, it begins, Jabba puts his tail on Leia's vagina before she opens her legs for order of her new master.

"Aaaaaaaaaah, please m-master stop!" screamed Leia of pain while her virginty is taken by Jabba, her master's answer was: "only when we arrival at your new home: my palace."

Hearing this, Leia just looked to the windown and closed her eyes while she is deeply humiliated of being raped in public and of her virginty is being taken by the hutt and not by Han Solo. Arriving on Jabba's palace, Jabba leaves his tail of his slave's womanhood. Leia falls on the floor, then she tried to put her bikini back, before she even puts her bra, Jabba ordered: "No my lovely, first, you will clean my tail with your mouth.

"Y-y-yes master." Leia sayed, she wanted to hit his tail, but if she do this, she will be punished or executed, so she cleaned his tail of his own sperm with her mouth, what humiliated her, after this, she puts her bikini back and entered in the palace.

Day 1 Edit

Return of the Jedi Slave Leia Scene Special Edition(1)

Leia sits on Jabba's throne

Jabba's court entered in the palace again, Jabba go on his throne and pulls Leia back to him, she just sits on Jabba's throne, she still with the pain of her first sex. She just looked to the court and the room that Leia will stay for the time while her body be sexy, this is what Leia thinked before Jabba makes a decision.

"Now I make a decision, Leia will be a permament slave, now, brings here Kora Num, she will prepare her to this!"

Leia, listening this, understand that now she is a slave for whole of her Life, but she didin't understand why Jabba will keep her even when she became old and her body and voice will not be the same. Some minutes later, Kora Num comes.

"What does my master want?" She asked

"I wants to you prepare my new slave to be my permanent slave girl, but be careful, she is the princess Leia Organa of Alderaan." Answers Jabba

"As you wish, my Exalted One, Leia, follow me" Kora sayed

Kora Num, Leia's trainer and best friend in the harem

Then Leia uncliped her chain with Jabba's permission and followed Kora, Leia asked: "Hey, don't you feel humiliated, ashamed or uncorfortable with this outifit, it's skimpier than my bikini"

"No, this bikini is a honor to me, the honor of serve Jabba until my death, show my breasts to him is good, and be naked before him, better, if it was my choice to make, I would stay naked for Jabba, you can think that I am a whore, but to be his concubine is good, and you will soon think that too" Kora answered Arriving on the harem, Kora explained to her how she will soon be broken and turned into a permanent slave.

"Here in the palace, we have creams and liquids devoloped by the greatest scientists in the galaxy, this makes your skin stay young and sexy, the other makes your voice remain with the 20 year old voice and the other makes your intimal organs stay good for sex, and this one keeps your makeup on you forever and never fade away but not of these creams will make you immortal."

Before Num puts the fluids in Leia, she taked a bath in a pool with the other slaves, then, rested a while for 1 hour. After that, Kora finally puts the fluids on Leia's body.

Leia rests before taking the fluids

"Ok, now it's time to the fluids, but i need you naked to put in the entire body." Kora sayed. Leia agreed, and now she will be young for the rest of her life, but by the other side, forever a slave, she thinked. Then Kora num puts the cream on her entire body, when was the time of her breasts, Leia gasped, but accepeted, thankfull the sexual fluids don't need to put on her womanhood.

After that, she puts tnew make-up on Leia and then finished with an elixir to make it stick perment. It felt weird and made her want to cry.

And now?" Leia asked

"You will learn to dance for Jabba, i know that you had did this in your first day here, but now will be more exotic." Kora answered. Then Num begans to teach Leia how to dance for her new master, Kora was suprised of Leia's skills in the first day of training, and she will report this to Jabba after, but she also was suprised of her lack of obbedience, Kora also will report this for Jabba: Leia didin't breaks.

Some hours later, the first day of training was done, Kora Num sayed to Leia: "Good Leia, now, you will wait here, i will report your first day as permanent slave to Jabba." after Kora leaves the harem, two garromean guards comes and watch Leia preventing her escape, arriving on Jabba's throne room, Kora reported:

"Master, the new slave is ready for a life of enslavement, i puts the fluids on her, when i teached dance to her, i was suprised of her skills, but, she stills with a lack of obbedience, but i will make her apreciates you."

"Kora, you don't need break her, i will make this, tomorrow, i will leave her naked on my throne, but now, just bring her to me." Jabba sayed. "as you wish."

Kora answered. Returning to the harem, Kora ordered Leia to put her slave outifit back and go to Jabba's throne, she did this, arriving on the throne room, Bib Fortuna comes and puts the chain back on Leia, then she lies down on Jabba's throne, two hours later, she sleeps.

Day 2 Edit

Leia Awakens

Leia awakens in her second day as permament slave

One day after the rebel defeat on the Pit of Carkoon, Leia expected that the first day was just a nightmare and will awakens on Millenium Falcon, but this dream ends when she awakens and see that she is wearing the slave bikini, some minutes after, Jabba awakes.

"I know that you didin't breaked, i will make you obey me, but now, you will stay here, and you will not eat nothing until you be loyal and appreciates me." Jabba sayed to Leia, she just ignored and stayed in her submissive position, even when he pulled she to his belly.

Some minutes later Jabba begans to smoke, unconfortable of the spice and changed position and layed down on Jabba's tail.

"Please master, can you stop smoking?" Asked Leia, angry to call the hutt of master, he answered: "No, only if you kiss my tail." Leia, feels ashamed and looked down before kissing Jabba's tail, prefering this to feels the spice, but Jabba didin't stopped and says: "Ho-ho-ho, you really thinks that i will stop, my lovely? My answer is no!"

Leia listening to this just stayed were she was for some hours before some of what Leia calls of 'Galactic Scum' like pirates, Leia ignored the fact of some of then in the audience recognized her as Leia Organa, what ashamed her even more and her cheeks became red. After the audience ended, Jabba was ready to makes she leaves him, then he ordered: "Ok my sexy, now stands in front of me!" Leia obeyed in fear of being punished.

Fearing of having sex with the hutt again she closed her eyes, Mara Jade, before leaving commented: "Oh, i will love seeing this rebel scum humiliated!"

Princess's ultimate shame Edit

"Now, my Kahnkee, turn around and strip down." Jabba ordered as the crowd cheered. Leia shuddered at this order, fearful of being naked in public again.

"Remove your Bra, then unclip your skirts and kick off your Boots, in that exact order." He took a slow draw of his hookah as Leia slowly turned to face the crowd. "And do it like the sexy, shameless tease you are." Jabba ordered to Leia, making the crowd laugh uproariously. Leia looked around, realizing she had no choice. Tears came to her eyes as she slowly swayed her body, loosening the straps of her brasserie as Jabba squeezed her breasts. She then unclipped her skirts, leaving her womanhood uncovered as Jabba touched her bare crotch and butts with his tail and licked her entire body. This deeply humiliated her, but she had no choice whatsoever. Leia then just lay down on Jabba's throne and tried to cover herself the best as she can do, but she could only effectively cover her womanhood. She knew that this was happening because of Mara Jade. Before she left, she growled at the woman and said "If I find you, Mara Jade, I will kill you!"

"Really, you whore?" Said Mara, playfully stroking Leia's chin before forcibly kissing her. Leia struggled as the woman thrust her tongue into her mouth, violating the naked girl. "I doubt it." Mara broke the kiss, switching to a long, humiliating lick from the Princess's lips all the way up to her eyes. She then groped Leia's breasts and placed a knee between her legs, making Leia flush with humiliation. "You will never escape here, 'Slave Leia', as you will forever be known." Mara Jade answered before leaving Jabba's palace.

After many hours, Leia seed that was late night, and slept, now, her nightmare with Jabba was real, she thought before sleeps. "I am Princess Leia, I am an Organa, I will face this humiliation as a warrior." "Suicide is not an option Leia, you can resist!" Leia said to herself before sleeps.

A pirate's pleasure Edit

"Very nice, my little pet." Jabba said, staring at the princess's form as she stood in front of him early in the morning. Leia was still naked, a tray suspended by her collar from two chains and resting on her breasts. "You will do well to serve whomever I command like this." "Give me some clothing and I will." She said through gritted teeth, the tray resting on her firm bosoms and causing her nipples to harden from the cold metal. "This is obscene, to treat me like this." "No, my pet." Jabba growled, stroking her chin with his left hand as his other held her buttocks. "I am treating you as a slave, which is what you are." Leia winced, feeling unwanted arousal at Jabba's touch.

"Now move along, you have an important guest to service today." She walked through the crowd as they groped her breasts and bare buttocks, trying hard not to cry. She stopped in front of the man she was servicing tonight, a pirate with a prosthetic eye over his face and a cheap prosthetic claw in place of a hand. He looked her up and down in her exposed state, obviously impressed with what he saw.

"Wow, they weren't kidding. The lovely Princess Leia, naked and enslaved for Jabba."

"Do I know you?" She asked, trying not to display her humiliation as she stood nude.

"Perhaps you've heard of me, the name's Arns Grimraker." The pirate hissed, leering at Leia as he picked the drink off of the tray.

"One of your pilots, Wedge Antilles, stole one of my barges and led my fleet into an Imperial blockade. I was lucky enough to escape, but they took out my whole fleet and lost me a great deal of money." Arns took a swig of his drink, glaring at the naked princess. "I lost over 700 million credits on that run., all thanks to you."

Leia glared at him. "You deserved to lose more than that." she hissed, turning away from him. "Following conflict and waiting around to steal the scraps of a battle you didnt participate in? Butchering a sick man who was dying anyway, just for fun?" She stood with her hands on her hips, defiant as the drink tray around her neck was picked up by R2. "You don't deserve to call yourself a man." Suddenly, her chain was pulled back making her drop the drinks all over her body.

"Jabba said to service me. And I intend for you to carry it out to the letter." Leia struggled against him as he pulled her closer, grabbing her as she attempted to hit him but was blocked by his claw. "Bring me some handcuffs, this girl's feisty!"

"What about something sexier?" asked Melina, who was nearby. "I've got just the thing." In no time, Leia's arms were bound behind her back with a monoglove, forcing her hands to touch her bare buttocks. Melina tightened the glove, forcing Leia's arms into an uncomfortable position with the elbows touching. "Now that's better. Want to make sure the whore doesn't bite?" Arns nodded as he held Leia's mouth shut with his claw, keeping her still as Melina pulled a spider gag out from a bag she was carrying.

"All right, pussy, open wide." She said. Leia refused, keeping her jaw closed tightly. "Being tough, huh?" Melina said with a glare. "Arns, plug her nose." Arns squeezed Leia's nose, cutting off all oxygen from her lungs. Leia stood still for a minute, struggling to keep her jaws closed. Unfortunately, the lack of oxygen forced her to open her mouth, gasping for air. The gag was fitted into Leia's mouth, fitting past her teeth and keeping her mouth wide open.

Arns dropped his pants, forcing Leia to face his penis, thick and erect for her. She moaned through the gag as his tool was plunged into her mouth, past her luscious red lips that could only move past the ring in her mouth to pleasure him. Her jaw was paralyzed by the muzzle, leaving her unable to bit down or force him out of her mouth.

The crowd cheered and mocked Leia, dumping their drinks on her as Arns grabbed her head with his claw, pumping his cock inside of her. "Uggh, you've got a talented mouth, you cocksucker...." He growled, tilting her head back.

" take it down your throat!" Leia gagged as the seven inches of cock were stuffed down her throat, forcing her to deepthroat him and breathe through her nose.

Then with all of his strengh, Grimracker began to touch Leia's crotch and intimate organs, Leia just looked for Jabba expecting that he will pull her to him, thinked that will be better than Arns, that forced her to balance her ass to pleasure him.

The transmission Edit

While this is happening, Jabba received a transmission of Gorga, The Hutt. "My Uncle, this is an emergency, the encounter of the Hutt Council will convene tomorrow in your palace. We will decide who the Clans will support in the Galactic Civil War."

"I have made my decision, i will support the Empire. The Non-Aggression pact takes me out of the war, but they didn't pay my 20,000,000 credits!" Jabba sayed, Gorga, already answered his decision: "They didn't pay because they money is for the war, the Empire is falling, Palpatine and Darth Vader are dead and the Second Death Star is destroyed!"

"Ok, i will prepare my palace to the Council, and make sure that we will support the victorious side." Jabba sayed listenng that the rebels won the Battle of Endor. Leia was happy about the rebel victory, but she still angry because of what Arns Grimraker is doing to her. Arns came with a final grunt, squirting his fluids down her throat. Leia was pushed to the ground, wincing as she was forced to swallow his juices but she stands and Arns began to squeeze her breasts.

While Arns is squeezing her breats, Jabba pulled Leia near him. "My Kahnkee, now you will be ready to the Hutt Council, Kora Num will prepare you to this honor!" he sayed and called Kora Num.

"What honor, be with Jabba in the encouter of the Hutt Council, lucky Leia!" Yarna commented while Kora arrived and goes to the harem with Leia, where she teached Leia pole dance, she still humiliated of the fact that she will dance pole dance naked for the entire Hutt Council.

After the training, Kora sayed to Leia: "Ok, good luck Leia, you will perfforms to 5 hutts, now, you need to sleeps to rest."

"Thanks Kora." Leia answered before goes back to the throne room, in the way, she thinked: "Now my humiliation will be bigger, i will stay naked and will dance for 5 pervert slugs!" Then she goes to Jabba throne ans sleeped.

Hutt Council encounter Edit

Leia awakened late, the hutts have come in the auddience room with their favorite slaves or harem queens, before the encourter begins, Jabba sayed: "No, my slave, you will serve this to my friends and the other hutts, soon you will dance for they!" Leia, then begans to serve drinks with R2 and Lyn Me.

While she is serving drinks to Jabba's court and the other hutts, Arns sayed to Jabba: "I want that whore for me, give me her and I'll pay you an excellent price."

"No, she is my concubine now." Jabba rumbled. "If you aks me again, I will feed you to my new Rancor." Jabba answered to Grimraker, that sayed before leaving Jabba's palace:

"She will be my slave, and your criminal empire will be mine, you just will wait for your death Jabba, enjoy your last days hutt!"

Jabba ignored Grimraker and pulled Leia to him, ordering her to sit on his throne waiting her time to perfform to the hutts. One hour has passed and the encourter has began.

"Ok, i called all you here because of the war, three rebel diplomats called offered an alliance and the clan's support in the Galatic Civil War." Gorga sayed starting the encounter

"I accepted a Non-Agression pact with the Empire before the battle of Endor, and now, the fall of the Empire it's a question of time and they didin't payed my credits, my vote is to hear the offer of the rebels." Jabba sayed listening Gorga's suggestion

"I know that Palpatine is dead, but they can defeat the rebels with the Operation Cinder, but i want to know what the rebellion wants with the clan, Gorga, can you call the rebel diplomats to here?" Arok, The Hutt sayed expecting the rebel diplomats to come

"They are here, i will order my protocol droid to call them. Hey T5-PO, can you call the diplomats called Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian here?" Gorga sayed and ordered to his protocol droid called T5-PO

"Yes, my master" The protocol droid sayed, going to call the rebels. Leia hearing this tried to cover herself knowing that Han, Luke and Lando will come, but Jabba pulled her making her expose her naked body to her old friends: "My Kahnkee, now your old friends will see you in your natural state!" Jabba sayed to her.

"They are here." T5-PO sayed to the rebels arriving, they had seen Leia naked and chained, even Han, her lover, and this maked her humiliated and embarrased of been seeing as a slave again, and her cheeks had became red of shame.

"In great respect of the Grand Hutt Council, i, Jedi knight and rebel general offers to the great hutts here to accept our offer of alliance with the rebellion and supports our armies in our war against the Empire." sayed Luke making the offers. Jabba, angry of seeing Luke again sayed: "Skywalker, 4 days ago you tried to kill me and now wants diplomacy, i declines."

"Jabba, understand that i just wanted capitain Solo back, 4 days ago the dark side was taking my mind, as a jedi, i would not kill anyone witrh cold blood" Luke answered, after that, Jabba sayed:

"Ok jedi, continues." Jabba sayed, Luke, happily answered: "Now the word is off Solo."

"Speak you miserable mercenarie, or i will open your mouth with my tail, if you wants to pay me, do it now and end with this conflict, or else..." Jabba sayed, angry to see Han Solo again, Leia was just praying to Solo don't recognizes her.

"Jabba, first of all i wants to pay you, sorry to you waits 4 years to this, but i'm with the rebels now, but, to make you accept, we will pay to all you hutts 30,000,000 credits, and the rebel leader that i don't remember the name will tolerate your actions." Han sayed, he wnated that, now he payed Jabba, he will stop of sending bounty hunters to kill him.

"Solo, now you payed, i'm glad of you finally had did something usefull to me, now, i don't wants you dead, but this will not makes you welcome in my palace." Jabba sayed, he still angry with Solo to wait 4 years to bein payed, then, the word comes to Lando.

"Ok, now, what's your final word?" Lando asked. Gorga sayed: "I accept, but i wants rebel military support if the Empire attacks our planets."

"I accepts, just this." Marlo, The Hutt sayed. In time every hutt in the council accepted, Jabba, as the ruler of the palace sayed:

"I accepts, but will not break my Non-Agression Pact with the Empire to prevent future wars, now, we will celebrate our accord, slaves, prepare to dance, you will perform now!" starting a party to celebrate and good accord, then, Jabba unchained Leia and ordered her to dance, and Kora goes with her to prevent her to escape.

Preparing to her perfformance, Leia sayed to Num: "Please, goes with me, i'm don't wants to dance nude for the hutts and with my friends seeing."

"No, i will only watch here, now goes, or Jabba will punish you, but you will not escape here." Kora answered to Leia while she going to dance.

When she comes to throne room, Bib Fortuna ordered Leia to dance pole dance because it's Jabba's desire, then she perfformed a simple dance first, balancing her butts, hips and breats, then, it begins, Leia was ashamed that Jabba licked his lips seeing her skills in pole dance and her beauty naked, while Leia is perffoming, Kora watched, proud that her skills is pleasuring Jabba. But Melina was not pleased, slapping Kora, foricng her to the ground.

After it ends, the rebels leaved the palace and Leia backed to Jabba's throne, before sleeps, she massaged her master's tail, while the other slaves are thinking of Leia's skills.

Then she layed down on Jabba's throne and sleeped, she was hoping that, with her obbedience, she will wear the gold bikini again.

Two months later: Leia breaks Edit

Two months after the Hutt Council Encounter, Leia was showing her obedience to Jabba, but she still a little rebel, and Jabba knows it, then she stayed naked, during her training, Melina Carniss asked Leia what she is doing that she stays rebellious. "I use all my willpower to resist." She said, shivering in the cold air naked. "When will I get my clothing back?" Leia's opinion of Jabba was still the same, she just wanted to wear the bikini again to cover her private regions. In the cold air of the harem lounge, she felt she needed it.

"At this rate? Never, you ungrateful cunt." Melina said, slapping Leia's bare bottom. "You disobey your master and expect him to give you clothes? Fuck you, you spoiled slut!" Leia turned around and flew into a rage, slapping Melina and trying to claw the woman with her sharp fingernails. "Get off!" Melina yelled, grabbing at the nude princess as she wrestled her to the ground. Melina quickly turned Leia over and pinned her to the ground, spanking her with a metal paddle as the male guards (and some of the women) in the harem lounge laughed at the Princess being spanked like a child.

"50 spankings will remind you of your place, you fucking whore!" Melina growled as two naked Gammorrean guards grabbed Leia and clamped her wrists and ankles into a pair of spreader bars. The guards had just finished a round of sex with several slave girls ten minutes ago and were exceptionally horny. They rubbed their penises against Leia's exposed body as one of them strapped a penis gag into her mouth. Melina slapped Leia's firm rear with the metal paddle.

"MMPPHHH!!!" Leia moaned as one of them penetrated her from behind, thrusting in and out as Melina switched to whipping her breasts with a crop. She screamed in pain as the pig guard came in her rear, making her moan from unwanted pleasure as her breasts were turning red. As the guards continued penetrating her, Melina held Leia close, staring right into her fearful eyes as she violated the naked princess by licking her whole face. She signaled to the Gammoreans to stop as they let her down onto the ground and took the dildo out of her mouth. Leia glared at her, and raised her hand to hit her but she was stopped by the Gammoreans who grabbed her hands and pulled them apart. Melina dragged Leia by hair towards two ropes hanging from the ceiling and hoisted her up, holding her suspended by her wrists. "I see you are still defiant. Well, this ought to change that" Melina said as she brought a vibrating dildo with a shocker. As the Dildo started penetrating her, every time she orgasmed, the dildo thrust it self deeper, with even more force. As she screamed with unwanted pleasure, the Gammoreans groped here rear while Melina whipped her on her breasts, thighs and back, switching irregularly until all of her body was red. After one rotation of Tatooine`s two moons, she dropped the sleep derived Leia to the ground where she was chained to a wall, naked for all to see and violate. Melina pulled Leia`s chin to meet hers quietly asking "Next time you try something like that, i will not go so easy" as Leia drifted into sleep.

The next morning she could hardly stand with Kora’s help and take a bath before returning to Jabba’s dais, still nude with the rest of her body, still red and raw. "Aaaah my whore, you`re finally back. Good. Good. I see that Melina has taught you a lesson" Jabba commented staring at her raw red body. She blushed trying to cover herself the best she could but before she could even cover herself fully, the collar snapped around her bare neck and Jabba pulled her into his arms. Jabba held her close as his tail wrapped around her thighs, scaring her into thinking that she will be penetrated, therefore keeping her submissive and silent.

Leia was just angry of obbey every Jabba's orders to wear the costume again, so she just goes back to the harem, but before she leaves it, Jess sayed to Leia: "My dear, today Jabba will watch a pod race and you will go with our master, this will be the test of obbedience to you, if you breaks, you will wear your outifit again!"

Returning to her master's throne, Jabba ordererd to prepare Khetanna to the trip. And Leia will be forced to stay nude in public, but she had no choice, she expected that after the pod race, she will wear the golden bikini again.

"I will be as obedient as possible." Leia though to herself. "Two months and I'm still naked because of my lack of obedience, so i will break Leia, i will break and wear that bikini again!" Leia though to herself before she entered the sail barge.

During the trip, Leia stayed near Jabba, silent and subimissive near the hutt, she wanted to obbey every of her master's command to break and uses the slave outifit again. She wanted to sleep after some minutes of trip, asking for Jabba.

"Master, i wants to sleep beside you, can i do it?" Leia asked to Jabba, that, answered: "Yes my kahnkee, you need to rest before we have sex."

Leia, was just horrificied of having sex with Jabba again, but surpised that Jabba wanted to have sex with her two mounths after he takes her virginty, but she just sleeped, and wanted to think of that after she awakes.

Arriving in Mos Eisley, Jabba pulled Leia to make she awakes, the naked slave girl awaked and looked to Jabba. "We arrived, let's see the race." Jabba walked with the chained Leia, embarraced of every civilian of the city has looked to her bare body, some have recognized her, Jabba ordered to Boba Fett stays with her while he is preparing his VIP place. And, some people looked at her, before the race, theracer that will be the winner asked to Jabba who are her.

"It's princess Leia, now a slave, you can touch her if you want." Jabba said to the winner of the race and the rest of the racers. Leia kicked the winner but Melina quickly subdued Leia with the help of the Gammorean Guards. Melina bound Leia to a post with her hands over her head leaving her whole body exposed to the public. Leia looked towards Melina pleadingly as the men started fingering her exposed vagina and twirling her breasts but what Melina did made her current situation seem even worse. Melina took the dildo that the men Gammoreans were using and wiped it on a cloth which she then used to blindfold Leia`s eyes. She then plugged her ears leaving her devoid of all senses except touch. She felt fingers all over her body as she restlessly tried to shake them only to feel the burning sensation of a well placed spanking on her soft thighs. Fingers were thrust deeper up her intimate regions making her writhe with unwanted pain and pleasure. She screamed but Melina struck her on the breast and inner thighs repeatedly making it clear that if she made another sound, she would regret it. Leia tried to stay silent but she just could not and screamed with pleasure and pain. Melina gladly whipped Leia even more as more and more citizens joined in, touching all of her body, caressing and violating her in every way they could. As the racers returned to their vehicles, the citizens also returned to their homes. Once they had departed, Leia was cut down and the blindfold and plugs were removed, leaving Leia red with embarrassment and pain. She curled up into a ball, trying to cover herself the best she could but Melina did not allow her. "You resisted. You tried to escape" Melina growled, smiling deviously at the naked princess. "Melina, i, it was too". A slap silenced her, at the same time making her face the ground as her eyes welled up with tears. "Well, it seems the only way for you to learn anything is the hard way." Leia`s eyes widened with fear as she looked up towards Melina only see her raise her hand holding the metal paddle as she helplessly prepared for the consequences. As Melina whipped the princesses vagina, buttocks, back and breasts the Gammoreans held her still, keeping her from squirming and getting away. The Gammoreans lustfully groped her breasts and fingered her vagina whenever they had the chance, all while the racers and the public watched intently.

One hour later, Leia was returned to Jabba, even redder than before, her body filled with rashes fro the intense sexual torture she had endured. Jabba smiled at Melina, silently thanking her for her progress as he caressed Leia`s back, licking her whole body until it dripped with slime.

While the race is happening, Jabba pulled Leia to him and squeezed her breasts, also in public and licked the boobs after, making her body stay full of slime. But she ignored trying to be obbedient, wishing that she will wear the bikini again. She cleaned herself after it, Jabba, seeing her obbedience, he ordered to Leia as a test:

"My sexy, i'm seeing that you are breaking, so, now, you will massage my tail and them lick it!"

"Y-yes my master, i will do it!" Leia sayed, and quickly began to massage her master's tail, this humilited her, but she knows that, after that, she will stay naked no more. After it, she begans to lick and kiss Jabba's tail, the hutt had turned on and began to pull Leia while she is licking the tail.

After the race ends, Jabba has given the throphy to the winner, a male Rodian caled Tzinn Rathir. This was embarrasing to Leia, that had to see the celebration nude near civilians.

After it ends, Jabba and the crowd had returned to his sail barge, and, after returning to his palace, the hutt ordered to his men: "Ok now, i need an private time with my kahnkee." And then 'walked' to his private room with Leia, she knows that they will have sex again.

In the private room, Leia was penetraded by Jabba's tail by the first time since the Battle of Pit of Carkoon, Leia was shocked in pain like the first time, but, the hutt isn't taking Leia's virginty, but, the screams could be heared even in the garromean barracks. But for the first time in Leia's life, she had oral sex with Jabba.

After they had sex, Jabba sayed to Leia: "I see that you finally breaked, ok my slave, i will order Kora Num to bring your slave outift back, and them, you will dance for me!"

"Thanks master!" Leia thankfull sayed to her master before leaving the private room, she layed down on his dais waiting Kora brings the outifit back to her.

"Good work Leia, i'm proud that you finally accepetd your fate and now knows the honor of serve our exalted one!" Kora Num sayed to Leia while she is giving the bikini back to Leia, While she is puting the bra, she answered:

"Thanks, but my opinion of Jabba stills the same, i'm just obbedient."


Leia dancing for Jabba

Leia cliped the skirts and puts the bracelets once again glad of wear the outifit that two mounths ago she hated, and she still hating it, but she prefers this and stay naked, so she was happy of wearing it, but now, she breaked, and now is fully obbedient of Jabba.

Some minutes after it, Leia danced for Jabba, now, with her skills learned with Kora, Jabba was even more pleasured and Leia even more humiliated, but, she breaked and everybody knows it, and Leia, are now angry with herself.

In the end of the day, Jabba begans a embrace with Leia, that was disgusted of it, and then, Leia's hope of being free and returns to her old life ended and she totally accepted her fate of being a slave for the rest of her life, even that she hoped of being taked as prisioners by imperials before it knowing that she sacrficed her freedom to save her old friends. One fact Leia knows: she breaked, but her opinion is the same. And with this thinking, she sleeped.

Leia, the harem queen Edit

Six mounths after it, Leia was now by far Jabba’s favourite and his palace has double the size of his palace since his influence over the Outer Rim was growing and now he was the most influent gangster in half the galaxy and only Xizor and Arns Grimraker were real rivals to him.

For Leia, her life was getting worse on her mind, and her obbediency to Jabba was only growing, After a trip to Mos Eisley, Jabba smiled at Leia and pulled her closer to him.

"Now my palace is larger, I have great plans to you my Kahnkee." He said, kissing Leia and thrusting his tongue inside of her mouth.

Leia tried to ignore Jabba, yet stayed submissive and obedient to him and now don’t knows nothing about his great plans that he did everything that she feared to her.


Leia and Jabba in a larger throne room

Arriving on the palace, that now has the double of the original size for the money that Jabba earned from the support of the Rebellion, now he wants to make a bigger cartel for his empire and for to allows more slaves that can live on the harem or on the throne room.

For the six weeks that passed, the life on the palace was normal, Jabba’s influence growing over the Outer Rim, and Leia becoming day to day more obbedient and vulnerable, that makes her became angry with herself but for her, there’s no escape and hopes to being free again even hating Jabba.

While she was taking a bath in the harem, Leia heared some rumors talked from the other slave girls that Jabba will chose one of the slaves to be a harem queen and probably the chosen one will be her, Kora, Jess or Lyn Me, now she discovered what was the great plans that Jabba sayed some weeks ago.

Returning to the throne room, her master pulled her near him and sayed: "My pet, I'm thinking of making you the harem queen. This means that you are my favorite and will train my new slaves to serve me." Jabba licked Leia's barely-clad form, making her shiver. "I will see if you are ready to this, you will pleasure me."

Leia didn't want to be the harem queen but feared being fed to the rancor if she disobeyed. "O-ok master, do what you want with your pet." "Then remove your costume....slowly."

Leia felt ashamed of being forced to call herself a pet, and obey him as a submissive slave girl, but she had no choice. First she slowly removed her bra, then unclipped her skirt plates and stood wearing only her boots and bracelets now, Jabba began to play with her boobs and lick her body in front of everyone, she closed her eyes trying to forget.

"Open your legs my lovely!" Jabba sayed, Leia quickly obeyed knowing that isn't her choice, Jabba's tail penetrated her womanhood, for her, having sex with her master in front of the entire court was the worst part, but different of the other times, now Jabba did not for some minutes, for hours, and some hours after, Jabba kissed her with the slimy tongue.

"Aaahh, please stop master!" Leia sayed to Jabba to not kiss her, trying to reduce her humiliation, but Jabba ignored and did the same as he did when she was captured 7 mounths ago.

1 hour later, Leia feeled something new to her, she didin't believe but she was enjoying what they are doing, she became angry with herself to this but for the other side she began to enjoy it, and began to scream.

"Oh...Oh...Master, yes...Continue please!!!" She screamed, for her it was not so bad now, since that it was a normal for her since that she is a permanent slave now, Jabba continued this and after on more hour it ended, Leia feel on the ground, from one side, she liked it, for the other, she was deeply humiliated, but Jabba asked:

"So, you pleasured me, and you liked it?"

"Y-y-yes my m-master" Leia hardly sayed, confessing this just maked she even more disgusted, but ignored it waiting what Jabba will say and then her master began to speak again:

"So, you are my harem queen, and to celebrate my decision, you will sleep with me right you are, naked in your natural state, my sexy."

Leia heared this and layed in her place in the dais with her intimal parts exposed, she looked down and watched the perform of the other slaves in the party to celebrate the harem queen, and while everything was happening, she just looked at it as shy as she can be knowing that every movement are watched from Jabba and she was naked.

Jabba Mocks Luke's Attempt to Rescue Leia

Leia, before a princess and rebel general, now a slave and harem queen

In the next morning, Jabba awalked and sayed: "Kahnkee, put your slave outfit and go to the harem, your first day need to be special, Melina will tell to you your new tasks and duties as a harem queen." Leia puting her bikini and uncliped her chain, and walked to the harem like the other days.

Leia arrived on the harem and Lyn seeing her sayed: "Hey, our harem queen arrived, hi Leia!"

Hearing this, the other slaves runed to her giving congratulations or things like this, Kora comes and sayed:

"Now you are our harem queen, i'm proud to teached you to pleasure our Exalted One!"

"Thanks, but you know that i don't likes Jabba, and i feel embarrassed of being a harem queen and Jabba's favourite, and his slave even as the 6 mounths since i became a slut." Leia answered to Kora, she just sayed: "In the right time, you will appreciates our master, but now, Melina will show you your new tasks."

"Good for you, spoiled rich girl, i'm glad that Jabba had put you in your place!" Melina sayed, after the time since her enslavement, she still disliking Leia for being a member of royality and for that feel humiliated of being a slave.

"First of all, as a harem queen, you have some authorithy, only on Jabba's harem, second, as a harem queen, it's your duty train the new slaves to appreciate Jabba and pick a slave costume to the new slave, you have respect of your master, so you will pleasure him and do what he wants, if you don't behave well, you will sleep in the garromean barracks, you also can speak in Jabba's dais now, and can walk and sleep at the time that you wants, but it’s an obligation fed Jabba every morning, you need to expose your breasts to our master plays with your boobs before sleep, it's a task you kiss or massage his tail, the time to do it's your choice, and finally if Jabba orders you to dance, you can choice if you will do it alone or with a group, if you resist for more than to two times you will be fed to the rancor, if you forget something of these tasks, i will be allowed to punish you, undestanded sopiled rich whore?" Melina sayed showing her tasks and duties.

"yes, and i'm happy to serve our master and i'm so proud." Leia sayed with sarcasm, Kora Num comes and sayed:

"I know your sarcasm, but i will fix it later, your time begins tomorrow." Leia still not understanding why Kora loves Jabba so much, but thinks that be a harem queen will be worse than everything that she passed in Jabba’s palace and sleeped in the harem, in the next morning, she just did all of her new tasks ashamed of being forced to serve Jabba even more.

For now Leia was even more disgusted for being forced to fed Jabba every morning and massage his tail at the time of day that she wants, but she didin’t have choice, for now, she was even more disgusted.

First trip on the Star Jewel Edit

Leia original

Leia listening to the audience

Leia's and Jabba's life was normal since the three months that has passed, until a rebel general arrived at Jabba's palace, the general and Jabba would have an unnormal talking that Leia listened well to it.

The general sayed: "Great Jabba, we need your help in the war."

Leia's hope to be rescued ended when he sayed that, then Jabba looked at him and sayed: "For what?"

The general looked at Jabba and at Leia and sayed: "The rebellion needs the access to your territories in the Outer Rim, to defeat the Empire."

Jabba looked at him and sayed: "This will not destroy the neutrality of the hutts in the war?".

The general sayed: "No, the other hutts will discuss this in the most recent liberated planet: Coruscant with the rebel leaders."

Jabba sayed: "Ok, i will prepare the court for the trip."

The general just leaved the palace while Jabba prepared the Star Jewel to travel to Coruscant. for Leia the humiliation was even greatest because she will be seen as a slave to her friends and the leaders of the rebellion. She cried silently when she was taking a bath at the night. In the next day, she awakened, and right after open her eyes, Jabba pulled her to him and sayed: "My lovely, you will travel to Coruscant with me!"

Star Jewel Lounge

Part of the interior of the Star Jewel

While Leia looked with fear to him while Kora sayed: "What honor Leia." Leia answered: "Thanks." After it, Leia was pulled and walked with Jabba chained to the Star Jewel, she looked admired to he luxury of the ship outside and inside it. Leia layed down in the dais of the ship.