costume difference:Ann's shows Ann's bellybutton. Note:on costumes legs are tight,then start to spread off legs.


Ann and Tann Gella were twin Twi'lek masseuses, their vibrant blue skin a mark of the rare and valuable Rutian breed. They were purchased by Sebulba, a Dug from Malastar who had made a large fortune from his winnings from podracing. The two sisters had almost identical outfits designed to show off their striking figures and accent their vibrant skin color (Ann's outfit has a longer slit to expose her belly button). While Sebulba didn't let the sisters wear bras or other breast and nipple coverings beneath their fishnet bodysuits, he did give them tiny thongs to wear. These thongs, however, were only as wide as one of their fingers, and thereby did nothing to provide them any modesty. In addition to their outfits, they also wore slave headdresses and shock collars that Sebulba could use to discipline the girls if they displeased him.

Twi lek Twins by daikkenaurora

Twin Slaves


Early Life

Selbuba had attended a number of parties hosted by local Hutts, and though he thoroughly hated the Hutts, he did develop a similar appreciation for Twi'lek slave girls. He had also noticed how the Hutts used the seductive slaves to flaunt their wealth and inspire jealousy in the people they were dealing with in order to put them off balance.

With that in mind, Sebullba made sure to show off Ann and Tann at every opportunity. The twins gave the Dug pre-race massages in the podracer hanger, making sure that the other racers could see the gorgeous slave girls fawning over him and could see that they wore almost no covering under their clothes. The twins drove numerous racers who saw them pleasuring Sebulba into jealous fits, preventing them from concentrating on the race and giving Sebulba an edge.

Ann Gella in particular ensnared two podracers, Teemto Pagalies and Mars Guo, who both became infatuated with the beautiful Twi'lek. Sometime prior to the Boonta Eve, the twins also began using their charms to lure men into pit fights arranged by Jabba the Hutt they did this with Qui-Gon Jinn when they told him Jabba could help him get the money he needed.

Ann and Tann's New Master: Jabba the HuttEdit

After losing the Boonta Eve Podrace, Sebulba was forced to sell the twins to pay off his debts. Teemto Pagalies, who had gone on to win a considerable fortune racing in the Aleena Classic, briefly considered buying the twins, but ultimately decided not too. Ann and Tann Gella were eventually sold into the service of Jabba the Hutt, where they were stripped upon arrival and turned into Jabba's personal sex slaves. This left them open to constant rape and humiliation, though they would never leave each other's side. One was usually bound and forced to watch as the other was brutally raped before her eyes. However, they would often console each other by massaging the other's body and cooing to her gently to ease the pain. Eventually, they were both rescued by a rebel squad, the medics tending to their physical and mental wounds while one sister held the other's hand, refusing to let go for any reason.

Humiliation Edit

Unlike most of Jabba's slave girls, the sisters were kept totally naked during their captivity to the Hutt. Other than their headdresses and collars, the twins were not allowed any other form of clothing while chained to Jabba. To humiliate them even further, Jabba marked the sisters with body paint and tattoos that ranged anywhere from fertility symbols to the Huttese words for "slut" and "whore." The two sisters would usually be forced to perform private dances for guests, which added to their humiliation as these guests were often men who would violate them. On more than one occasion, Ann and Tann would be subjected to painful dildos that would be locked into their orifices and connected by chains that could be manipulated by Jabba, hurting and humiliating them for Jabba's amusement.

Later LivesEdit

Both sisters got married five years after their rescue. Ann came out as a lesbian and she received much support from her friends and sister, dating often and eventually entering a committed relationship with a beautiful Twi'lek female from a local village who she later married. Tann went into business as a seamstress and fashion designer, marrying a male human from Tatooine and becoming a mother of three. They kept in close contact with each other, occasionally visiting.

Body/Appearance Edit

Since both sisters were a rare Rutian breed of Twi'lek, they were highly prized as sex slaves. Their vibrant blue skin, a rare shade among Twi'leks, showed Sebulba's resourcefulness and influence. Their Lekku were fairly long, showing their sexual potency and health, showing that their master had good eyes for picking slaves. Sebulba would often strip Ann and Tann of their outfits and force both of them dance naked in public or in his home in Mos Eisley to further show their rare skin tone as well as to humiliate them. 

Ann and Tann's OutfitsEdit

While owned by Sebulba, the twin sisters wore near-identical slave outfits made of yellow netting which exposed a large amount of their rare, blue skin. They were only allowed to wear thongs beneath their outfits, leaving their breasts exposed to anything that the netting didn't cover. This would leave their bosoms unsupported, causing their small breasts to bounce and sometimes fall out whenever they were forced to dance.

They wear silver versions of Oola's Headdress. The only exception to theirs is there is no metal knob over their ears, having their cone ears exposed.

Ann & Tann's PerceptionEdit


Ass shot


Both girls felt embarrassed wearing the outfits, but they knew that it was the costumes, or nothing at all. They tried to ignore the jealous looks and lustful glances they received from the men at the podraces, instead focusing on each other and Sebulba.

Sebulba's PerceptionEdit

Ann and Tann Massage Sebulba

Ann and Tann massage Sebulba.

Sebulba gets aroused looking at the girls' skin through their outfits. He would sometimes run his hands on their beautiful blue skin. The open crease in the front of the outfit serves him for sticking his head between their breasts.