"I heard the girls make a lot of money dancing here at least the ones that survive until payday." --Mara Jade talking to C3-PO and pretending to be a slave named Arica in the Return of the Jedi Radio Drama



Arica was the alias Mara Jade used to enter Jabba's palace and wait for an opportunity to assassinate Luke.

Arica Dances for Jabba

Mara Jade was a force-sensitive assassin specially trained by Emperor Palpatine himself to track and kill the most dangerous enemies of the Empire. After Vader failed to turn Luke to the Dark Side on Bespin, Papatine ordered Jade to kill Skywalker, believing that the jedi-in-training could become dangerous if allowed to become stronger outside his influence. Mara, who had been raised from birth to be loyal to the Emperor immediately began her hunt for Vader's son.

With Han Solo currently trapped in a carbonite slab at Jabba's palace, Mara knew that Luke would attempt some sort of rescue. Deciding not to search the galaxy for Skywalker, she made her way to Jabba's palace to allow Skywalker to come to her.

Disguising herself as a dancing girl, and taking the name Arica, she auditioned in Jabba's palace and, with the help of some Force-assisted acrobatics and seduction training, she impressed Jabba enough to earn herself a contract among the hutt's numerous other servants.

Mara Jade Arica

Arica dances for Jabba's pleasure with the Twi'leks Oola and Lyn Me.

For several weeks Arica kept to the shadows of Jabba's palace, dancing when she needed to, but mostly keeping attention away from herself. Like the Hutt's other female servants, she was forced into unsavory acts against her will. Arica took it in stride, not wanting to expose herself until Skywalker arrived.

Whenever Arica had no choice but to dance well enough not to incur Jabba's wrath, he would summon her up onto his dais, pleased by her performance. The first time this occurred, Arica slowly approached, full of trepidation. Jabba noticed her wariness, and laughed, licking his lips. This only added to her concern. The Hutt ordered his Major-domo, Bib Fortuna, to clear the audience chamber of everyone but his slave dancers, and Fortuna himself. Now Arica grew especially concerned. She had seen how the Hutt's many appetites were sated, but had not as yet experienced it first-hand. The Hutt boomed an order in his native language, which Arica of course understood...

"Come, my lovely dancing pet, show me what you have learned from your stay in my comfortable pleasure palace!"

She could tell both by the look in his eyes and from observations made earlier that to decline would mean severe punishment. So she obeyed, climbing up onto Jabba's dais and performing a slow, rhythmic dance for him, the kind usually performed by his favorite dancer, Oola; she was chained off to the side, and looked quite happy that for once Jabba was not interested in her. Jabba's tail began to twitch and writhe about in time to Arica's erotic movements, and she drew on the Force to calm her nerves and steel herself against what was about to come. Jabba's slime-drenched tongue poked out of his mouth to lick his lips again, slobbering drool down his chin, and then his hand reached out to grab Arica's arm. With surprising strength for such stunted limbs, Jabba pulled his newest plaything to him. Arica put out her own arms to try and keep some distance from the Hutt, but her hands slipped on his slime-covered chest, and she ended up with her face planted on the Hutt's tongue. Jabba laughed in amusement and lust, slobbering his tongue across Arica's face and neck, eager to taste her flesh. One arm planted on Arica's firm, round backside, his other hand quickly undid the clasps of her costume, located on her shoulders. Futilely, Arica tried to struggle out of his grasp, but Jabba's fingers made short work of their task and soon Arica's sheer costume fell away from her torso, exposing her large, perky breasts and slim form to Jabba's lustful gaze. His eyes widened in delight and his movements grew more excited. Again, the enormous tongue poked out of the Hutt's maw, this time to slobber all over Arica's upper chest and shoulders. Grimacing, Arica was forced to draw on all her strength and training in order to put up with Jabba's molestation's. The Hutt's tail snaked its way up her leg to stroke her soft, warm butt, while his hand went to her left breast. His tongue paid special attention to her right breast after slopping another beastly kiss on her full, luscious red lips. For the good of her mission, Mara Jade, proud Emperor's Hand, had no choice but to let Jabba the Hutt have his way with her. Salacious Crumb, Jabba's pet Kowakian Monkey Lizard, looked on in appreciation and cackled. Once her dancer's silks had been fully removed, Jabba's tail proved especially useful in weakening his newest plaything's resolve. Soon, Arica's voice could be heard echoing throughout the throne room, her cries of protest soon drove the Hutt on to new pursuits. The other dancers in the throne room reclined on cushions or curled up on the floor in each others arms, watching in morbid fascination as yet another of their group was thoroughly initiated into Jabba's service. Oola watched from the other side of the dais, sympathizing with her fellow dancer; having been subjected to the same attention by her Hutt master almost every night since her enslavement.

After just a short time, Arica was left quivering, exhausted, supported only by Jabba's tail and arms. But the Hutt had not finished with her, and continued with his lustful ministrations for another hour. Finally, having long since gained his physical pleasure from the interaction, Jabba tired of this particular activity, and let Arica go, commanding that she wait to dress again until his court had returned to the audience chamber. Salacious Crumb, seizing his chance for some fun with the pleasingly-figured and nubile dancer, grabbed her outfit and danced about the throne while a weakened Arica could only watch, too exhausted to try to catch Jabba's pet.
Arica Art 01

Arica struggles with the aroused and mischievous Salacious Crumb for possession of her dancing outfit.

More than a week after her first encounter with the Hutt's amorous advances, a week full of what felt like countless more such sessions, Arica realized her mistake. Drawing on the powers of the Force allowed her to endure the vile Hutt's ministrations far longer than any other dancer in his entourage. This was why she was continually being summoned before the Hutt. At first, these sessions had been far more private as Jabba had only allowed the other dancers and Bib, but soon enough the whole court was invited to watch, and fully appreciate Arica's encounters with Jabba.

On one such occasion that was attended by the full court, Arica was performing an especially spicy dance number accompanied by the Twi'leks Oola and Lyn Me. As the song ended, Jabba's voice rang out, summoning both Oola and Arica to his dais. Lyn Me, having learned early on not to draw attention to herself, scampered into the crowd to watch. Arica and Oola approached with caution, wondering just what their master had in store for them this time. Their fears were soon realized when Jabba had guards shove both girls up onto his throne and into his grasp. Eagerly and expertly, the Hutt divested his pets of their outfits, pulling them close against his drool-coated chest. Arica and Oola both cried out and started wriggling in Jabba's unshakable grip. His large tongue soon slobbered across their breasts, and slopped against their faces. The Hutt's long, muscular tail soon joined in, first exploring between Oola's legs, and then between Arica's. Various members of the court sat back and watched, while others hooted and cheered, enjoying this orgy of Hutt, Human, and Twi'lek. Before long, both Oola and Arica's voices were raised in a mixture of disgust and pleasure. Jabba, it seemed, was expert at pleasing two females at once. The Hutt made good use of his hands, tail and tongue to bring both dancing girls to a quivering heap. By that time, the court was being pleasantly entertained by Jabba's other hired dancers, and was paying little or no attention to the dais. Both Arica and Oola were commanded by their slug-like master to stay where they were throughout the night in case he had any further need of them.

Under Cover in Jabba's PalaceEdit

Some girls were enslaved and forced to work for Jabba others willing entered and willing work for him. Mara Jade was one of the girls who willing came to the Hutt's Palace under the name of Arica to secretly kill Luke Skywalker. Arica despised the Hutt but Jabba was a power ally the empire need him she had put up with him long enough to finish her job.

Oola's FateEdit

Finally, two droids known to be the property of Luke Skywalker arrived to deliver a message to Jabba, asking him to peacefully release Solo. Predictably, the hutt refused, and Mara knew that the jedi would not be far behind his droids. Finally, she thought, maybe I can complete my mission and be free of this beastly Hutt.

The Last Command Arica Dances for Jabba

Arica dances for Jabba, drawing everyone's attention.

That night, Jabba threw an elaborate party, demanding that all his harem slaves and contracted dancers be present for the pleasuring of both Hutt and guests alike. Arica soon found herself attracting the attention of Jubnuk, Jabba's top Gamorrean guard. She knew that to refuse him would only lead to trouble with Jabba, and so she decided to slip a chemical into the Gamorrean's wine goblet before sneaking off into a corner of the audience chamber.

Arica Art 04

Arica discovers that Gamorreans are immune to her sleeping chemicals.

To her horror, she realized too late that Gamorreans required far more potent tranquilizers to sedate than the ones she concealed. With his immense sexual appetite now aroused from the various females, Jubnuk advanced on Arica, hoping that she was just as unwilling for him as she was for their master. While it was still far from pleasant, Arica soon found that she was almost enjoying herself. She had grown used to the Hutt's version of doing things, and had almost forgotten what it was like to be with something more humanoid. A Gamorrean was certainly not her first choice, but at least he wasn't the size of a Hutt, nor did he possess a tail. The party passed by extremely quickly while Arica and the pig-guard were engaged in their activities, coming to an abrupt end when Jabba's Twi'lek slave, Oola, refused to satisfy the Hutt's lust. Enraged from her refusal to pleasure him, Jabba sent the beautiful Twi'lek into the rancor's den where she was quickly met by a grisly death.

The commotion was enough to draw the Gamorrean's attention away from Arica, and back to his duties. As Arica rearranged her costume and cleaned herself up, another one of Luke's companions arrived: the Wookiee Chewbacca, captured by the Ubese bounty hunter, Boushh. Arica immediately knew something was wrong because Boushh had been killed several months ago, and sensed something more feminine about the bounty hunter than anything. Using the force, she discovered that it was none other than Princess Leia in disguise.


Mara survey's Jabba's court.

After Boushh had collected his money and took his place among the crowd gathered at the edge of the throne room, Mara moved quickly, using her force abilities to influence Bib Fortuna, the Hutt's Major Domo, into telling Jabba that Boushh seemed suspicious, and might be a Rebel spy. The Hutt listened and decided to set a trap in case Boushh was indeed a thief trying to take his favorite decoration.


Mara attempts to assassinate Luke but is foiled by Melina. However, she escapes after using the Force to make Carniss's blaster to go off, killing her Gammorean captors.


Arica tries unsuccessfully to join Jabba on his barge, while Leia looks on.

Leia Has Been DiscoveredEdit

File:Arica kiss.jpg

A few hours later, Mara watched in triumph as Boushh managed to release Solo from his carbonite prison, but was immediately captured afterward. Boushh was revealed to indeed be Prince Leia Organa, and fittingly Jabba made the rebel leader his personal slave girl. Mara especially enjoyed this irony as the Princess was placed into a revealing gold costume, seeing it as justice that the haughty Princess would end her fight against the Empire as a sex slave to a Hutt.

She also watched with increasing satisfaction as Jabba had Leia stripped naked, and proceeded to enjoy her in every sense of the word. Having suffered the same "pleasures" at the hands, tongue, and tail of the Hutt, Mara was quite happy to see the proud Alderaanean Princess suffer the same indignities. Whenever she could, usually when Jabba was asleep or distracted, she would molest Leia and mock her, throwing her royal title in her face and making her as uncomfortable as possible. Relieved to have the recently-vacated position of Jabba's favorite slave girl suddenly taken by Leia, Arica settled in to wait for Skywalker to arrive. She did not have to wait long.

Luke's ArrivalEdit

As she had predicted, Luke's allies failed to free Solo, and Skywalker finally arrived. In that amount of time, however, the Princess had been forced to spend several days and nights in the slimy grasp of the Hutt. Mara observed from afar as the Jedi confronted Jabba, then approached to get closer for a kill shot. However, she was interrupted by Melina Carniss, who took her as prisoner, assuming wrongly that the dancer Arica was attempting to assassinate her Master, Jabba. Mara was able to escape, however, and caught up with Jabba just as he was about to board his barge with Leia.

Journey to the Pit of CarkoonEdit

Arica learned that Luke and the other rebels were to be executed at the Pit of Carkoon where they would be devoured by the Sarlacc. Mara needed to come to make sure Skywalker was dead, since she didn't trust Jabba to properly finish the job. The Hutt might be good at ravishing his slave girls, but Mara knew from personal experience that executing a Jedi was going to be a much more difficult challenge. The comely dancer begged the Hutt to allow her to come along, even going so far as to offer herself to him once more in an exchange for a place on the sailbarge. She was willing to do anything, or anyone, in order to accomplish her goal. The Emperor was counting on her.

However, Jabba refused and Mara was unable to use her mind-tricks to convince him otherwise. As the convoy of speeders left the palace, Mara could only watch having failed her mission.

Jabba's DeathEdit

Mara learned about Jabba's death and the rebels escape.

Mara's CostumeEdit

While using her alias as Arica, Mara approached Jabba in an outfit that she thought would increase her chances of being allowed to remain in Jabba's court. While it was common knowledge that Hutts kept females in skimpy outfits for unknown reasons, Mara wanted a bit more modesty than what would be required of her. Balancing a fine line of her desired level of modesty, and what she knew Jabba would want, she selected an elaborate outfit she hoped would satisfy both herself and Jabba. With a mesh body, blue silk skirts that extended down to her ankles, and a winged design that covered her breasts, the outfit was clearly meant for a dancer. Completing the outfit, she wore knee-high black leather boots, a silver headband, and silver bracelets.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit


Arica's PerceptionEdit

Arica was allowed to pick her own outfit unlike some other slaves she didn't want a costume that exposed her but she was willing to do anything to kill Luke Skywalker so she picked a more modest outfit that other slave girls wished that they had.