Bib fortuna

Bib Fortuna

Bib Fortuna was Jabba's Major Domo, or right hand man. He gave the Rancor to Jabba for his birthday, a gift Jabba enjoyed. He also delivered the slave Oola to Jabba, for whom he lusted for. He liked to abuse Oola, by coming in during the Gammorean guard's punishment sessions, and taking his own turn in the action. He was disappointed when Jabba killed Oola, because she was his favorite plaything.


Interaction with Slave GirlsEdit

Bib would often watch Jabba's slave girls when they were purchased and brought to the palace. He would strip them nude and carry them through the crowds or spin them around wildly with one or both hands to humiliate them, often under his legs and over his shoulders or bridal-style, after their hands and feet had been securely bound. This action degraded and embarrassed the women, making them simple to control. He would also be present if the slave happened to be a particularly attractive female visitor in the palace that Jabba desired, stripping the girl and presenting her naked to the Hutt. Occasionally, he would also be allowed to take one of the slaves for the night and have his own way with them by exploiting and abusing them in many erotically perverted and provocatively dirty ways, much to the girl's repulsion and his own sadistic pleasure. When it came to presenting the Hutt with Twi'lek female slaves like Oola, Shakka, Lyn Me, Ann and Tann (whom he had a fetish for), he secretly wished he could overthrow Jabba and keep all the girls to himself as concubines, mistresses, or trophy wives, while establishing his own criminal empire and using the girls as prostitutes by defiling them and servicing him and his customers for his own perverse desires.  

Interaction with DivaEdit

Interaction with ShakkaEdit

When Shakka was captured, Bib forced her to strip naked and led her into the palace on a leash, fondling her as he did so. After a muzzle was strapped over her mouth and nose, he molested her before handing her to Jabba. He watched as she was forced to masturbate in front of the crowd, much to her own humiliation. He also watched while she was forced to dance naked, and followed while she served drinks. He would often touch her while she was unable to cry out due to the muzzle, at times fondling her vagina with his pointy fingers. At night, he would drag her over to his quarters after removing the chain, and force her to have sex with him in many depraved ways. Once she was given her costume, he fondled her through her panty, making it known she was his to touch, even while clothed.

Interaction with Ann and TannEdit

Bib was given the task of stripping and marking the twin sisters. He took great pleasure in this, forcing them both to strip naked after they had arrived at the palace court. Bib watched as Ann and Tann helped each other remove their garments, taking special pleasure in the two of them removing each other's underwear. Once they were both totally naked, Bib made them stand, legs spread wide open with their arms up while he bound their wrists to the wall, leaving their bodies bare and open for touching.

He shaved all the hair off of their bodies to leave them bare and clean, especially their pubic hair, using special lotions to ensure that it never grew back. He informed them that they were to both remain nude as sex slaves, using a tattoo device to mark their bodies with all manner of symbols. He chose several that translated as "slut", "whore", and "vagina", and tattooed several symbols around all three of their orifices, beckoning men to use them as sex toys. 

Bib then bound Ann to the wall, forcing her to watch as her sister was forced to perform lewd sexual acts with him, including oral intercourse. He later did the same to Tann, making both of them feel ashamed and humble. After he was done with them, he sent them to Jabba's throne, still naked, and chained them to him. They would be given back to him whenever they misbehaved, usually with one being punished while the other watched.   

Interaction with JessEdit

Bib was with Jess during the final dance of Oola, later dragging Jess to the grate to show what happens to those who defy Jabba. He is also seen next to her when Boussh appears with Chewbacca.

Personality & TraitsEdit


While Bib was consider by Twi'lek standards "darkly elegant" and attractive because of his lekku, his hygienic needs during his time inside Jabba's Palace were very unsavory.


Early LifeEdit

He served as a majordomo to the Hutt crime lord Jabba long before the Invasion of Naboo, in 32 BBY  At some point in his past, Bib Fortuna was found guilty of exporting Ryll and was cast out of the Twi'lek society. He then tried to enter the corporation of Kuat Drive Yards, but his untrustworthiness had him expelled from the planet Kuat and he had period of other employments involving spice and smuggling. Jabba found him and asked for his assistance smuggling for him. When it was evident he may be caught again, he asked for a bigger position in Jabba's businesses. He soon worked with Naroon Cuthus and Bidlo Kwere. 

Fortuna attended the Boonta Eve Classic of 32 BBY with his employer, who hosted the event. He stood at Jabba's side through the Hutt's welcome to all the contestants and spectators who attended the event. He witnessed Anakin Skywalker win the race securing the young boy's freedom from a life of slavery. At the conclusion of the race, he was forced to wake Jabba who had fallen asleep somtime after the second lap.

Afterwards he was present on Coruscant as an aide to senator Orn Free Taa during the Galatic Senate's hearing. After Queen Amidala of Naboo pressed for a vote of no confidence in Finis Valorum position as Supreme Chancellor, Fortuna further encouraged the Senate for an immediate vote

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