Design and Role of the Slave Bikini Edit


Princess Leia Organa wearing a slave bikini during her brief captivity to Jabba the Hutt.

Slave bikinis are highly revealing two-piece outfits favored amongst the Hutts for their female servants. These outfits generally consist of fabric or a rigid brassier covering the breasts with a matching lower piece to conceal the groin and buttocks, leaving her midriff fully exposed. Although a basic bikini is generally very simple, slave outfits tend to be much more elaborate, almost to the point of being impractical. Such examples of this include the brass bikini worn by Princess Leia Organa during her captivity to Jabba the Hutt.

Much speculation has arisen as to why Hutts clad unwilling humanoid females in revealing garments, especially considering the significant difference in their physiology. Even after having practiced this for thousands of years, it's still not entirely known why they favor such revealing outfits for their servants; however theories have emerged that explain the practice. The general belief is that Hutts are sexually attracted to humanoid females, but there is very little evidence to support this notion. The most likely conclusion is that revealing outfits are effective at humiliating and embarrassing slaves, thereby breaking their will and making them easier to control.

Jabba's Perception Edit

Jabba, a typical Hutt, was greedy, malicious, pragmatic, and adept at bending others to his will. He liked collecting rare or valuable trinkets as a means to display his power. His lust for female humanoids was strongly suggested by the manner in which he clad his slaves. Despite being amongst the richest crime lords in the Galaxy, Jabba maintained a small harem to suggest to others that he favored quality over quantity. By cladding his slaves in valuable costumes, he took great pride in portraying his wealth and power through his slaves.

Slave Girl's Perception Edit

Pleasure slaves were taught to take pride in their appearance, because a poor presentation of their bodies reflected badly upon her master. Those born into slavery were trained to frown upon modesty, believing that clothing only tarnished their beauty. Being covered up was considered an insult, as it implied the slave's body possessed flaws that her master wished to conceal. To ensure this mentality the slave was stripped of her clothing and kept naked in public until any shred of shyness and modesty had been removed. After this the slave was usually awarded her first bikini to symbolize that she was worthy of being displayed by her master.

It was usually at this point in her training that slave owners begin to frown upon full nudity, as the absence of clothing either suggested she was still in training or that her master couldn't afford a proper outfit for her to wear. And because many Hutts were required to operate within Republic space, where stricter laws against public nakedness were upheld, they would typically clad their servants in attire which minimally concealed her breasts and pubic region. Masters also tended to favor cladding slave girls in extravagant and revealing costumes because her most valued assets were not meant for public eyes.

Newly indoctrinated slave girls were often humiliated at being forced to wear such revealing attire. Jabba particularly favored women whom were especially shy, and enjoyed stripped them naked before his crowds and then putting them in sexually suggestive outfits. However the initial embarrassment of wearing these sleazy costumes his women often experienced quickly faded as exposure to the ambient air or males in his palace became of greater concern. Even such hardened, proud specimens such as Princess Leia found if difficult to endure both uncomfortably low temperatures and the leers and jeers of aroused males while completely naked over a sustained period of time. Whether due to the unwanted sexual attention by onlookers or from exposure, most newly indoctrinated slaves shook convulsively at the foot of their master's throne.

Variants Edit

While their designs are generally based on exposing as much of the wearer's body as possible, there are three primary families of slave outfits of which form and function must coincide. Each slave serves a particular function, and their garb will often reflect their rank and status.

Servant Bikini Edit

Servant Bikini

An unfortunate Twi'lek slave wearing a servant bikini.

The simplest of the designs is the servant bikini, of which the lowest ranked slaves would wear. This outfit forgoes most forms of decoration, allowing for less distraction to be drawn away from the wearer's natural beauty. This is the most typical and practical class of slave outfit, as they're cheap and can accommodate just about any body type. Most female slaves preferred the servant bikini because of its simplicity, which allows them to perform their basic duties without any hindrance from their outfits.

Despite its simplicity, there are many variants of the servant bikini which are adorned to complement its wearer's natural beauty. Most come in many colors, which often reflected a twi'lek's skin pigmentation. There are also many varieties to choose from and most masters favored adornments such as studs, hip fasteners, and beads. To further compensate for the modesty of this simple garb, Hutts often provide their slaves with bracelets or other jewelry. Servant bikinis were often custom-made and mass produced from a given template, allowing for a master to clad his entire harem in matching attire.


An enslaved dancer wears a bikini that she hopes will please her master.

Stage Bikini Edit

The second most common variant of slave garb is the stage bikini. This is a much more elaborate version of the servant bikini, designed specifically for women trained in the art of dancing. They were typically made of soft fabric and incorporated various adornments into the design to entice the viewers. Such examples of this include the bikini worn by Metra Surik during a performance for Vogga the Hutt. Unlike the servant bikini the stage variants are designed for aesthetics, often incorporating features such as skirts, beads, and jewelry. Dancers tended to prefer wearing her stage attire even while not performing, but were usually required to change back into a traditional servant bikini, usually in public as such dancers are trained to reject modesty and even dance naked if their master makes them.

Elaborate Bikini

This slave proudly wears an ornate dancing bikini for the enjoyment and pleasure of her master's guests.

Stage bikinis are often difficult to design because they must endure constant wear, as slaves are expected to dance for several hours at a time. Very often masters will allow the dancer to select her own garb, as she can decide how best to integrate its features into her performance. The more elaborate the bikini, the more enticing she can be for her master or his guests. Unfortunately many less experienced dancers will often choose costumes that ultimately complicate their routines, leading to mistakes which ultimately embarrass her master. Poor performances are frowned upon, which is why new or inexperienced dancers are discouraged from attempting difficult routines with elaborate costumes. Unless she is a natural dancer and manages to outperform her peers, she will only earn unfavorable recognition from her master.

Trophy Slave bikini

Only the most valued slaves are allowed the honor of wearing a trophy bikini, as it serves to vaunt her master's power and control.

Trophy Bikini Edit

The third and rarest variant is the Trophy bikini, as only the most valued slaves of any harem are given the honor of wearing such prestigious garments. Trophy bikinis are almost always custom-made and not intended for mass production, making each outfit more expensive than an average twi'lek slave. Hutts often clad their most favored servants in extravagant attire as a means to vaunt their wealth and power, although many gifted these for acts of extreme loyalty. Jabba the Hutt had one such bikini made for Leia Organa in advance of her capture, and then commissioned another five to be made specifically to her measurements. 

Trophy bikinis are unique in that they're so ornate to the point of being completely impractical. The design of trophy bikinis make significant tradeoffs to the functionality of the slave. However if the girl isn't expected to perform basic tasks, her bikini can be made to whatever specifications the master most desires. As such most Trophy bikinis are made from precious metals and adorned to great excess with rare jewels. Most come in sets and are adorned with sashes or decorative chains which link to the various pieces of her outfit. The lower piece often include skirts of luxury materials such as silk or velvet which will drape all the way down to her ankles.

Dragon bikini

Chantique was once a warrior queen known as the Lady of Flame. She wears a custom-made bikini reminiscent of dragon scale armor as a symbol of torment and a reminder of her former life.


Many slaves willingly forgo elaborate features such as skirts and beads, favoring to expose as much of her body as possible to please her master.

Jabba Mocks Luke's Attempt to Rescue Leia

Being confined to their master's throne, Trophy Slaves need not worry about performing basic tasks, where her slave bikini would otherwise malfunction.