Boba Fett is a male human bounty hunter born during the clones wars he was cloned from his father Jango Fett.


Early LifeEdit

Boba Fett was a little living and hiding with his father on the planet Kaminoan. He fled with his father to the planet Geonosis where he watched his dad die after that Boba became an orphan. After escaping Geonosis the young boy and was raised by group of bounty hunters and trained at an early age to fallow in his father's footsteps. Boba Fett learned a lot from bounty hunter allies he leaned how to use disguises, how to sneak, kill, how to make deals with the people who hired them, who to trust and not to trust.

They traveled through the galaxy using his father's ship Slave 1. During his time as a kid he got an up close look at the criminal underworld which helped him learn a lot all the skills and knowledge him learned as a kid would help him probably become the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy after he became an a adult. Before becoming an adult Boba meet Aurra Sing, Bossk and Castas the famous bounty hunters who taught him many things that he be very good at in the future.

By the time he was a teenager before becoming a grown up Boba Fett had now became the owner of Slave 1 and had his own bounty hunter crew. Boba Fett had many contracts as a little boy working with Aurra Sing and the bounty hunters who raised him and got many more when he became a teenager. Boba Fett's first job from Jabba the Hutt was given to him when he was a teen but was not under his full service yet this would happen after Boba became fully grown.

Boba Fett started making a name for himself when he was in his teens but became even more well known when he got older. As the bounty hunters success was quickly growing a group of Twi'lek elders on Ryloth scraped enough credits to hire the famous bounty hunter. Boba Fett saved the village his reputation got the attention of a young Twi'lek girl named Lyn Me who dreamed of him being her husband one day. The village thanked and Boba Fett left after that Lyn Me trained to become a singing and dancing performer to get the chance to meet her hero and again and thank him. As his reputation grew the tales of Boba Fett reached from criminal world to the rich people of Coruscant and a young Theelin/Human girl named Rystall Sant dreamed of meeting him after she heard the stories about him.

After the Clone WarsEdit

Boba Fett was now an adult around this time working for Jabba, the Empire and a bunch of crimelords. The bounty hunter had made a name for himself, had many contacts and many enemies because of the things he did as a kid. He was now the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy working for Jabba the Hutt. Boba Fett like many under the Hutt's service meet the famous Han Solo and his best friend Chewbacca Boba along with Jabba and that the smugglers skills would be very useful to might crimelord.

Though he saw Solo's great skills the bounty hunter did get along with him. When Jabba put a bounty on Solo's head Boba, Greedo and many more bounty hunters were quick to take the job. After an encounter with Solo and Lando the bounty hunter was determined to get revenge on them because they outsmarted him something that rarely happened.