PDVD 021

Princess Leia Organa's bra consisted of a brass frame and silk underlay to match the bottom piece of her slave bikini.

Bikini Top Edit

Often accompanied by a matching bottom piece, bras are optional to the slave, although few decline the added coverage. To adhere to Galactic standards of modesty, Hutts will often clad their female slaves in such garb so that they can accompany their master while he conducts business within the Republic Core Worlds. Most slaves prefer bras made of flexible materials because they provide ample breast support and they can augment her breast size through the use of cups.

Rigid Frame Edit

Brassires were used by hutts to enhance the curveaceous appearance of their slaves breasts as well as control them through humiliation. Many slaves, Leia included, had the option to wear bras, although they didnt cover much of their breasts. They held the breasts tightly to restrain them, and as such were very uncormfortable. Rigid frames had to be custom fitted and were simple to remove, for either Jabba's personal pleasure, or to humiliate the slave girl through exposure of her breasts in front of a crowd.

Jabba would remove her bra so he could ravage the 'little slut' He would suck her breasts.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Slave Girl's PerceptionEdit

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