Cane Adiss was a two headed pilot and smuggler working for Jabba the Hutt.


Early LifeEdit

Cane Adiss was a male Yuvernian a race of aliens with two heads and was born on his home planet Yuvern in the Outer Rim Territories. When he was young Cane Adiss always dreamed of being a pilot and wanted to see the stars. When he got his chance to leave his home world he took it.

He followed a female Quor'sav trader named Kal'Falnl she took him under her wing and taught him everything thing he would know in the future. The young Adiss traveled to dozens of worlds and became a great pilot. Around 0 ABY and 0 BBY when Cane was old, skilled and strong enough to make it on his on the two parted ways on Tatooine. Adiss had to jobs or funds he needed work badly so he decided to try getting a job with Jabba the Hutt.

Pilot and Smuggler for JabbaEdit

He contacted Jabba who was impressed after the male Yuvernian had to boast to get the Hutt's to hire him. His first for Jabba took him back to his homeworld a place he never wanted to return to but he continued on with the job anyway.

After leaving Yuvern and before returning to Tatooine Cane Adiss was stopped by Imperial inspectors. He was forced to comply and let them board his ship luckily for Cane the rebel alliance showed up. But he was trapped in between the fight Adiss got out a live with the inspectors on board he dropped them off on Harrod's planet.

The inspectors let him keep the smuggled goods and payed him for helping they also asked for him to keep an eye out for an rebels and to give them a report. Cane agreed to help with this task and he successfully completed his for job for Jabba the Hutt. Because of his amazing piloting skills he got to do more jobs for Jabba.

Jabba's PartyEdit

Around 4 ABY Cane Adiss had just returned to the palace after completing another smuggling run. With Jabba host a celebration Cane could relax and get to spend time with Oola and the other female slaves at the party.

Everything stopped when Oola fell through the hole that lead to a one way trip into the Rancor pit. Adiss didn't care that the Twi'lek was dead he was having good time at and pouty slave like her was going to ruin this moment. After Jabba and Boushh finally come to an agreement when the bounty hunter was in the room Cane Adiss was just glad to have the party start up again.

Jabba's DeathEdit

Cane was one of the many cronies to join Jabba on his sail barge to watch the Alliance members get executed. Just like everyone else Adiss panicked when the fighting happened. He tried to help his lord Jabba and the henchmen he could stop the rebels and perished with many other members of the court.