Close Up Of Leia's Collar, Bracelet, Bra

Leia's gold-plated choker Collar.

Slaving collars are by far the most favored means of keeping problematic slaves in line. While there are a variety of models and sizes, they are universally designed for the purpose of maintaining control over their bearers.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Slave Girl's PerceptionEdit

a typical slave girl's take on the collar would be one of restraint, since it held her to her master through the chain. Another fitting perspective would be submission and ownership, since some collars have the name of their master embossed on them to mark the woman as her master's respective property. Women who wear collars such as these typically do not move much for fear of punishment and sex. If she resisted too much the slave girl would be shocked or punished, depending upon her offense. Often times these punishments would be carried out in front of the master to hulmiliate the slave girl 


Shock CollarEdit

Shock collars are the primary means of maintaining control over a slave. They consist of a neck brace and are often accompanied by a leash. If the slave should ever rebell against her master, a painful shock can be administered to put her back in line. Many collars are equipped with an explosive charge designed to detonate if the collar is improperly removed, or the master triggers it by remote.

Explosive Collar Edit

Many masters often forgo the use of explosive charges in their servant's collars, as mistakes can be costly. Jabba the Hutt for instance did not give Leia an exploding collar, opting instead to chain her to his throne. The primary use of explosives in collars is to discourage improper removal or in maintaining a constant fear of death if she should decide to disobey her master's orders.

Choker CollarEdit

Choker collars were used on many slaves, particularly Leia Organa, as they could strangle a slave if she refused to give in to her master. These were very effective as they constantly choked the slave to remind her of her place and were usually the cheapest yet strongest. 

Tracking CollarEdit

Tracking collars were the same as regular collars, but had tracking chips on them to locate a slave girl if she escaped. A detonater was also implanted into the collar so as to kill the slave if her master wished.  

Muzzle CollarEdit

Muzzle collars were favored by some particularly sadistic Hutts since they prohibited the slave girls wearing them from speaking without permission from their master. The collar had a series of straps attached to it which would hold a phallic oral plug into the unfortunate woman's mouth and, if the slave was a Twi'lek, straps to hold her lekku in place to give her a sense of vulnerability. Hair binding would be common for female humans, as it would force the girl's hair into a suggestive hairstyle. This would humble the woman wearing it as it would fill her mouth with a device shaped like a male's sexual member to simulate fellatio, and hold her hair or lekku restrained, keeping her in a state of constant humiliation.

Spike CollarEdit

a spike collar was lined on the inside with rows of metal spikes, usually dulled, to inflict pain upon a slave girl's neck as well as choke her. These would often be very effective as it both closes of the woman's windpipe and inflicts pain at the same time. Slave girls wearing these would be constantly assaulted by the feel of the spikes of their flesh, and eventually become willing to service their masters for fear of the pain. A lot of these types of collars would be lined on the outside with metal spikes as well, resembling dog collars. This would further humiliate the girl wearing it, since it displayed their purpose as a sexual pet.

Utility and Psychological Impact Edit

Unnamed slave girl (Infinities)

Diana a human slave with collar


Ann and Tann's shock collars

The One That Got Away (10)

Nima'tar with her collar

The primary function of slaving collars is to restrict the freedom allowed to a slave while also not impeding her ability to serve the master. As such many collars do not require a leash. With invisible fences and a remote control, the master has complete control over where his servant is allowed to roam. Depending on how valuable the slave is, each collar can be configured to a wide variety of settings. If a slave should enter a room forbidden to her, the collar would deliver a series of minor shocks as a warning to her. If she doesn't withdraw from the restricted area within an allocated set of time, the voltage will intensify until she is effectively immobilized. This will then trigger an alarm, by which guards could locate and be dispatched to recover the slave. Muzzle collars create a sense of submission in the girl wearing them even if the girl is fully clothed, as she cannot speak without her master's permission. The collars would also create a sense of vulnerability, especially if the woman in question is completely naked except for the collar, increasing her bodily vulnerability. 

Oola's collar

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Shakka's choker collar