Dancing is an activity which some of Jabba's slaves did to please the Hutt. A main purpose for the slave girls that Jabba possessed was for them to dance, hence the other term used for them: dancing girls. The types of dances that the young women would perform for the Hutt and his court were various. From upbeat and airy numbers such as Lapti Nek to sensual pole dances, slave girls would train for everything. They would even sometimes dance naked if their Hutt master demanded it; either as punishment, humiliation, or if Jabba was feeling extra lustful and demanded to see more of what his slave's lingerie did not show. Many of the girls despised dancing. They knew that when they danced, they aroused the crowd and presented their bodies to them. They especially feared flaunting their bodies to Jabba. Most of them had experienced first-hand the affection he forced on his slave girls, and flaunting sensual movements did nothing to ease the Hutt's lust. Many slaves found that after their dances, Jabba would force himself onto them and rape them either in his private chambers or in front of the crowd. If they did not comply to the Hutt, or if their performance failed to entertain the crime lord, Jabba would drop them into the Rancor Pit, which some considered was a better fate then being molested by the slug.

Female Twi'lek dancing for Jabba's court.

Jabba's​ View to DancingEdit

One of Jabba's main reasons for owning slave girls was having them dance for him. With their revealing costumes and beautiful features, Jabba thoroughly enjoyed each performance. After many performances, the Hutt's lust for the slave would be aroused and he would order her back to his dais. He would then either take her back to his private chambers and ravish them there, or do it before his eager audience.

Slave Girls Perception of DancingEdit

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Arica's Perception of DancingEdit

Mara Jade (aka Arica) was indifferent to dancing for Jabba. If she had to, she would. Her mission to kill Luke Skywalker was a priority and perhaps distracted her from Jabba's lustful advances. Although she would sometimes gain the Hutt's lust with her dances, Mara was fortunate enough that she didn't have to suffer Jabba's advances, unlike Jabba's personal slave girl.

Oola's Perception of DancingEdit

Oola was a good dancer, having had prior experience before her enslavement. She was made to dance nude for Jabba when she was first enslaved, much to her humiliation. Gaining Jabba's approval, the Hutt allowed her to wear a flimsy fishnet outfit that did nothing to cover her body. In all subsequent dances during her captivity, Oola was forced to perform sexual dances and strip for Jabba's pleasure. In place of a dancing veil, she would hold and swing around her own leash.

Ultimately, it would be Oola's dancing that would lead to her death. Having already danced to several musical numbers that day, Jabba's lust was its peak when Oola performed her final dance. With her innocent expression and lithe body, Jabba drooled uncontrollably as he watched Oola's long, thick lekku slice through the air as her body writhed to the music. Unable to control his lust any longer, Jabba yanked on Oola's leash to order her to him, abruptly ending her erotic dance. Having already suffered Jabba's lust following her dances for him in the past, Oola knew all too well what Jabba had in store for her. In her final act of defiance, Oola yanked back as she attempted to defy her bloated master. Fed up with Oola's constant resistance to his lust and the pointless attempt she was currently making to try to escape, Jabba pulled the green-skinned Twi'lek girl closer to him until she was unknowingly standing over the trap door. With a shout of rage, Jabba slammed his fist down on the small button on his arm rest, sending Oola screaming down the chute into the rancor's pit below. What was once her greatest strength had suddenly turned into her downfall.

Leia's Perception of DancingEdit

During her time at Jabba's Palace, Leia knew that she would be forced to dance. The problem was that she was not a great dancer. When she was first presented to Jabba, Leia was forced to dance a simple dance for the Hutt's arousal and amusement. The Princess was worried about the exotic dances that she would have to perform involving acrobatic movements. She also did not trust the costume she was provided with, knowing that with every movement her firm breasts could slip out or her flaring skirts would flutter to reveal her bare, round butt. She also knew that even if she didn't dance that well, her physical features would still entertain the Hutt and gain her a "reward". This was probably the thing she despised and feared the most.

Lapti Nek (Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi Song)-2

Lapti Nek (Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi Song)-2

Lapti Nek: One of Jabba's favorite songs for his slaves to dance to.


Artist's rendition of Leia dancing for Jabba.