Star Wars ESB Infinities slave girl


Unnamed slave girl (Infinities)

Diana's view

In the Star Wars Infinities Diana was a slave to Jabba the Hutt and possibly his personal favourite when she was wearing a collar around her neck and a chain leash to bound her to her hutt master's throne. She was forced to watch Han Solo and Chewbacca pitted against a pair of Nexus as her Master laughed and drooled. When the prisoners managed to escape and set the nexu loose, she was elated; she thought Solo had delivered her from a horrifying future fate.

Then the Nexu turned back, tearing their way through a line of guards and bolting for Jabba's throne. The girl tried to run, but Jabba was in a frenzy. He instinctively grapped her chain and held her close as he bellowed for reinforcements. The Nexu found the girl as they poured into the throne room. She screamed piteously for her Master to help her, but Jabba used the time she bought him to get a phalanx of guards organized around him. The girl's sacrifice saved her Master's life and ensured that more girls would sit chained on his throne. After the reinforcements came along to help with a hand full guards and slave girls plus Diana her chain and collar laid on the throne then the Hutt demanded no more Nexu and that use the Rancor would be used for all executions.


Diana had a very sexy body


Early LifeEdit

Diana was born to some very rich people on Taris, and was raped for their amusement. She was eventually sold into slavery, and was purchased by Jabba.

Slave to Jabba the HuttEdit

Diana's CostumeEdit

Unlike most slaves when Diana was Jabba's favorite he had her ware the most revealing outfit he owed. Diana's Costume was just stips that rapped around her body just like Lyn Me but hers covered less of her body the fabric was transparent. While Oola's body was visible through the netting she wore Diana's was more exposing to her it was the worst outfit the gangster owned but to her master and the criminals of the palace it was the best one. Poor Diana not only was her costume transparent like other girls who had see through outfits Diana had no bra but Jabba decided that wasn't enough unlike Oola, Lyn Me and other girls with similar outfits Diana was not given anything to cover her crotch.

She hated it but it was either the transparent strips rapped around her body or nothing at all. Even though she was forced to wear the costume it felt like she was wearing nothing the fabric was very light and did not keep her warm. Even when she was stripped naked Diana didn't feel any difference costume on or off it felt like she was just in her birthday suit wearing only air.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba loved seeing the girl naked and going commando for his personal enjoyment. he could thouroughly enjoy his slave girl's body, or punish her through public exposure.

Diana's PerceptionEdit

She was often trying to hide her body with her small hands while she danced. Whenever she was made to strip, she would hold them close to her body and try not to show her feminine assets to the men.