Privacy: Diana had no privacy even when she had her costume on duo to the fact it was transparent. She would often be stripped for the audience and her master's pleasure and kept on a leash so she could stay by the crime lord's side. Occasionally she was allowed to go to the harem and be with the other women but even then there was no privacy.

Clothing: Diana was only allowed the clothes her master gave her which to her didn't seem like clothing because all the goons could she her ladyparts through her outfit. She wasn't allowed to wear a bra or underwear the girl tried to cover herself with her hands and arms unfortunately this didn't go with huge breasts and her small hands and arms. Diana wished for one of the more modest costume but knew the Hutt wouldn'tallow that so it was the outfit he gave her or nothing at all.


Movement: Diana was restricted on movement not being allowed to do anything or go anywhere with out Jabba's permission. Her restriction that Jabba had on her would get Diana killed in a Nexus attack begging her master to free her holding her chain tightly so she could stay in front of him.








Deprivation Senses:

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