This is the first discussion page. This page covers Leia's bra. During this discussion several things need to be thought about. In these discussions people will give their thoughts and can use images and youtube videos too. However none of this can be fan-made as the point of these discussions is see if the information is true and if so we'll put it forward into the encyclopedia. Now listed below are several questions I'd like you to ponder about. When you have please give your answer to each and every question and back-up your answer with images or film footage (Official not fan-made) if possible and you think necessary. I will also give my thoughts. The questions are listed below.

1 - Notice around the frame of Leia's bra there is some kind of fabric? What do you think it is? - I'm personally not too sure what it is?

2 - Is the metal frame a gold metal or sprayed with gold? - Gold metal it looks like and there's no sign of wear on the frame?

Is the bra effectively a push-up bra? - I'm not too sure. Her breasts do seem a bit bigger than usual but there's no evidence to suggest it's a push-up.

Two minutes of flim footage, That is the only source! No one knows! There is your one post.

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