Diva Shaliqua accompanying her master at the Boonta Eve Classic

Shaliqua was a half-Theelin singer who was born into the service of Ingoda the Hutt, then sold to Jabba around the time of the rise of the Galatic Empire. Her most recognizable feature was her intense, aquamarine hair, a trademark of her race. Had it not been for her amazing singing skills her species possessed, Shaliqua would have been killed by Igoda while she was still young. Upon discovering her talent, Igoda gave Shaliqua the title of "Diva."  Although Igoda cared little for Shaliqua, he would later sell her and Funquita to his rival, Jabba, when the former hutt lost a bet to his rival.



Early LifeEdit

When Shaliqua fell into Jabba's custody, she became part of Jabba's band as well as having the misfortune of becoming Jabba's favorite slave. Rarely allowed to leave her master's side, Shaliqua was always eager to entertain Jabba with her singing, relieved at these opportunities of getting away from her bloated master. Known for acquiring beautiful humanoids, Jabba enjoyed possessing a member of an endangered species in his harem. The Hutt loved her so much he would take her to podraces to entertain racers like Sebulba and fellow gamblers like Watto, Graxol Kelvyyn and Romeo Treblanc. However, he eventually became tired of her and sold her to Romeo Treblanc owner of the Galaxies Opera House, much to Shaliqua's relief.

Diva's New MasterEdit

Minna's ArrivalEdit

Later LifeEdit

When Treblanc bought Diva Jabba was glad to be rid of her because he was done with the half-Theelin so he let Treblanc take her to his Galaxies Opera House on Coruscant. Minna was going to miss Diva but was glad that Diva was also getting a better life however Diva didn't think she was and didn't trust Treblanc. After getting off of his ship at a loading dock she knocked him out and took his anything valuable that he had and ran off. Unfortunately for Diva her life didn't change she ended up preforming in the mid-level speedy parts of Coruscant such as stripclubs, nightclubs, bars and casinos. The places she would preform at she would entertain criminals along with Ayy Vilda and other slaves.


Diva was stripped publicly and made to sing naked when she first arrived, effectively humiliating the girl as her lungs made her breasts seem even bigger when she inhaled for loud songs. After a week with no clothes, she grew so embrassed she resorted to using a rag on the throne to cover her female parts. Jabba enjoyed this, and kept her naked for another week, this time divesting her of anything she could use to cover her body and keeping her in a collar and handcuffs so she could not retain any modesty. After this time, she was given a gold and brown costume with pink harem pants that later became Leia's costume. Shaka was then force-fed by Bib Fortuna, as he was thinking that Jabba may enjoy her a little bigger, as he did Yarna d'al' Gargan. Bib wanted to humiliate her during the process so the delicate and healthy Shaliqua soon started to become a big, obese slob that could barely move. Jabba was greatly pleased with this sight.


Diva Shaliqua's CostumeEdit

Shaliqua's slave outfit bore a striking resemblance to Leia's, but was considerably more modest, even by slave girl standards. Shaliqua wore pink harem pants that were attached to a dark-brown bikini bottom.  Like Leia's outfit, the bikini bottom was decorated with gold engravings. Shaliqua's bra was dark brown as well, and similarly decorated with gold, which curved in a manner that emphasized her breasts. These two main parts of Diva's costume are clear predecessor's to Leia's slave costume. The fact that Diva and Leia were two of Jabba's favorite slaves during his rule suggests that this type of outfit had a special significance.

Diva's costume including the following accessories: wrist bangles and dark-brown arm bands.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit


Diva's PerceptionEdit

Diva liked that she had something more modest then the other outfits that Jabba had owed plus the pants were much better than just wearing briefs.


Another shot of the half-Theelin singer.


A behind-the-scenes shot showing Diva's clawed feet.

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