Greeata was a Rodian born on Rodia a few years prior to the rise of the Galatic Empire. Instead of participating in the Rodian's love for death and violence, Greeata chose to focus on her love for dance and music. Although her interests made her an outcast from Rodian society, many of her species aknowledged her as "Greeata," which was a common name for female Rodians that meant "talented." Greeata decided to keep the name, and left Rodia to pursue her love for the arts.


Early LifeEdit

Leaving her homeworld at a young age Greeata joined a band on the cruiseliner Kuari Princess their she met Sy Snootles the two became good friends and famous.

Although not much is known about Greeata during her years of study, when the Kuari Princess docked on Coruscant in 21 BBY. she did attend the Squid Lake performance at the Galaxies Opera House on Coruscant the night that Chancellor Palpatine told Anakin Skywalker of "The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise." Some time after the performance, Greeata and Snootles joined the Max Rebo Band.

When Jabba sent the band to preform for Bingo Mehndra Greeata was surprised to learn that it was really an assassination plot. After this the rodian learned that she could get extra credits by doing more work like that for the might Jabba. Greeata chose to be a musician to escape her life on Rodia and her race. She took jobs given to her by her master and the others in the palace because she was desperate for money. Rebo was fine with only being payed with food but Greeata wasn't she wanted money and didn't care what she had to do to get it.

Jabba's PartyEdit

After years of touring the galaxy with her band mates, the Max Rebo Band drew the attention of Jabba the Hutt. Jabba was so impressed by the band's performance that he offered them a lifetime contract. Although they wouldn't get paid, they would get all the food they wanted, and have comfortable living conditions. The contract Jabba had offered them turned out to be a trick, and Greeata and the rest of the band were never allowed to leave Jabba's Palace. During their time under Jabba's "contract," Greeata used her impressive dancing abilities to be one of the band's backup dancers during "Jedi Rocks," which became one of the band's biggest hits. Since she hadn't been employed to Jabba for very long, Greeata and the rest of the band were shocked when Oola suddenly fell through the floor, screaming as she momentarily disappeared from view. Totally oblivious to the struggle between the Hutt and the miserable Twi'lek during their performance, Greeata followed the crowd to the large grate in the floor as a huge gate in the pit below screeched open. The rancor's growl echoed up into the throne room above, and Oola let out one last scream of sheer terror before the carnivorous beast bit down on the screaming girl. As everyone cheered at this change in entertainment, Greeata turned away in terror at the senseless cruelty.

Reaction to Oola's ExecutionEdit

Greeata and the band were still singing and dancing when the hutt lord got into a fight with his pet the band could see Oola and Jabba tugging on the rope tied to her collar but they were clueless to what was going to happen. When the floor disappeared beneath the dancer feet heard the young Oola's screams they stopped playing Sy Snootles response was "Oops uh Oh" John Yowza put a hand up to his mouth and Greeata put her hands up to her face. As the crowd rushed forward to the gate Greeata followed. Greeata saw the Twi'lek slave roll out of the tunnel that leads to the rancor pit the Rodin backup singer worried she no idea what was going to happen to the poor girl. Seeing the helpless slave look up with tears in her eye she felt sorry for her but Greeata was thought whatever was going to happen was she was glad to be up in the throne room and not down in Oola's place. Unlike Jabba's favorite slave the Rodin girl knew her place and not resist the crime lord while wishing for the girl be ok also she wished that the girl would have been smarter. Oola's shapely protruding reminded Greeata who lucky she was have her bikini costume and Oola's netting costume. Greeata jumped when she heard the metal opening what fate waited behind the door for this poor young the Rodin dancer was speechless when she saw the rancor shook with fear Greeata felt like asking the hutt to spare but the band singer didn't want to upset him for speaking out of line was afraid she would suffer the same fate so Greeata didn't say a word. Greeata didn't want Oola to die like this but hearing all the laugher as the slave ran with fear and pleaded for life the Greeata knew that one was going to help the girl no one wanted to help they wanted was to see her grusome demise this almost made her cry. Watching Oola struggle with her long leash made Greeata glad she didn't have one. Greeata hung her head in sadness seeing the girl trying to escape with away out. Before the rancor gobbled her up the claws tore apart Oola's flimsy netting exposing her skin. Even though she felt pity for Oola when everyone was smiling at her nude body Greeata did agree that she was still beautiful. When the rancor started eyeing and dangling it's food Greeata knew Oola's was not going to be quick. The first bite Greeata felt sick seeing how bloody and messy it was Oola was also still a live which made it even worst. The second bite Oola did not survive even though her pain ended it was still gross seeing blood and the body hang limp and then watching the rancor finish the last pieces was discussting. The pet slave was dead losers lost the bets almost every was happy Greeata turned way in horror as she did she thought I have to obey him so I can live and get out of here I don't want to die in this place like Oola. She shivers at the thought of the former dancers fate but also thinks of how she still liked gorgeous while in her predicament.

When she thought about about Oola's beauty it made her quickly realize that Lyn Me might not be in the band for much longer she knew the white Twi'lek was viewed as a future slave the minute the the whole band entered the palace. With the death of the green Twi'lek it looked like it is was really going to come true. Greeata all ways wondered how Lyn Me never noticed the signs. Although her friend wouldn't admit it Greeata noticed a lot of similarities between Lyn Me and Oola, Lyn Me was a dancer a step up from being a slave and thought she would never become one, Oola thought because she was the Hutt's favorite girl she would never be executed, Lyn Me liked Boba Fett and didn't like any of the other men, Oola liked Luke and tired to escape from the men in the palace, Oola didn't take advice from the other girls that could have saved her life, Lyn Me wouldn't listen to her friends about getting to much attention from the men in the palace, Lyn Me secretly mocked Oola and the other girls but she didn't know they mocked her like they did to Oola. Greeata didn't whish this on her but she knew the only away for Lyn Me to notice was for her to end up in Oola's position.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

After Leia show disguised as Boushh Jabba announced that the demolition games would being Greeata and Lyn Me were ordered by their master to serve his thugs and guests as waitresses. When Tia and Ghia were placed in the the deadly derby after being replaced by Oola Greeata was scared that the twins would die. She was supparied about Oola's demise but when the twi'lek was killed Greeata was relieved thinking Jabba would change his mind and they would become his favorite pets again. The rodian pryed for the twins when the hutt didn't change his mind after see Oola die Greeata didn't want to see anyone one else close to her like Tia and Ghia die. Just like with Oola Greeata was pleased it was the twins who were in Jabba's sick game and not her. Watching the derby Greeata noticed that the lowlives were not only getting excited from watching the two sisters in the race but were starting at Lyn Me while she danced and modeled next to the hologram videos. The female Rodian unlike Twi'lek friend knew if she wasn't careful Lyn Me would replace Oola sooner then any of the band members thought. 

Leia CapturedEdit

Just like girls in the harem and the female members of the Max Rebo Band Greeata had to train Princess Leia to dance. The slave girls were to train her to be a slave while Greeata, Rystall, Lyn Me and Sy Snootles trained her to dance. Like all girls Greeata had to train Leia in the harem and the court room though treated as slave girl even she wasn't Greeata was ordered to take his new pet to the harem occasionally and unlike most of the girls in the palace Jabba could trust Greeata to escort Leia with out the presents of a guard.

Even though she willing obeyed her master Greeata didn't like it she hated it as much as Rystall but she would do anything to not go back to her old life on Rodia. Her friend Rystall would also do anything to not go back to her old life with the Black Sun. Taking Leia to the harem was the worst part because the mistress Melina would make Greeata stay or any female who escorted the princess even Rystall or Lyn Me stay to watch what she would do to Leia. If Melina was really enjoying her time with the Ortolan princess she would make Greeata, Rystall, Lyn Me or any of the girls who were in the harem join in. As shameful as it was Greeata never let show just like Rystall never did Lyn Me was another story like Oola and the girls the white Twi'lek was punished anytime she showed pity.

Greeata just like all the other girls and people in the palace who felt bad for the princess formed a close bond with Leia during her short time as a slave.

Journey to the Pit of CarkoonEdit

Greeata and the rest of the Max Rebo Band would later accompany Jabba and his courtiers on Jabba's sail barge as they traveled to the Great Pit of Carkoon to watch Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca be fed to the sarlacc that resided there. Greeata didn't whish to see another execution after watching Oola's but the band they signed a lifetime contract so Greeata knew they have to do what ever he tells them. On the barge Greeata, Rystall and Lyn Me had to entertain and pleasured Jabba and his minions. Greeata wished she could help the rebels but she had a fine life with Jabba and his goons and she didn't want to jeopardize it no matter how gruesome, disgusting, sickening, painful, abusive, and nasty this life was it was not a risk worth talking.

Jabba's DeathEdit

In the chaos that followed, Jabba was killed, the sail barge was destroyed, and Luke and his friends escaped. With Jabba dead, the band's eternal contract came to an end, and the band members managed to escape the sail barge moments before it exploded. With the end of their contract, the Max Rebo Band disbanded, and everyone went their separate ways. Greeata, Rystall and a few others went to see what they could loot from Jabba's Palace upon arrival the criminals still there noticed the girls and tried to catch them they failed and the girls got away.

Later LifeEdit

Years later, Rystall and Greeata would be reunited with John Yowza in a new band, The Palpatones, with Greeata becoming the band's lead singer. Even though the Palpatones had a short career it was so successful that Greeata not only was the female Rodian the lead singer she also got a solo career in the music industry after that. When she first started out her talents weren't noticed because of the other band members but the Max Rebo Band went their separate was things started getting better for the female Rodian just must of the other members. Greeata Jendowanian finally got her dream she a famous musician and was wealthy in the end all the trouble Greeata went through in Jabba's Palace it was worth it.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Greeata is a talented, amazing, successful, famous, wealthy, elegant, skilled, quite, satisfied, nimble, dazzling, glamorous, ambitious, behaved, stylish, proud, polite, civil, ambitious, fashionable, composed, flexible, patient, classy, courtesy, sensational, compliant, spectacular, defensive, careful, impressive, passionate, fearful, scared, glamorous, eager, obedient, limber, backup dancer and singer.

Greeata is a great singer and dancer. Greeata was eager to leave her homeworld when she was kicked out for not following the Rodin way it didn't bother her nothing was going to stop her from living her dream.

She enjoyed her glamorous life aboard the Kuari Princess and enjoyed the high class fancy Galaxies Opera House. During her time on the Kuari Sy taught how to find comfort with other males outside of her race. As much as Greeata and Snootles enjoyed their life of luxury on the ship they wanted more so they left and eventually joined the Max Rebo Band.

The casinos, nightclubs bars and stripclubs that the band went to were nothing like the Kuari Princess but Greeata only enjoyed living for the art of dancing and music. Jabba's Palace was not a great place to preform but Greeata just shrugged it off anything was better then the ruff life of Rodia.

Greeata cared for Oola and the other slave girls but not as much as she cared for herself. She enjoyed her freedom and she didn't want to jeopardize it. Being a performer Greeata was not bothered by her outfit she wore enjoyed fashion as much as she enjoyed enteraining and in hear eyes that outfit was more fashionable then the ones worn by the other slaves. Although she hated the criminal underworld her love for the musical arts is what kept her going Greeata forgot how she was supposed to live she only lived for art, that is what she did for a living and nothing, nobody not even Jabba was going to ruin that for her.

Her orange hair, her jewelry and her outfits helped ensure that she got noticed even by listeners lacking musical taste. Even though Greeata didn't get as much attention as her more beautiful backup singers and dancers Rystall Sant and Lyn Me the female Rodian like her fellow female performers knew about style. She also knew how to catch the attention of her audience even though the outfit she had to wear wasn't her style she was comfortable with it because she knew that it would please her crowd.

Just like the other band members Greeata was not happy about Max Rebo's deal to only work for food this made her desperate for money and credit. So when Jabba offered up jobs during the an empire divided time Greeata didn't care even if it they weren't her usual jobs she wanted to to escape Tatooine. Greeata also expected a job as a hostess during the Hutt's Demolition Games so she could get more money instead of food. And just like Lyn Me and Rystall Sant Greeata quickly jumped on the idea of being treated as a prostitute and slave for money no matter how she hated it. Even the rigged gig to kill rivals like Bingo Mehndra was something she would do again only if she got payed. But Greeata would not agree to the jobs it meant that the female Rodian and her band members would die she also wouldn't take any of the jobs if they didn't pay well.


Like other members of her species, Greeata had large, pupil-less black eyes, a slender snout, and two saucer-like antennae atop her head, and a ridge of spines atop her skull. She had scaly green skin, and like other Rodians, her skin had a rough, pebbly texture. She had small breasts, and five dexterous fingers that ended with suction cups at her finger tips. Unlike most Rodians, Greeata was able to grow shoulder-length hair, stylizing it by dying it yellow and trimming it in the shape of a Mohawk.

Greeata Jendowanian's CostumeEdit

Like most of the women in Jabba's Palace, Greeata was forced to strip into an elaborate bikini. Fortunately for Greeata, her bikini wasn't nearly as scandalous as Lyn Me's or Oola's, and was actually one of the more modest bikinis that Jabba had in the palace. Greeata's bikini consisted of a long, orange skirt, and an orange, hard-shelled bra that was too big for her small breasts, held together by orange strips of cloth. Decorating the rest of her body were large, golden earrings, jewel-encrusted bracelets, golden anklets, and a golden necklace.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Greeata's PerceptionEdit

A bikini wouldn't have been Greeata's first choice but she loved it more then what the other girls had to wear. She loved the jewelry that came with it was very fancy and glamorous and that is all she cared about the other slaves were disappointed that they were not allowed to wear anything beautiful like what Greeata had.

Other AppearanceEdit

An Empire DividedEdit

In the video game Star Wars Galaxies the player can customize their character  to look like Greeata making her a playable character. During the events of an empire divided Greeata didn't preforme with the band like she usually does instead she did other jobs for Jabba. Because she was a Rodian and her race is known for their violent nature and their natural fighting and survival skills Greeata was offered payment if she did work that didn't involve her normal tasks that she preformed with the band.