Not all the women of the Palace lived out their lives chained to the mighty Hutt himself. More then a few could expect to live with a certain degree of safety, perhaps in the fullness of time even leave the palace. All this could only be possible if the female in question had, what they called, a guardian. Oola's tragic mistake was to draw the wrath of Bib Fortuna, the one man who could have served her as a Guardian.

What was a Guardian?Edit

Jabba was among the most powerful individuals outside the Galactic Empire. There were precious few in all the outer rim he truly feared. Still he was wise enough to understand that an enemy, however weak, was not as useful as an ally, and that allies could become enemies if provoked. If one of the women of his palace caught the eye of certain individuals he would leave her alone, so as not to provoke that person. Not because Jabba feared that person, rather he did not want to loose them as a useful tool.

In time many of the slave girls at the palace came to understand this and would often try to win the favor of a particular person whose wrath Jabba wanted to avoid. If they did and won themselves a 'guardian' then they would avoid the Hutt's attentions, provided they did nothing to displease their protector who intern continued to be useful to Jabba.

Woe to any slave girl whose Guardian incurred Jabba's anger, not only would their protection disappear but they might join in whatever punishment Jabba devised.

Known GuardiansEdit

Almost anyone who served the Hutt could be a guardian, provided Jabba desired their services more then that of a slave girl or that finding a new slave was more convenient then replacing the minion in question. Therefore, the best Guardians were those Jabba considered most useful and least expendable.

Boba Fett

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Being a favorite among Jabba's minions Fett was never short on favorable companionship. Once the women of the Palace saw how much he had impressed the mighty Hutt they were constantly throwing themselves at his feet. Any slave girl who found a way into his heart, or at least his bed, would not fear Jabba's appetites, so long as she continued to please Fett.

Winning Fett's protection, however, was far easier said then done. Fett was not known for having an eye for lovely females but he was a man and did indulge himself from time to time. On top of that, being a bounty hunter, he would often leave the palace for long stretches of time and there was always the risk he would not return. Also being a free agent the hunter had no obligations to Jabba and served him only because he paid better than most. If one of Jabba's enemies offered Fett a better deal he might just switch sides, leaving any former lovers to face the anger of Jabba alone.

Bib Fortuna

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Fett was far from the only one who served the Hutt. Bib Fortuna, Jabba's Twi'lek Majadomo, was just as indispensable as the bounty hunter, a fact not lost on the women of the palace. Being in charge of the day to day affairs of the palace allowed him a great deal of access to them and many took the opportunity to try and seduce him. It also meant, unlike Fett, there was less chance of him disappearing on some mission never to return. Also, unlike the bounty hunter, he did have an eye for lovely females (especially Twi'lek females) and indulged his lust almost habitually.

The difficulty with Fortuna as a Guardian was that he knew the ways of the Palace and the court far better then Fett ever could have. He knew all about courtly intrigue and palace schemes, it was a game of life and death few people understood and most of the slave girls at the palace were at best talented amateurs, Fortuna was a true master. He knew what the women wanted from him and he used it against them in a vulgar and defiling way, promising them his protection in exchange for their bodies. Many slave girls would give him whatever defiling depravity he could imagine in return for his protection but it seldom saved them for long. Many had been purchased with Jabba's money and he would not allow embezzling to go unpunished. Bib's strategy to avoid Jabba's wrath was to explain that the girls had been purchased for the Hutt's harem and that the Twi'leks perverted passions were merely a detailed inspection to be sure that only the finest slaves would grace Jabba's throne.

Jabba knew better, of course, but was willing to overlook it as long as the females were ultimately his to do with as he pleased. In the end few under Fortuna's 'protection' survived more then a few weeks, the Twi'lek proving just as fickle as the Hutt he served.

Melinna Carniss

Most Guardians are chosen by slave girls for their status in Jabba's organization, but even the most powerful of Guardians cannot protect a slave from Jabba if the slave has no access to them. Cut off and isolated from the palace some slave girls grew desperate and turned to the only one near by. Being the Mistress of the harem Melinna was responsible for keeping the women in line while choosing who had what duties in the Palace and she exploited this fact mercilessly. It was something of a well known secret that Melinna had a taste for women. New comers to the palace might not have been aware of this but most of the Palace staff knew. She enjoyed manipulating those seeking her protection, sometimes getting them to beg her for depravity she would subject them to. More than once, however, a slave girl would abandon their quest for Melinna's affections deciding that Jabba was preferable.

Max Rebo & Sy Snootles

Guardians were often chosen based on indispensability within Jabba's criminal empire. Given how quickly he tends to get through palace musicians one would not think the band members, Rebo and Snootles would make good Guardians. The strength of their protection came from a mix of personal skill and a general humility about them. When Max Rebo agreed to work for Jabba all he asked for in return was all the food he and the band could eat, much to the others' annoyance. As a principle Jabba was against renegotiating any contract but the fact that Max had asked for so little gave him a certain influence with the Hutt. Because it was costing Jabba very little to keep Rebo and his band at the Palace granting the Ortolan a favor or two was not at all out of the question. Sy on the other hand was no stranger to espionage and intrigue and she had experience with Hutts and knew their ways and how they thought. So the idea of a slave girl using them for protection against Jabba was no so far fetched.

The difficulty with them as a Guardian stemmed from their personalities. Max Rebo was a simple soul who could never see beyond his key board and could not think past the next meal. As long as he could play his music and never went hungry he was perfectly content and Ortolans aren't really known for their sexuality. Sy Snootles could see potential and had more ambitions Rebo but she had learned from bitter experience not to stick her neck out for anyone and she knew what happened to those who angered Jabba. Anyone who wanted her as a Guardian would need to convince her she was worth the risk.


Many girls who picked him thought he was a filthy obese man with bad hygiene. However those who did get him as a Guardian found that he wasn't as bad as they thought even though he was a brute who loved blood thirsty scary monsters more than people. After getting to know him, they could see the pain in eyes his of being a slave. Choosing Malakili as a Guardian meant that the girl would be spared from meeting a horrifying end with one of his beasts but if the girl did something to encourage the wrath of Jabba, Malakili or anyone else who worked for the Hutt they would not be spared from his hungry creatures or the Guardian who could protect them then.

Jubnuk & Other Gamorreans

Gamorrean in front of Bas Relief
Like many Gammoreans Jubnuk and species were not very gentle many of them scared the slave girls. But when came to picking a guardian they would try their best to seduce Jubnuk and the Gammorean guards just to avoid any time with Jabba. If Jubnuk and the Gammoreans were aroused they would take the girls to the barracks. Jubnuk and Gammoreans like most of the Guardians in the palace were cruel, mean, and rude to women but they need protection any kind of protection no matter what they had to do.

Jubnuk & the other Gammoreans enjoyed when the asked or begged them for protection. When they would take them to the barracks for a good time the girls felt like put up a struggle but they learned not to upset anyone who was their guardian because if they did this would get much worse.

Yarna d'al Gargan

Yarna d'al Gargan cocould also be a guardian for any young women looking for guardian to take care of them and protect them. Though Yarna was also a slave to Jabba the Hutt just like many other girls in the palace she was willing to do whatever Jabba asked of her to keep her children safe. And caring about cubs or kids more than anything else in the palace meant that no matter how much she would help the slaves in the end when comes down to her cubs or fellow slaves she worry about her children and Yarna would treat the young girls the same way everyone else did in the palace.

Anyone slave girl who had been in the palace for awhile and picked Yarna as a guardian they knew not to upset her because she was not going to risk her cubs safety for a any of them.

Rystall Sant

Given how quickly Jabba went through slaves and musicians one would not think Rystall could be a guardian just like the other members of the Max Rebo Band. Though she was forced to act like a slave and prostitute she was a backup singer and dancer who had history of dealing with criminals and being a slave in her younger years with Black Sun. This meant that Rystall knew how to persuade Jabba into allowing her more freedom and became a loyal servant.

Rystall was more kind, friendly and helpful to the girls then a lot of the other guardians in the palace she knows what it's like to be a slave. Like all the girls in the palace Rystall desired to escape from Jabba as well and no matter how sorry she felt for them or much pity risking her chance to escape and her comfortable position was not worth. With Ms. Sant the girls felt more safe more comfortable and more free Rystall didn't believe in keeping a chain or collar on them. However the girls learned that even Ms. Sant had limits on what they could if she let them escape or defended them that would mean her life would be on line. Another thing that they learned was that as much as Rystall cared for them none of them come in between her and Boba Fett.

Unlike the other guardians Rystall was allowed to give the girls privacy but they didn't always get it. If the court desired for show in front of everyone Rystall would no matter how much she hated it. Though the girls would feel embarrassed they noticed Rystall was never ashamed, embarrassed or scared but more angry.

Every one the palace has learned that when Rystall wasn't something nothing will stop or get in her way. Wanting to earn enough money to escape Jabba's Palace and the criminal life when she sets her sights on a someone she wants to seduce like a henchman, Boba Fett or a slave no else is aloud to steal them from her. Everyone has seen her anger when one of Jabba's minions takes the girl she wants and slaves have seen her anger when they are seducing a man that she wants.