PDVD 1465
On the journey to the Sarlacc for the execution of Luke and his friends Jabba drank a sticky Hutt liquor mixed with spice of some sort which he forced Leia to drink some of to toast the death of her friends.

Leia's perception Edit

Leia hated the taste of the liquor, since she almost never drank alcohol except for certain occasions. It was almost pure alcohol with spice mixed in, and tasted like swamp sludge with a fizzy aftertaste. Whenever Jabba forced her to drink it, she would reluctantly swallow the entire thing in one gulp, trying her hardest not to taste too much of it. Her mouth often burned with the strong liquor and spice it contained, and she hated the sensation of being forced to drink such strong liquor. She especially hated the drugs it contained, since drugs were something she was definitely against as Princess.

Sometimes, Jabba would drip the dark, sludgy goop over her breasts and then remove her bikini top in public, licking it all off of her ample bosoms as if to breast-feed himself in a mockery of the function of female mammaries. This humiliated Leia because of the exposure of her breasts and objectified her, turning her into a living chalice for the Hutt. She especially hated how Jabba mocked the fact that female breasts gave life to infants by "breast-feeding" himself with his liquor.