J'Quille was a bounty hunter who worked for Jabba the Hutt and also secretly worked for one of his rivals Lady Valarian.


J'Quille was a male Whiphid born on his homeworld Toola located in the Outer Rim Territories. Sometime before the year 0 ABY and 0 BBY J'Quille became a spy, assassin and bounty hunter for for Lady Valarian who also had him spy on Jabba around this time.

He managed to secretly serve Valarian all the way up to the year 4 ABY unnoticed and undecided. He tired many times to kill the Hutt but failed he even tired to pay others to kill Jabba for him. Because although many criminal were under his command they all secretly wanted him dead and J'Quille knew that.

Just like many of the other thieves, assassins, smugglers and criminals living in the palace the male Whiphid was very close to the B'omarr Monks. He also attended Jabba's Party as well although he was loyal to his mistress Valarian he did like all of the slave women that the Hutt owned.

J'Quille cheered when the Rancor ate Oola was present when the court found out that Boushh was really Princess Leia. He was also in the court room when Luke was fighting the Rancor and even followed Jabba on to his sail barge. However J'Quille was one of the few beings that escaped the destruction but because he failed to kill Jabba Lady Valarian placed a bounty on his head. With no where else to go he turned to the B'omarr for help and let them preform their ritual on him. It involves removing the brain and placing it in their spider droids.