Mighty Jabba With Hookah

Jabba Smoking his Hookah

Among the many pleasures that Jabba the Hutt indulged himself with, one that became his trademark was his large hookah pipe. As a gangster who had cornered the market in Glitterstim along with various other forms of narcotics, Jabba had a near endless supply of spices and other substances which were used with his pipe.

The Hutt would usually puff on the hose of his hookah after a particularly long day of business deals or perhaps to relax himself in preparation for the hedonistic pleasures he was to take part in the evening. Jabba was notorious for being able to take many "hits" from his hookah before his mind would be severely inhibited, allowing the crime lord to retain all of his intelligence even when under the influence of the spice.

Jabba the hutt

Smoking spice heightened Jabba's already strong senses and appetites.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Jabba had his hookah connected to his snackquarium, a bowl of greenish water filled with paddy frogs. It was often that Jabba would take a few hits from his bong, and then with the push of a button on his armrest, have immediate access to a few select live appetizers. It can be surmissed that if the bowl was used in tandem with Jabba's hookah, the bubbles from the water would no doubt give the frogs a "smoky" flavor, making the squirming creatures all the more pleasurable for the Hutt to snack on.
Jabba smoking hookah in comics

Artist's depiction of Jabba with hookah and slaves.

Jabba's Perception Edit

Princess Leia's Perception Edit

Dorman Art Slave Leia and Jabba

Artist's depiction of Jabba enjoying his hookah and the sight of the enslaved princess.

Leia, as a princess and rebel leader with a strict anti-drug policy, abhorred Jabba's smoking of his hookah, finding the practice to be vile and repulsive. Not only did the spice from the Hutt's pipe accentuate his own body odor and foul breath, but it also invigorated Jabba's senses and dulled his inhibitions, bringing out the perverted nature of the bloated crime lord all the more. Jabba was known to take multiple puffs from his pipe, allowing his lechery to be brought to new heights, and then he would take to groping the princess with his fetid hands and scum-coated tongue.

B&W Rare Photo of Jabba with Hookah.

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