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Jabba's largest possession was certainly his pleasure palace, located on the fringe of the Western Dune Sea on the planet Tatooine. While Jabba's home was on Nal Hutta, he used his Tatooine palace as a base of operations for his business ventures in that part of the galaxy.


Under Jabba's regimeEdit

It wasn't until 516 BBY that the Hutt named Jabba Desilijic Tiure discovered the citadel and ousted Alkhara and seized the monastery. Like Alkhara and his predecessors, Jabba maintained a good relationship with the monks, adding on to their monastery and generally avoiding the strange religious people. Along with plating the exterior walls with ditanium, Jabba built an expansive hanger and garage for his fleet of ships and swoops. Erecting a throne room in the subterranean bowels of the citidal, the Hutt transformed the complex into a palace. The hutt also added on dungeons, a kitchen, barracks, torture chambers, dance rooms, dining halls, a harem and a stage.

As the criminal empire grew in reputation, more and more miscreants began to occupy the palace. Jabba employed many Gamorrean guards, allowing their families to reside in a wing of the palace in exchange for security. The hutt occupied the palace for centuries, dividing his time between his retreat, and this on Nal Hutta.

Jabba's PartyEdit

During this time Jabba hosted a party in his throne room he invited many guests who were colse to him to the celebration even those who worked at the palace attended the celebration.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

The palace was the main broad casting location were the might crime lord had R2-D2 and cameras show hologram videos of the race.

Jabba's DeathEdit

While most courtiers followed him to the pit, very few returne. Indeed Jabba and most of hisminions died in the fiery explosion that engulfed the Khetanna, his private sail barge. Some of those survived returned to the palace and told the news to those who stayed behind some were happy some were scared but every made an attempt to steal anything they could get their hands on treasure, credit, money, food, weapons, gadgets, equipment, droids, tools, slaves ect. fights broke out and some criminals were killed.

While some looked through the place for anything valuable others freed prisoners, slaves and some of Jabba's pet beasts. Some were spies and assassins sent to kill Jabba reporting to their employers about his death. Many of those who were their fell victim to the B'omarr initiation rituals and had their brains removed. Some were willing subjects others were forced into the ritual. Few escaped some got away with what they could grab others decided to leave what they carried behind. Some prisoners were left begging to be not left behind so their brains wouldn't end up in the B'omarr droids. Even some of Jabba's pet creatures were left to suffer the B'omarr rituals.

The palace eventually shut down and wouldn't open for anyone leaving those who fell victim to the B'omarr and those who were left as prisoners inside the palace. While Jabba's relatives or opponents attempted to take the palace the walls were impenetrable and it eventually fell into abandonment.

Jabba's Pereption of his PalaceEdit

Jabba's Palace

Slave Girl's Perception of Jabba's PalaceEdit

Diva's Perception of Jabba's Palace Edit


Shakka's Perception of Jabba's Palace Edit


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Tia & Ghia's Perception of Jabba's Palace Edit

Tia and Ghia

Arica's Perception of Jabba's Palace Edit


Leia's Perception of Jabba's Palace Edit

Leia familiarized herself with the layout of the Hutt's domain as much as she could before her mission to rescue Han Solo. But the information she and Luke were able to gather did not prepare her for the sheer size of the palace when she entered it with Chewbacca in tow. Stepping through the main gate into the dark cavernous entrance, she went on alert, concerned that some creature might surprise her from the darkness.

While negotiating with Jabba for the price of Chewbacca, Leia took time to take in the Hutt's throne room, already beginning to plan how she would sneak in later to rescue her lover. As her exchange with Jabba grew tense, she forced herself not to look to where Han stood frozen in carbonite on the far wall. Instead, she focused on her hatred for the Hutt.

After being captured, Leia saw parts of the palace that the Rebel's intelligence had not revealed, since even Lando had not had access.

Jabba's Palace

Map of Jabba's Palace from DK's "Inside the Worlds of Star Wars."


Ralph McQuarrie's concept art of the palace.

ITW Jabba throne

Cutaway view of Jabba's throne room.

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