The feared monster that occupied the pit below Jabba's throneroom was a gift given by Bib Fortuna, to celebrate the mighty Hutt's "life day" (equivalent to birthday). Fortuna along with another of the Hutt's lietanants Bidlo Kerve purchased the creature and a trainer named Malakili, knowing Jabba's taste for exotic and dangerous pets. The beast was placed in the underground caverns beneath the palace and could be released into the pit by a monstrous metal door. The grating that dominated the center of the throne room allowed Jabba and the scum in his court to watch the rancor devour its victims, becoming one of Jabba's favorite pieces of entertainment.


Early LifeEdit

Somtime before 0 BBY the Rancor was being transported from the Tarsunt system by Grizzid for a Bothan merchant named Grendu, when it broke out killing Grizzid and his crew, and causing the ship to crash on Tatooine. A Jawa Sandcralwer captain named Tteel Kkak discovered the wreckage and informed Jabba's servants Bib Fortuna and Bidlo Kwerve. They presented it to Jabba as a birthday present. Kwere who was planning on leaving Jabba's employment around 2 BBY however that didn't happen because he was fed to the Rancor on the day they found it.

Feeding the RancorEdit

Malakili primarily handled the feeding of the rancor, but under Jabba's orders, was forced to keep it constantly malnourished to make it more violent and hostile. This allowed Jabba to feed his prized pet by sending victims into its lair via a trapdoor installed in the floor directly in front of the crime lord's dais. A switch on his throne's armrest allowed Jabba to open the door and send those who displeased him tumbling down a chute which would deposit them in the pit below. The metal door that housed the rancor would then lift, unleashing the beast on whoever was unfortunate to be in its den. This served many purposes, it allowed Jabba to punish his enemies, and instill fear in those around him. Most importantly, however, it also amused the hutt greatly to watch the monster feed. He drew great enjoyment out of the screams of its doomed prey just before they were devoured. Many enemies, employees, and disobedient slave girls found themselves facing the rancor before it was finally crushed by its own door during a battle with Luke Skywalker.

Oola's FateEdit


Jabba activates the trapdoor beneath Oola's feet.

The Twi'lek dancer Oola was one of the last in a long line of hapless slave girls that Jabba fed to the rancor. While dancing for her master, her graceful moves caught the Hutt's lust-filled gaze, and Jabba attempted to pull her close by tugging on the leash around her neck. Oola refused her master's advances, knowing all too well what would happen if she complied. In a fit of defiance, Oola pulled against the leash, shouting at the hutt in an attempt to defend herself. Amused by the slave's sudden spirit, Jabba pointed and mocked the slave's efforts, slowly inching her by force towards the seat of his throne. Unmoved by the hutt's words and gestures, Oola continued shaking her head and refusing to budge, moving up and down to make it harder for Jabba to pull. The crowd of onlookers jeered and mocked the slave's efforts, hurling insults and laughs at the unfortunate dancer. After many days of defiance and constant refusal of Jabba's advances, the hutt's patience was finished despite his attraction to Oola's lithe form and limber, beautiful body. In one more attempt to get the slave to fall in line, Jabba yanked the chain with a mighty pull. Oola had endured enough of the hutt's fury to know what he had planned for her, and had seen it done far too often to Jabba's other dancing girls. She held her ground, trying to keep away, causing her breasts to fall out of her costume in humiliating fashion while the onlooker's snickered. Oola felt her feet slide over the edge of the trapdoor through the bottom of her cheap leather sandals, but thought little of it, convinced that the hutt would rather punish her instead of kill her. Jabba continued to pull, but still she rebuked him, yelling "no, no, never" in Huttese. Angered by the humiliating display of the slave's defiance, the hutt had finally reached his breaking point. Activating the trap door in front of his dias, Jabba watched the twi'lek suddenly lose balance. The floor beneath Oola shuddered and she staggered backwards, toes curling against he flat of her sandal. Suddenly, the floor beneath her dropped, sending her flailing into the depths below with a gasp and high pitched scream. The flimsy netting of her costume did little to protect her as she sailed down a stone slide, a metal grate blocking the end of the chute. As she approached, the metal grate opened, spitting the twi'lek out of the stone slide and onto the sandy floor of a bone-laden pit that smelled heavily of rotten meat and sweat. 

Oola laying in the sand after tumbling into the rancor pit.

As Oola landed, she tried to keep herself on her feet, but smacked hard onto the floor and rolled helplessly into the sand. She groaned, suddenly realizing where she now found herself. Oola dusted herself off and looked above to see Jabba and his goons laughing and mocking her through the grate above. Her body trembled with fear, her hands absently stroking her wounded thighs that now throbbed with pain from her awkward landing. The onlookers pointed and laughed at her misfortune as the green dancer sucked in the gravity of her situation. The hutt's lust was far too great, she reasoned. No amount of anger would cause him to merely throw her away like all of the others. The cold air of the pit below made her tender nipples harden and portrude out from under her costume, a sight she hoped would convince Jabba that he still desired her. Most of his favorite whorish makeup had already washed off of Oola's face, but she puckered her lips together to keep the lipstick thick and radiant for her master. He still wanted her. She knew he did.

But then the large metal door in the wall behind her started to raise. Oola jumped in surprise. Turning in apprehension, Oola watched the gate ponderously screech open. Her face twisted into a mix of emotions as she heard a low growl eminate from behind the rising wall. Then Oola saw the beast slowly step out of the blackness and towards the light from the party above. Her face contorted in fear, her breathing constricted, mind recalling how the monster fed so many times before. Any thought of salvation was long gone. She screamed. The onlookers applauded as the beast charged, roaring as its thunderous steps shook the palace. Oola scrambled for any cover she could find, crawling behind rocks and clawing at the walls. She made one more crying plea for Jabba to save her, reaching a hand up to her master with loud sobs and streams of tears. But Jabba only laughed obscenely at her hopeless pleas for mercy, licking his lips at what fate awaited her.


Oola watches in fear as the rancor steps out of the shadows

She turned towards the rancor. By now the beast had cornered her, and with nowhere left to go, Oola pressed her back against the wall, closed her eyes, and whimpered out a prayer in her native tongue. The claws of the beast wrapped around her slender body and scratched against her body as a monstrous hand wrapped itself around her, tearing the cheap costume like a piece of paper. Normally Oola would be ashamed of revealing her spry, green-skinned body, but as far as she knew, this would be the last time anyone would ever see it. The rancor squeezed the dancer tight, pushing the air from her lungs and nearly suffocating the dancer. Oola's feet flailed in hopes of kicking free, but all her efforts did was highlight the beauty of her shapely thighs and legs for the onlookers above, who cheered in response. The brute held her aloft for a moment, eyeing her as a morsel while the twi'lek sobbed for her goddess to help her. The rancor's sharp, clawed hand then lifted her struggling, naked body towards its gaping maw. Oola screamed and struggled as she moved ever closer to the razor sharp teeth, her hands pulling at the tightly wrapped fingers of the beast.

Oolas fate

Oola's last sight.

Head first she plunged into the Rancor's salivating maw, its tongue curling around her, savoring the taste of the latest treat from its master, tongue sliding across her upper body with a mess of saliva. Oola's feet kicked wildly as she felt the putrid warm tongue slobber across her body, reminding her immensely of the hutt's own thick tongue. The first bite came just bellow her breasts, teeth penetrating through her chest, nearly cutting her in half. A loud cracking sound inside of the pit made the crowd above wince and hoot with approval. Abruptly, Oola's muffled screams ceased. Blood swirled through her throat and coughed out of her mouth as blood mixed with lipstick and ran down her chin. She tried to breathe, but her ribcage had turned her lungs into a bloody, agonized pincushion. Regardless if she could accept it or not, the twi'lek's fate was sealed. The rancor sucked the dancer's body deeper down his throat, taking a second bite into the pelvis region. The two legs still dangling from the rancor's mouth twitched as her muscles tensed, feet flexing in a last sign of the dancer. The rancor tilted his head back and let the desecrated remains of the twi'lek's body slide down his throat, the last sign of Oola's toes vanishing as the rancor closed his mouth and sauntered back towards his sleeping area. In two delicate bites, Oola was swallowed up. The rancor belched in approval.

Although the dying screams and naked, struggling body of his favorite slave greatly aroused the obese hutt, a brief feeling or regret crept through the hutt's subconcious as he realized he was now without his personal pet. Never did Jabba let the feeling show through his jovial facade, however, his face maintaing the false, enthusiastic grin. What he did realize, however, was how hungry the rancor's performance had made him. He reached a hand into his personal snackquarium and tightly grasped a paddy frog. With one gulp, he swallowed the paddy frog and exhaled with contentment.

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