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Not long after Jabba settled down on Tatooine he bought a sail barge and called the Khetanna he used it for business trips, to watch executions, watch races, watch sports, lavish parties and tours across the deserts of Tatooine. He also had weapons on there to use it for raids on his rivals. The Khetanna was a modified luxury Sail barge with three decks the top deck was equipped with orange sails to protect anyone up there from Tatooine's two suns. The next deck had a private lounge for the Hutt, his henchmen and his guests. The private lounge had a microphone, kitchen, bar, throne, tables, chairs and stage all to the Hutt and his guests more comfortable. The barge also had cameras just like the palace to record events the Hutt wanted to share with othersand to catch anyone secretly working for his rivals.

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After Leia pointed the mounted laser gun at the deck Luke grabbed a chain and had princess Leia hold on to him they used it to swing off before the barge exploded. Those that survived the retreated back to the palace while some stayed behind to salvage the pieces that they could find. Some tried to sell the parts for profit some tried to rebuild it.

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Jabba's Sail Barge had many things to please the gangster just like his palace. But what please him the most about his sail barge the Khetanna was that it helped him move around instead of it being like normal pleasure barge it was like a moving palace and the Hutt liked. With everything he had put and installed in the barge it was a lot like his palace like a home away from home.

Like all Hutts Jabba made sure he spent a lot of money to have his barge, palace and ships he bought all have the best things he cold buy. The hutt crime families like to have the most expensive things for their ships, palaces, castles, cantinas, restaurants, bases, casinos, bars, clubs and homes Jabba was no difference he liked to show off how much wealth he had.

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Leia did not like Jabba's Sail Barge. She hated being the center attention when she was sitting on Jabba's tail. His guests and henchmen would look at her lustfully mocking her as Jabba's slut slave princess, even when she was forced to drink from Jabba's goblet they flourished in seeing the scantly-clad Leia humilated. She was grateful that Jabba let her leave to see Han, Luke, and Chewie at the window, which was the only time she was allowed any privacy, and others during trips. While at the window she enjoyed her time away from Jabba, but did not like that Jabba would tug on her chain and his men and guests would look at the half naked Leia at the window. She did not like feeling her naked body against the metal on the sail barge and only going as far as her chain would allow her to go. Leia did not like that she wore nothing underneath the skirts as Jabba had easy access to violate her whenever he wanted. She despised the lashaa silks when standing and also because walking around in her outfit would sometimes expose her bare womanly parts and butt crack for everyone to glimpse as the rear silk skirt only covered her butt crack. Leia would try to ignore the men (and sometimes women) groping her from behind as she passed, and the crude catcalls they'd shout if they caught a glimpse of her nudity.

Despite herself, Leia was impressed by the amenities provided on Jabba's barge. As a teenager and diplomat, Leia had ridden on a pleasure barge once during a political celebration, so she was familiar with the layout. What she was prepared for was the sheer opulence that Jabba had granted the interior, through priceless artworks, silk curtains, and stuffed heads of rare beasts from across the galaxy. Still, she dreaded moving from the main observation deck into Jabba's private quarters, where she knew she would have to submit to the Hutt's advances. When she had first boarded the barge she stole a glance into this room and noticed a tremendendously large bed with cushions for multiple slaves to rest on, as well as several hookahs for them to smoke spice with.

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