Leia looks for Luke's approach

Leia wakes up beside Jabba's next meal

Connected to Jabba's armrest was a large, glass bowl, eloquently referred to by Hutts as a "Snackquarium", filled with the Hutt's favorite live snacks, such as Klatooine paddy frogs, creatures known for their aggressive tempers. Jabba enjoyed consuming the amphibious delicacies on a semi-regular basis and not many creatures in the universe met with such unpleasant demise. Some frogs had their heads ripped off by Jabba before their lifeless body was tossed into the giant maw of the gangster... those were the lucky ones. The unlucky ones would find themselves in his slimy mouth still alive! These creatures would then be rolled around by the slug's massive tongue and their bodies coated in thick scum. The foul stench of Jabba's breath would make it quite nearly impossible for them to inhale and when they would try their mouth would fill with the fetid slime. Then the creature's final humiliation.. being swallowed alive and left to rot inside the slug. Upon sending one of his victims to the rancor, Jabba was also known to eat a paddy frog while watching the rancor devour its meal.
SWG Jabba Slave and Food

Jabba enjoying his food and his slave's company.

With his slave girl, food, and hookah pipe sitting nearby him on his throne, Jabba had quick access to any sensual pleasure he desired.

Jabba's Perception of his Snackquarium Edit

Jabba's Snackquarium as provided food for mostly his Paddy Frogs it is equipped with a hookah which would give his snacks a smoky flavor. If he didn't feel like grabbing a snack himself he would make one of his slaves do it for. Everytime he ate he would make a mess drool dripping on the throne or pillows and splashing the water out when he reached in.

Slave Girl's Perception Jabba's Snackqurium Edit

The girls who were chained to the throne were disgusted about the snackquarium being on the throne because the master was a messy eater splashing water on them, drooling and getting their costumes wet. Another disgusting thing was picking up the food he dropped after he had it in his mouth or reaching in and grabbing the food. Any girl who sat with their master had to occasionally eat the snacks as well it was hard to stomach when it was a live paddy frog. Somtimes the poor girls would have to feed the hut the food he dropped but whenever he wanted to humiliate them he would make them eat the food that dropped out of his mouth some could hold it in and of them could do with out vomiting some literally puked because they could do it. The court laughed at all of them the ones who had a strong stomach with an angry and disgusted look on their faces and those who looked stick and accidentally vomiting on themselves.

One of the worst things about being with their master and eating out of his Snackquarium was when they had to eat out of it like a pet grabing the food with their mouths and not being allowed to use their hands.

Oola's Perception of Jabba's Snackquarium Edit

Oola like all the other women was disgusted by her master's behavior. Though she didn't like the Snackquarium she was glad her master had food near him almost all the time Oola was worried that she would be on the menu if he didn't have it or if it was ever empty. Though Jabba his loyal goons fill his snackquarium whenever it was empty he also forced Oola with this task as well just like many other slave girls had to do. When Oola was forced to refill the snackquarium or eat out of she would do it out of fear depending on the punishment she might receive if she felt like the punishment wasn't worst she would tell her master no. Jabba always made her regret her poor decisions every time.

Another morsel

Oola on all fours, eating like an animal as Jabba watches.

Poor Oola though she hated everything about her master and tested his patience she knew that she was his favorite plaything and sometimes tried to stay on his good side but it was really hard for her to find anything attractive about him. This would sometimes make her do the most embarrassing things ever one of them was eating just like an animal only with her mouth and down on all fours. When Oola tested her master's patience and Jabba had not snacks one of the things he did to make her listen to him was threatening to eat even though Oola knew she was the masters favorite and believed some of his threats weren't ture that he would never do some of those things to his favorite girl the threat of eating her was something she didn't dare to think that he was lying about.

Leia's Opinion of Jabba's Snackquarium Edit

Leia was disgusted by Jabba's gluttony, which was as powerful as his lust. The sheer amount of food he ate every day disgusted her, especially if she was forced to feed him. The Hutt's uncivilized eating habits repulsed her, as she had to constantly try to avoid the pieces of half-eaten frog and drool that would slip from his mouth while he was chewing.


Leia sitting beside the Snackquarium while Jabba eats.

His mannersims also increased her awareness of herself as the half-naked pet of a powerful crime lord who held her fate in his hands. Lying beside the aquarium, Leia reflected on the fact that as a sex slave, she was another easily available "morsel" for the debauched Hutt to figuratively "devour."

Jabba Pulls out a Frog from his Snackquarium

Jabba reaches into his bowl and pulls out a paddy frog.

Jabba eats paddy frog

Jabba devours a paddy frog from his tank

Jabba Licks His Lips, Satisfied

Jabba licks his lips in satisfaction after feeding