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Jabba's space cruiser, or pleasure yacht, provided the Hutt with transportation between his home on Nal Hutta and the planets under his influence, including Tatooine.


Schematic of the Star Jewel.

A Symbol of ExtravaganceEdit

Jabba used the Star Jewel as a mobile palace, an extension of his power and wealth. Accordingly, the vessel contained every amenity and luxury the Hutt enjoyed in his main palace on Tatooine. Extensive kitchen facilities provided sumptuous feasts, opulent quarters gave comfort matched only by the finest Core World hotels, Jabba's musicians entertained at all hours, and for more carnal pleasures, trips on the Star Jewel also included members of Jabba's famous stable of gorgeous slave girls.

Trips With JabbaEdit

The number of slave girls Jabba brought along with him and the roles he expected them to fill varied depending on the purpose of his trip and the duration of the voyage. For short excursions for strictly technical or business purposes, Jabba might only take his favorite slave girl, using her for the typical serving and pleasure-giving tasks. For longer trips in which more theatrics were needed, it was not unknown for Jabba to bring up to half of his harem with him.

A Typical VoyageEdit

On a typical voyage, Jabba would take his favorite, along with 4-5 other slave girls from his harem. When Jabba's tastes were particular, he would select which of his "pretties" would accompany him, but he usually delegated the task to his dance coordinator. No matter who selected them, the "fortunate" girls would be made up and dressed specially for the trip, changing into either extravagantly feathered and jeweled costumes (that still left almost all of their bodies exposed) or simple costumes that consistent of little more than strings.

When Jabba was ready to depart, he would parade the chosen dancing girls in front of his mobile throne, while his favorite girl remained chained in front of him or walked close by his side. The girls were used to flaunt Jabba's wealth and power, even if it was just for the underlings and hangers-on who were remaining behind. Once Jabba was aboard and the show was over, the girls (included Jabba's favorite) would be escorted to a cramped dressing room/communal aleeping quarters while the Hutt attended to last-minute details.

As the yacht launched and the commotion died down, Jabba would settle in for the journey. While the Star Jewel contained a full-size replica of Jabba's large Tatooine throne room, the Hutt preferred to spend the trip in one of several smaller lounges located off the main throne room. Because Jabba only brought along his trusted underlings, those who needed some watching, and other servants who deserved such a reward, the gatherings were much more intimate. When Jabba was settled in, the slave girls would be brought to the main lounge and the entertainment would begin.

Star Jewel Lounge

Jabba entertains a Hutt guest aboard the Star Jewel.

The Star Jewel's lounge contained a main stage on the far end featuring 3 poles and dancing space. Throughout the rest of the room were individual couches and three other poles surrounded by group seating for more intimate entertainment. Of course, Jabba had his throne, and there was plenty of serving space for alcohol and other illicit substances.

For Jabba's girls, trips on the Star Jewel were a completely different experience than their lives in the palace. Their performances in the palace were largely choreographed in advance, they danced for the general appreciation of a large crowd, and were completely beholden to Jabba, dancing at his command and confined to his harem at other times. On the Star Jewel, however, they were expected to dance very close to (sometimes in contact with) very small groups of revelers or even individuals.

Jabba often used the intimate environment of the Star Jewel to "develop" his slave girls, those who needed a little encouragement to shed inhibitions.

List of Slaves That Had Trips on The Star JewelEdit

Perception of by Princess LeiaEdit

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