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Jabba on his throne

Jabba issues an order while choking Leia.

Technology and ComfortEdit

During his stays at his desert palace on Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt would normally rest his bulky form on a large stone dais at the front of his audience chamber. While it had the look of stone, the dais was actually a technologically advanced repulsorlift, with the stone frame being used to keep in line with the stony decor that permeated the Hutt's palace. Eight statues of Abyssin heads wrapped around the front of Jabba's dais (two heads on each side, and four in the front), all of them holding a large metallic ring in their sculpted jaws. While the rings served in both manually moving Jabba's throne and welding a slave girl's chain to the throne, the heads themselves were meant to serve as good luck charms to protect Jabba. In his later years, Jabba would plant himself on his throne due to his immense weight and a desire for mobility. As well as having an armrest, the Hutt's dais was also covered in various rugs and pillows, giving the Hutt's bloated body maximum comfort when he lounged and prevented his slimy skin from chafing against his throne. While Jabba found the rugs and cushions comfortable, his slave girls found them slightly less so, as they were usually stained with the slop that fell from the Hutt's mouth when he ate, as well as the mucous that coated his disgusting body.

Jabba's Perception of his ThroneEdit

Jabba's throne provided everything the Hutt needed to exercise his power over his court. Besides the toilet bowls for him and his slave girl, the dais was outfitted with anti-grav technology that allowed it to move in accordance with the controls on the armrest. The remote on the armrest also contained controls for the trapdoor in front of Jabba's dais, the shock collars for his slave girls, holograms for Jabba's favorite forms of entertainment, as well as granting the Hutt the ability to call any of his servants to him. Connected to the armrest was a bowl containing Jabba's favorite live food: Klatooine paddy frogs drenched in Hutt urine. A hookah pipe could often be found next to Jabba's snackquarium for Jabba to smoke whenever he wished to do so.

When he was aboard his sail barge, Jabba also had a remote that controlled the shutters, lighting, and other features of the interior cabin, as well as a receiver for giving orders to his men.

While Leia was Jabba's slave, she and Salacious Crumb occupied a very small space at the front of the throne while Jabba occupied the rest. Seated on Jabba's throne, the captive princess was a symbol of his power and decadence.
Jabba and his Court Concept Art

Artist's depiction of Jabba in his throne room.

Slave Girls' Pereptions of Jabba's ThroneEdit

New slave girls would often be chained to Jabba's throne if he felt especially aroused by their bodies. He would initiate the new arrivals by stripping them of all their clothing and chaining them naked to the throne to keep them exposed. Throughout this time, the slaves would feel humiliated and shy, and sometimes attempted to cover themselves before the crowd. Even when they were given their costumes, they would hate the cold feeling of stone on their exposed skin, and how Jabba kept them in submissive positions before him to show his dominance.  

Oola's Perception of Jabba's ThroneEdit

Like all of the previous slave girls chained to Jabba's dias, Oola hated being so close to the slobbering gangster. Since she was a dancer, Oola was given a longer chain so that she'd be able to perform for the Hutt whenever he commanded her to do so. While still confined to Jabba's dais, Oola's extended chain allowed her to sit further away from Jabba than what other slave girls were allowed to do. Whenever Jabba kept the Twi'lek girl close to him, Oola was forced to either sit on the greasy rug or dance on the throne itself, while often times feeling the splash of liquid from an agitated paddy frog inside Jabba's snackquarium, the drool from the Hutt's slobbery mouth, or the Hutt's bodily fluids as well as having to endure the sound and smell of Jabba's waste whenever he had to relieve his bowels publicly. Since the throne lacked anything to provide her with warmth should she get cold, Oola would be forced to snuggle up against Jabba's oily skin whenever she wanted to feel something other than the cold, hard stone surface of Jabba's dais.

Leia's Perception of Jabba's ThroneEdit

With her chain welded into one of the rings on the dais, Leia quickly realized that she would be spending the majority of her time on Jabba's throne, even performing some dances on it, and she quickly became familiar with its numerous features. To her disgust, she quickly discovered that the indentations in the throne allowed Jabba to relieve himself publicly, his waste rolling down into a large bowl that spanned the entire throne with the opening situated directly beneath his massive body. Combined with the stench of her master's bodily fluids, Jabba naturally disgusted the refined princess even further with the sounds and stenches he made whenever he relieved his bowels. As the throne was made of a mock-thick stone, it was quite cold to her bare skin even in the Tatooine heat, so Leia avoided contact with it most of the time by laying on pillows provided for her.

Slave Girls Chained to Jabba's ThroneEdit

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