Jabba Makes Leia Drink Up Close

On his sail barge on the way to the Pit of Carkoon, Jabba and his guests had drinks served to them by R2-D2 and other of the Hutt's servants. Jabba had a priceless goblet filled with some sort of green liquid, most likely alcoholic given Jabba's debauched behavior, which he forced Leia to drink.

Jabba's Perception of his CupEdit

Jabba's Cup

Slave Girl's PerceptionEdit

Oola's Reaction to Drinking from the CupEdit

During her enslavement, it is likely Oola was forced to drink from Jabba's cup as well. She would have been forced against Jabba and made to open her mouth, after which Jabba would pour the liquid down her beautiful throat.

Leia's Reaction to Drinking from the CupEdit

Given that the cup was half full and encrusted with Jabba's green saliva, it is likely that Jabba had taken a sip of the beverage before offering it to Leia. For her part, the princess found the Huttese liquor extremely strong and did not enjoy partaking of the drink, as the drool from Jabba's mouth that coated the lip of the glass sullied her lips and tongue. She was also not given a choice as to what she drank, being forced to drink Huttese wine mixed with her master's saliva.

List of Slaves That Used The CupEdit

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