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Jabba handles Oola's leash
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"If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short-circuit!" - C3PO to R2D2

The loathsome gangster Jabba the Hutt became Leia's new master after she attempted to rescue Han Solo, a smuggler who owed Jabba money.

The Mighty Jabba: Physical Strength and PowerEdit

Jabba's Towering Head
Jabba's intimidating reptilian eyes
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Hutts are the largest sentient creatures in the galaxy, and after a lifestyle of feasting and decadence Jabba himself weighed well over a good hefty ton. Most of his weight lay in his bulging belly, which contained many layers of fat and muscle shielding his internal organs from attack. Inside his body, Jabba's strong, massive heart pumped as much blood as half a dozen humans, and its beating was audible to Leia whenever Jabba forced her to lay against his bulk. Very quickly the princess learned to fall asleep to its rhythm. She could sometimes note her master's mood by the speed of his pulse, which increased with the strength of his lust for her.

With a powerful musculature in his massive tail and underside of his belly, Jabba could move on and off of his throne and propel himself. However, as the Hutt was extremely fat and decidedly lazy, he usually preferred to ride on his throne room dais, which possessed repulsorlift technology. Jabba also used his plump tail to intimidate and punish Leia, who quickly learned how strong it was. Leia knew that once Jabba had killed her friends and broken her will, he would ravish her with his thick tail and make her appreciate him.

Jabba licks his lips in anticipation of victory
Picture showing Jabba's reptilian eyes, amphibian nostrils and tongue
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Rising above Jabba's bloated belly was a series of chins which finally expanded to a head at least four times the size of a human's. Jabba's great eyes were orange, segmented, and reptilian. However, his nose, sealed with slimy snot, and his long, scum-coated tongue were amphibian, as were his doughy arms and stubby fingers.

Jabba's Tattooed Hand Holding Leia2
A shot of Jabba and Leia, showing Jabba's clan tattoo on his right arm
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On his left arm Jabba bore a tattoo signifying his membership in the Desiljic Clan, a powerful family of Hutt Lords.

With his massive brain, Jabba boasted superior senses of hearing, smell, taste, and sight. For this reason he was also very sensitive to pleasure, a fact exhibited by his notorious taste for female slaves. Jabba could think three times faster than a human, and extend his attention to three different areas of focus with equal concentration, as long as he remained in control of his emotions, which were also more powerful than a normal human's. The Exalted Hutt was especially known for the violence of his rage and his lust.

Hutts are the longest-living of all sentient beings, sometimes surviving as long as 1000 years. Jabba himself was over 600 years old. The sweat and mucus that covered his skin made his hide resistant to burns, including laser blasts, and he possessed a remarkable immunity to most poisons and diseases, explaining his tremendous lifespan. However, Princess Leia found a way around his natural protections, strangling him with the very chain with which he enslaved her.

Jabba's DietEdit

Jabba fed by slave girl
Jabba is fed by one of his slave girls.
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Like most Hutts, Jabba placed considerable energy into eating and his own weight gain. In Hutt culture, a Hutt's power and status is directly correlated with their obesity and ability to consume vast amounts of food. The more large and corpulent a Hutt becomes, the more respect and recognition they'll receive from their peers. Because of this, Jabba spends just about as much time eating his favorite foods as he does on his criminal dealings or indulging in his slave girls. It is said that Jabba used to consume nine meals a day, but once the Hutt had grown disgustingly bloated, he adopted a liftestyle of perpetual snacking, in which the obese crime lord would always have his food within easy reach. At his current age, the Hutt had become so grossly fat that he had planted his immobile body onto his throne room dais, where he could continue to rule his empire directly and still indulge in his gluttonous ways.

As a Hutt, Jabba preferred the consumption of live food, usually in the form of small amphibious creatures and insects. It is unknown exactly why Jabba preferred these creatures alive when eating them, but it can be surmissed that it is due to the difficulty in poisoning food that has to remain live before the Hutt feeds on it, thereby eliminating some of the assassination attempts on the obese crime lord. It can also be inferred that as Jabba is a particularly sadistic Hutt that the mere act of eating the creatures while they're still alive is a pleasurable experience, that he likes to play with his food, letting the creatures squirm and scream in his mouth. Or it could be that he just enjoys the taste and texture.

In any case, Jabba seems to refer to the squirming fare he calls food as everything from "snacks" to "delicacies" to appetizers, further placing emphasis on the Hutt's perpetual snacking lifestyle. In particular, Jabba's favorite food seems to be Klatooine paddy frogs, slimy, mollusk-like amphibians that the the bloated crime lord seems to enjoy eating on a regular basis. At his side, Jabba keeps a large glass bowl, a "snackquarium" as Hutts call it, filled with the squirming creatures. It is estimated that the bowl is refilled constantly to keep up with the gluttonous gangster's enormous appetite for the frogs. He eats them either by swallowing the squeaking creatures whole or chewing them up slowly to enjoy their taste and texture. Regardless of how they are eaten, the manner in which Jabba eats is considered a disgusting and revolting experience, especially to his slave girls who are in close proximity to the Hutt when he eats, and it usually involves half eaten bits of frog, along with the Hutt's own slimy drool, to spill from his lips and onto his belly

It is under unanimous agreement that Jabba's slave girls find it extremely unpleasant to be around their master when he's eating (This is to say, all the time). They find his live food to be gross and his eating habits even more so. Usually, Jabba requires his girls to be within his immediate vicinity when he eats, most likely because he likes to humiliate them further and disgust them with his mannerisms. The Hutt's stench, combined with trying to avoid the pieces of food and drool that spill from Jabba's mouth, has been enough to make a slave girl faint with revulsion, further pleasing their master in his methods to break them. Indeed, sometimes Jabba may even require these pretty girls to feed him, especially if he's feeling particularly lethargic. The act of grabbing wriggling frogs from the Hutt's food bowl and placing the squealing little morsels into their master's drooling mouth is considered the one of the worst experiencs about being in the service of Jabba, some even argue it's worse than him taking pleasure from them.

Domination and PleasureEdit

An angry Jabba
Jabba's powerful anger...
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Lustful Jabba
...and equally powerful lust.
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Star Wars ESB Infinities 03 - 25
Jabba controls a slave while ordering the capture of one of his enemies.
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With their physical resiliency, incredibly long life spans, and superior senses and intelligence, Hutts generally view themselves as the pinnacle of evolution, and Jabba was no exception. Seeing all bipedal species in the galaxy as inferior, Jabba believed it was the Hutts' destiny to subjugate other peoples. In the past, Hutts had enslaved entire peoples to form their armies, and Jabba himself had many Gammorean, Weequay, and Nikto guards serving him. Jabba was also fond of torturing his slaves and enemies from other species, especially by feeding them to his exotic pets, such as the rancor.

Star Wars ESB Infinities 03 - 24
Jabba executes a prisoner while his slave helpless looks on in horror.
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Jabba particularly loathed Jedi, who often opposed Hutt plans for conquest due to their Force-centered views on equality. Upon capturing Luke Skywalker, he especially relished the opportunity to execute the young Jedi. Because of his great intelligence, Jabba was immune to Luke's Jedi Mind Tricks, allowed him to turn the tables on the surprised Jedi and Leia.

Jabba's Harem Edit

Jabba with a few females from his harem.
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To indulge his taste for sensual pleasure, Jabba was infamous for enslaving attractive females of other species and kept a large harem of slave girls of various species to cater to his needs. This attraction to humanoid women was considered perverse by most other Hutts, some going so far as to call it Jabba a deviant.

Slave Spokeswoman
A Hutt uses a slave girl as translator and spokesperson.
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A large group believed it unworthy of a Hutt of Jabba's status to receive sexual pleasure from lesser species. However, the perverse crime lord would not be denied, and as with many trends, his penchant for enslaving attractive humanoid girls spread throughout Hutt culture like wild fire, with other Hutt crime lords starting their own inter-species harems.

Slave RolesEdit

A Hutt with Twi'lek slave girls.
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Besides being used for pleasure, the females in a Hutt's harem could fill many other roles. Depending on their intelligence, they could serve as a translator or spokesperson for the Hutt with a person who didn't speak Huttese. During negotiations they could then distract whoever the Hutt was dealing with by their beauty. Slaves were often expected to fan, feed, and massage their masters.


The most popular species of slaves in the galaxy was Twi'leks, for two reasons. First, most species found them extremely attractive, especially their headtails and bright, colorful skin. Second, their world was always in chaos, without a strong government place. For this reason it was a prime target for slavers.

A hutt considers buying a lovely twi'lek to add to his harem.
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Some Hutts made it a point to have a slave from as many species as they could. Species that had few members or who were dying out, like the Theelin, were highly prized. Since most human worlds were stable, slaves from this race were also more rare.

Hutt Captives
A Hutt exults over two struggling female captives.
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The most highly prized slaves were powerful individuals on their home worlds. If a Hutt took a world or city into his possession, he was sure to enslave the leaders. Beautiful aristocrats, politicians, and warriors would be immediately added to a Hutt's harem, as a way of humiliating his subjects and demonstrating his power.

Jabba's Mastery of Diva ShaliquaEdit

Jabba's Mastery of ShakkaEdit

Jabba's Mastery of Ann and TannEdit

Jabba's Mastery of MinnaEdit

Jabba's Mastery of OolaEdit

Jabba's Mastery of Tia and GhiaEdit

Jabba's Attempted Mastery of LeiaEdit

Disciplining a PrincessEdit

Leia proved a unique challenge to Jabba's mastery.
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Upon capturing Princess Leia, Jabba immediately set about trying to demolish her will. He first intimidated her with his powerful voice, which overpowered her own, weaker female one. As he leered at Leia, the pupils and irises of his orange reptilian eyes pupils and irises expanded and contracted, bewildering her with their complexity. Taking advantage of her confusion, Jabba licked her in front of his men and plunged his tongue into her mouth, in a repellant alien kiss.

Jabba Disciplines a Gasping Leia
Jabba forces a gasping Leia to submit to him
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Having lived for over 600 years, Jabba was very experienced in controlling slaves, but Leia provided an interesting challenge due to her royal dignity and pride. To break the princess, Jabba had her collared and chained and kept her on a very short tether, not letting her sit at the other end of the throne like he had with Oola. From time to time he would jostle her leash, making its links drag over her back as a reminder of her enslavement. If he sensed her lean away from him, he would tug the chain firmly but gently, returning her to her proper position closely in front of him, where he could stroke her luscious chestnut hair or rub her shoulders and back. When he especially hungered for her touch or wished to demonstrate his power over her, he would jerk the chain, forcing her to fall against his huge, round belly, where her stomach pressed against the Hut. He would then proceed to hassle and molest her with his cold, clammy hands and long, powerful tail.

Eventually, Leia would have become pliant to Jabba's will.
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Jabba found Leia's threats and resistance amusing, but if she spoke too far out of line he would quickly silence her by tugging on her leash and gurgling over her in his deep, awesome voice. When he did allow the princess to talk to him, Jabba insisted that she recognize his superiority by calling him "Master," "Exalted One," or similar titles, just like C-3P0 and his other servants. Leia had no choice but to supplicate herself to the Hutt in both her posture and her words.

If Leia strongly angered him, the Hutt would punish her either by smacking her with his mighty tail or by choking her with her collar until she submitted and begged for release. Leia soon learned how much resistance she could afford to make before she reluctantly had to obey him, so that Jabba almost never had to resort to this final means of controlling her.

Pampering a Slave Edit

Jabba Really Forces Leia to Drink
Jabba teaches Leia to respect him as her master
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Jabba's treatment of Leia was not always so barbaric. He pampered his slave princess by allowing her to lie on huge pillows, and sometimes offered her a drink from his ornate cup. Her costume was also priceless, being made out of gold in many parts. As Jabba's slave, Leia has access to his private harem, which contained bathing pools, fountains, huge soft beds, and other decadent pleasures. Jabba also intended to take her into his luxurious private cabin on his barge after the death of her friends, in order to teach her to appreciate his advances. Unfortunately, Leia was not all that interested in Jabba's idea of "enjoying the pleasure of her company".

Jabba also loved to stroke Leia's bare shoulders with his hand as she lay submissively at his side.

Jabba's DemiseEdit

After an undisclosed amount of time of having Leia as his slave, Jabba thought he had made good progress in breaking the rebellious princess, and looked forward to molesting her. He would thus be shocked by Leia's violent revolt against him on the sail barge during the Battle at the Pit of Carkoon. Leia took advantage of the resulting confusing to take poetic revenge on her captor, strangling him with the chain he had used to make her submit to him. When he had first captured her, Leia had threatened him that he would live to regret it, and she fully kept her word.

Fact File on Jabba's Last Days, Page 2
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