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The details of Jess's bikini and pants.

Jess was one of the courtiers who occupied Jabba's throne room. During the night Oola died, she was seen flirting with Bib Fortuna and fondling his lekku. When Jabba sent Oola into the rancor's pit, she was dragged to the grate by Bib to show her the unfortunate dancer's fate. Secretly, she hoped to leave Jabba's Palace by joining a band.

Arrival of OolaEdit

Jabba the Hutt's PartyEdit

When was hosting a Jess was one of the girls who was their to entertain his guests the human slave danced with the Oola, Yarna and the members of the Max Rebo Band before they played "Lapti Nek" and "Jedi Rocks". During Jabba's party Jess was flirting and talking with Bib. After Oola struggled with Jabba, Jess and Bib joined the rest of the court to watch Oola be devoured.

Leia is Discovered Edit

Immediately after Oola's sudden demise, a crowd began to gather around the entrance to the throne room as a mysterious figure made its way into the room. Bib and Jess were among the crowd as Boushh led a captive Chewbacca to Jabba. As Boushh made his entrance, the crowd began to retreat, with Bib leading Jess away by the hand from the commotion.

As night fell on Jabba's Palace following the successful bargain for Chewbacca, Jess was seen sleeping on Jabba's dais along with Yarna. As the two women slumbered on their master's throne, Boushh silently entered the throne room once more, this time heading towards the frozen Han Solo.

When Leia was captured and given her slave costume, Jess helped her put it on under Bib's supervision. She was also likely one of the women responsible for teaching Leia how to dance erotically for the bloated hutt in that time Jabba had her remove her top and dance for him

Jabba's DeathEdit

Like most of Jabba's slaves, Jess was forced to stay behind when the majority of Jabba's subjects traveled to the Dune Sea to watch Luke's execution at the maw of the sarlacc. When word of Jabba's death reached the palace, Jess assumed that Bib had perished as well. A few days later, Bib arrived back at the palace and began taking the slave girls that aroused him for his own personal collection as other courtiers continued to loot the palace. Jess quickly noticed the pale Twi'lek, and quickly approached him, glad to see that her lover was still alive. After he had finished picking his selection of his former master's subjects and possessions, Bib and Jess left Jabba's Palace to start their new life together.

Jess close21

Jess and Bib together.


Jess was a human woman in Jabba's Palace who was often seen among the courtiers of the palace. Jess had shoulder-length white hair with blue highlights, piercing blue eyes, a toned stomach, and large breasts to complete her striking look.

Jess's OutfitEdit

Jess's costume consisted of a dark red metal bra with straps going up across her breasts to her neck. Below she wore blue harem pants tied with a dark red metal belt, which was locked with a silver circular buckle.

Oola defies Jabba

Jess and Bib (on the right) watch as Oola struggles in vain against Jabba.

Jess on the dais

Jess sleeping on Jabba's dais.

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