Jubnuk tries to climb up the chute moments before his death.

Jubnuk was Jabba's favorite Gammorean guard until his untimely death at the hands of the rancor. Even though Jabba highly regarded Jubnuk for his willingness to perform any task, it was Jubnuk's abnormally huge penis that instantly made him Jabba's favorite. Although rewarded repeatedly by Jabba for his loyalty and strength, Jubnuk's faith in the Hutt was unfounded, and after saving his master from Luke Skywalker's assassination attempt, Jubnuk was fed to the rancor amid a cheering and laughing crowd.


  • Dexterity -- 3D
  • Vibroaxe -- 5D+1
  • Knowledge -- 1D
  • Survival -- 3D
  • Mechanical -- 1D
  • Perception -- 2D
  • Strength -- 4D
  • Brawling -- 6D
  • Stamina -- 6D+2
  • Technical -- 1D


Minna's ArrivalEdit

When Minna arrived, Jubnuk touched her hair before anything else, since it was green and soft. He then proceeded to strip her before the crowd, fonding her female parts as he did so. Once she was fully naked, he stroked her breasts and rubbed his member against her inner legs before handing her to Jabba. This caused the nude girl to gasp and grimace in humiliation. Like Jabba's other personal slave girls, he would often penetrate her in the Gammorean barracks along with the other Gamorreans, causing her great pain.

Diana's Arrival Edit

After Diana was brought to the palace, Jubnuk forced the girl to have sex with him when she was stripped of her clothes. Those who were waiting for there turn after Jubnuk was done got hold and pass around the ripped outfit that Jubnuk tossed in to the crowd this gave them something to do while he enjoying Diana beautiful body.

Diana's DeathEdit

he was sad

Tia and Ghia's ArrivalEdit

When the twin sisters were brought to the palace, Jubnuk forced them both to strip nude and took Tia away to the dungeons, ignoring her cries as Ghia was taken up to the other slave rooms. He then chained the girl to the wall, forcing her legs wide apart.

Tia struggled as he forcibly entered her and then plugged her orifices with dildos, leaving her plugged up and spreadeagled to the dungeon wall. she was left like this for twelve days, struggling as the dildos were constantly replaced with bigger and longer plugs, stretching her anus and vagina to prepare her for the width of the Hutt's tail. Jubnuk then spanked Tia and pulled the plugs out of her body, forcing her to kiss and suckle both of the dildos before using them as clubs on her naked form and forcing them back into her body, locking a chstity belt over her crotch so she could not remove them. He then sent her up to the throne room, still nude, and went to tend to Ghia, who was being tortured by being half-submerged naked in a slowly-filling pit of sticky slime with her arms and legs bound to the bottom of the tub.

He pushed her head under the slime, making her scream and gasp for air. Eventually, she was let back up, but only to have her inhale one last gasp of air before her head went back under the slime. Ghia bubbled and struggled as he wedged a large iron device shaped like a pear into her anus and spread the petals wide apart, locking it into her rear. She screamed and struggled, trying to dislodge the device as her pushed another one ino her vagina, locking it inside of her too. He then let her head back above the water and left her with the pears inside of her for several hours, spreading them wider and wider. The tub was then drained and Ghia was released, with Jubnuk removing both pears and replacing them with vibrators and a chastity belt. She was also sent to the throne room, being made to crawl with her large breasts rubbing on the ground.

The two sisters embraced each other upon seeing each other naked and in pain. Jabba had them chained to him and demaned they be kept naked for another three weeks, wearing nothing but the torture devices they had inside of them and the belts holding them in. Tia and Ghia were on the threshold between pain and pleasure for weeks, having multiple orgasms on a daily basis. After three weeks, they were stripped again and the dildos were removed. They were forced to suck them both and were dressed in their bikini costumes, chained together on Jabba's throne.

Oola's ArrivalEdit

After Bib presented Oola to Jabba as a gift, Jubnuk was the first to grab Oola when the bloated Hutt decided to keep her as his personal slave girl. He ripped off all of her clothing in front of the crowd, using her panties to gag her. With a rough grip and tug, he yanked down on her lekku, making her gasp and making her mouth fly open, flinging the panties from her mouth before he shoved his huge member into her shocked mouth. He gave her pained lekku a second yank to force her into sucking as he moaned with pleasure. The crowd laughed and cheered as the Gamorrean's legs wobbled from a powerful release that forced Oola to swallow with a whimper and stream of tears. Jubnuk redressed himself and hoisted the humiliated slave to her feet, her body trembling as she coughed and whimpered. When the naked Twi'lek mustered enough resolve to move towards Jabba, Jubnuk spanked her bare bottom with an open palm slap. She gasped with a pained lurch, stumbling forward, nearly tripping over her own feet. Whenever Oola disobeyed Jabba, she was punished in this fashion, thoroughly breaking the slave girl's will. Jubnuk would usually make her kiss or lick his penis or dirty anus in worship to it before sitting his crusty buttocks on her face and wiping it on her by rocking on it back and forth, or forcing her to deep throat him, usually in front of other slave girls, curious party guests, or the other Gamorreans.

Jabba's PartyEdit

Jubnuk stayed near Oola at first, groping her and forcing her to lean against him as he shoved his hardened member against the cheeks of her shapely ass. As Jabba and the other guests enjoyed the music and other dancers, Jubnuk forced the helpless Twi'lek to strip naked and perform an impromptu lap dance. Trembling, cold, and desperate not to raise the ire of either Jabba or the guard, Oola did as she was told and sensually grinded her waste against his. By now Jubnuk was fully aroused, and the burning sensation he felt in his loins became too much to bare. He grabbed hold of her chain and gave it a firm tug to drag the dancer onto his lap. With a thrust, he shoved his cock straight up her asshole and grunted with delight as Oola whimpered and begged for him to stop. Jabba, seeing the chain moving, suddenly tugged for Oola's attention, and begrudgingly, Jubnuk allowed Oola to stand. She dressed herself quickly and turned to attend to her master's needs, but not before Jubnuk grabbed her by the collar and whispered his next intentions for her once Jabba had been satisfied. While Oola danced, he watched her half-naked form and cheered when she was killed by the rancor. Before Oola's fate Jubnuk attention moved from the twi'lek to Arica she put a sleeping chemical into his wine goblet so he wouldn't bother her. When Jubnuk finished his wine Arica learned the hard way that she needed a stronger chemical to put a gamorrean to sleep. Arica didn't want want the pig guard guard to have his way with her but she knew the punishment if she refused so the human slave let gamorrean humiliate her she did not like Jubnuk but Arica enjoyed the sex because it was better to be with with something humanoid instead of with disgusting hutt.

Reaction to Oola's ExecutionEdit

Jubnuk was one of the first to rush towards the gate as the green skinned dancer plunged through the trap door. The moment he heard her first terrified screams, the gamorrean guard waddled to the closest above the grate and bent over to watch the show. From the trapdoor's stone slide, the twi'lek sputtered onto the sandy dungeon floor and scrambled to her feet. Her body shook with fear as the realization of where she now found herself met the eyes of the onlookers above, Jubnuk included. Confused and afraid, she searched the crowd for some kind stranger to intercede on her behalf, to remind Jabba of all the pleasure she had given him during the countless sleepless nights she had endured at the treacherous palace. The laughter and ridicule of the party, however, echoed the Hutt crimelord's own chortled of amusement. Everyone was eager for the next part of the show to begin. From the darkness of the pit, a giant metal door screeched with the sound of rusty gears churning to raise it. The helpless dancer gasped and stumbled backwards in surprise. From his vantage point at the viewing grate, Jubnuk leaned closer to get one last look at the beautiful slave. Her honed and sculpted feet fumbled backwards, toes curling and trembling along the rest of her body. Her legs stumbled as her knees trembled, supple thighs jiggling with the terror that filled her. From behind her thin fishnet dancing costume, the nipples of her shapely breasts protruded out from the netting and jiggled with every panicked breath she took. Her succulent lips parted with a whimper when the low rumbling sounds of growls boomed from what lay beyond the door. Her lekku dangled against the muscles in her tense back. She knew she was about to die.

Jubnuk watching Oola's final moments

Jubnuk moaned to himself at how beautiful the last moments of the slave were. What defiance and grace she maintained as a dancer were replaced with the crying and whimpering of a helpless pet begging for a master to save her. He licked his jowls as the rancor took its first steps from beyond the large door and strode into view of the onlookers. Oola let out one long scream as the claws of the beast wrapped around her and squeezed the dancer into a tight grip. The monster's fingers wrapped around her waist and tore through her flimsy fishnet costume. She clawed at the titan's grip, but the rancor was unmoved and lifted the fearful twi'lek from the floor. The nubile dancer continued to kick and tear at the fingers of the beast to no avail. As the top half of the dancer's body sailed into the mouth of the rancor, Jubnuk took one last look at the slave's face. Any courage she had was gone, replaced by a contorted look of fear with a stream of tears that streaked down her smooth green skin. For a moment, just before her head entered the mouth of the beast, Oola's eyes met with Jubnuk's one last time. Jubnuk responded by waving his axe at the dancer with a chortle of laughter. The twi'lek plunged into the mouth of the beast. Her screams were muffled. With a crunch, the rancor bit down. A spray of blood shot from the spasming body of the dancer. Her stomach caved inward under the pressure of the rancor's bite, blood rolling down the monster's chin. With its second bite, the slave's once beautiful body went limp. The crowd cheered as the beast slowly devoured her piece by piece, slurping her down until the last tips of her toes vanished into the darkness of the monster's throat. Jubnuk moaned with ecstasy at the erotic death of his favorite slave, pants ruined from a full ejaculation at the climax of the death. He licked his lips and clutched his hardened cock with a groan of pure bliss. He would be needing a change of clothes.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

The gamorrean did not enter in the deadly sport but he did enjoy it with the rest of the hutt's minions. Jubnuk and the court mocked the human Corellian Malakili when he lost. When the rebel twins Tia and Ghia were entered into the race after being replaced as Jabba's favorite slaves by Oola Jubnuk was excited about the two slaves being forced against their will into the demolition derby. Before the death race started Jubnuk decided to have some fun with them the gamorrean guard fondled them and stroked team the crowd laughed at the two humans when they moaned from pleasure.

Leia's ArrivalEdit

Jubnuk had the privilege of being one of the guards who brought a struggling Leia up to Jabba when she was first captured. Jubnuk pressed the princess against the Hutt as Jabba licked and kissed her with his slimy tongue. As Jabba savored his new captive, Jubnuk firmly pressed the huge bulge in his pants against Leia's rear, heightening his own lust for the princess as he used the opportunity to let her know what he planned to do with her when Jabba would let him have a turn. His long fingers gripped the princess' shoulders, his mind imagining what it would feel like to touch the princess' soft, well-pampered skin. He looked forward to the moment when Leia disobeyed Jabba, his thoughts accelerating with ways to make her his. Enjoying Leia's disgust, Jabba declared to the crowd that she would become his newest slave girl, much to Leia's dismay. Of course, being Jabba's slave meant that Leia needed to wear the proper attire. When Jabba ordered Jubnuk to dress the princess for him, Jubnuk ripped away every scrap of Leia's clothes greedily, ignoring the princess' kicks as he exposed her naked form. Before she was dressed in her new slave outfit, Jubnuk wasted no time in groping and fondling the naked princess in front of everyone. As much as he'd like to take things further, he knew that Jabba got to violate the princess first, so the Gamorrean simply settled on dry-humping Leia in front of the crowd as he continued to molest the princess. Once Leia had been outfitted in her new slave outfit, Jubnuk led her back to her new master, still groping her along the way.


Later, Jubnuk would prevent Luke from shooting Jabba with a pistol, but was accidentally sent plunging into the rancor pit behind the young jedi. Luke and Jubnuk struggled in front of the enraged Hutt as the Gamorrean wrestled the jedi's aim away from Jabba. Jabba's fist slammed against a button, opening the hidden trapdoor beneath Luke's feet. In a split second, Luke plunged through the hole in the floor, his newly-acquired pistol firing a single shot into the ceiling as he fell. A blinding flash of light followed by a rain of sparks made Jubnuk wince. As the jedi fell, the Gamorrean's awkward position on the lip of the trapdoor sent his feet slipping off the sides of the trapdoor and close to the darkness of the pit below. He attempted to balance himself by waving his arms, but the move proved futile, his body teetering towards the abyss. Unable to find a way to keep his balance, Jubnuk shouted and slumped forward, his body buckling towards the small chasm. As he fell, the Gamorrean caught himself on the edge of his master's dais, precariously stabilizing himself in a standard push up position with his feet planted firmly against the edges of the trapdoor. Using all the strength in his upper body, his hands pushed against the edge of the throne in an attempt to push himself to safety. Jubnuk's strong arms trembled as they struggled to hold, but the guard's massive girth proved too heavy for him to hold. He squealed as he felt his knees tremble and the soles of his sandals slide against the edge of the trapdoor, bringing him closer to his inevitable slip into the abyss. His flexed feet tried stabilizing the soles of his sandals against the sides of the trap, but the cheap leather footwear failed to provide meaningful traction. Jubnuk's heels slipped downward towards the pit below as his strength faltered by the second, unable to continue the struggle for much longer. His voice quivering alongside his muscles, the Gamorrean squealed for someone to pull him away from the trapdoor. The party, however, ignored the cries for help in order to find prime viewing spots for the jedi's execution. A few of the party guests snickered at the guard's predicament and eagerly watched the Gamorrean's struggle against his inevitable fall. Fear gripped Jubnuk's mind as he raced through all of his remaining options in the few milliseconds he had left before his strength completely failed him.


Luke and Jubnuk fall into the rancor pit.

Desperate, Jubnuk reached a hand towards Jabba in hopes his master would reward him for his loyalty, his welling eyes looking pleadingly towards the Hutt. Jubnuk grunted and tried whispering pleas for mercy, but Jabba merely laughed, Salacious Crumb joining in. Jubnuk mustered a single whimper before his knees buckled downward. His soles slipped from the lip of the trapdoor. Jubnuk had enough time to gasp before he began to fall. A moment of realization settled into Jubnuk's dull mind as he fell into the dark pit below: No one had batted an eye to his pleas for help. Not a single person in the entire throne room paused to even consider the Gamorrean's fate. Worse still was the sound of laughter coming from the corners of the throne room, the sickening realization that to them, his life was just another course of entertainment. An approaching guard stepped quickly towards the throne, eyes looking straight in Jubnuk's direction. As his body plummeted into the abyss, Jubnuk flung his hand towards the approaching guard in hopes the guard could catch it and pull him to safety. For a moment, the guard looked as though he wanted to help the Gamorrean, his pace quickening. Perhaps this was the one who cared, Jubnuk reasoned, the one who valued the Gamorrean's service and continued life in Jabba's service. He wanted to live. He wanted someone to help him. He wanted to believe that someone cared, but the mysterious man averted his gaze and ran towards Jabba's slave, Leia, instead. With a mournful squeal, Jubnuk sailed down the chute after Luke.

Jabba roared with laughter at the guard's misfortune, delighted that the execution was receiving an extra helping of entertainment. He shouted in triumph as his throne advanced towards the exposed grating, keeping a frightened Leia on a short leash. To show her how powerful he was, Jabba placed his strong, thick tail against her body and chortled as he thought of more ways to molest the new slave...

Rancor eats a Gamorrean guard

Rancor eats a Gamorrean guard

Inside the chute, Jubnuk screamed in fear. He put both hands against the walls of the chute, trying to brace himself inside the slick, stone slide, but could only find smooth rock and finger-sized grooves cut deep from other unfortunate victims with the same idea. The pig tried digging the tips of his fingers against the sides of the chute to slow his momentum, but like all the rest, found nothing but the hard surface that cut his skin. He planted his cheap leather sandals against the slick chute in hopes his leverage could slow his descent, but as he reached the bottom, he could only squeal and whimper as the open trap door came into view.

The grate leading into to the pit opened and spit both Luke and the Gamorrean onto the sandy floor. While Luke caught himself and rolled to his feet, Jubnuk tumbled to the sandy floor in a floundering heap of terror. Dizzy, he waddled to his feet and looked back towards the closed grate. His nostrils flared with a nervous snort, the sight and sounds of the pit finally registering the danger he found himself in. He reasoned that perhaps Jabba would wait and see if the guard would finish the job before the rancor was unleashed. He prayed and hoped beyond all reason that his boss would give him the time he needed to execute the jedi knight. His knees trembled, thighs throbbing from the rough slide down to the pit. His thick rear end burned from the friction, thin cloth underwear doing nothing to protect his tender cheeks.

The sandy pit smelled of sweat and desperation, reminding Jubnuk greatly of the scents found in the slave quarters. Smells that greatly aroused the doomed guard. To his humiliation, Jubnuk felt his member grow hard in his pants - prompting the courtiers above to hoot and cheer. He tried to hide his shame by looking away from the crowd, but the audience hooted louder. Jabba chortled and mocked the guard's embarassment. As the dark pit's monstrous, metal door screeched open, revealing a large silhouette, Jubnuk's body trembled as a familiar growl echoed from behind the rising door. His heart sunk when he realized Jabba would not spare him. The form of the rancor slowly emerged from the shadows, its ravenous eyes looking greedily upon the jedi knight and unfortunate pig guard. Jubnuk took two steps backwards, the horrifying outline of the creature becoming clear. He trembled, body shaking with fear. He looked up to the spectators and cried out for someone to help him.

The party above heckled the two victims with a relentless string of insults and cheering. The jedi's eyes widened with the appearance of the large beast, but unlike Jubnuk, he kept his composure and remained quiet, taking a few steps back to avoid drawing the beast's attention. Jubnuk could hardly contain himself. Desperate, the frightened guard reached towards the onlookers, pleading for mercy to all who could hear him. A couple of onlookers smiled and waved a mocking goodbye towards the Gamorrean before spitting through the grate. A putrid mixture of snot and spit smacked against Jubnuk's face and forehead, running into his eyes, causing him to flinch and yelp. He whimpered as he wiped the spit from his face, and once again looked towards his master in hopes that Jabba would rescue him from a grisly fate. Jabba laughed and licked his lips as the other onlookers cheered. Jubnuk's eyes swelled with tears that he fought to choke back. The thought of Oola came to mind, her lithe and nubile body unable to win any mercy from the hutt. He compated his own body, lacking any qualities the hutt found attractive, thick and meaty as opposed to slender and curved. There was no hope to find.

The rancor roared proudly as it stood in front of the fresh meat. It sniffed the air, the scent of flesh making it salivate. While the jedi knight stepped back quietly, Jubnuk continued to squeal for mercy. Realizing his cries fell on deaf ears, the guard fled towards the now barred chute and pleaded for someone to open the hatch. Distracted by the pitiful sounds, the rancor's attention turned towards Jubnuk. The Gammorrean desperately pulled at the metal bars, yanking and tugging with all the strength he could muster. His mind raced with thoughts on how to escape his grisly fate, but the Gamorrean found only the approaching doom from the rumbling footsteps of Jabba's towering beast as it boomed nearer. He climbed against the grate's slide to pull himself off the floor and closer to the exit. His powerful thighs kicked helplessly against the slick stone beneath him as his feet tried to find traction on the incline. The surface of the exit made any escape attempts that the Gamorrean tried futile. Time and time again, Jubnuk's quaking body slipped back into the pit.

Above, the atmosphere had erupted into madness. Inspired by the previous hecklers, more courtiers began to mock and spit at the Gamorrean below. The entire room howled with excitement as the show began. Jabba and his audience cheered the rancor's slow march towards the terrified Jubnuk, who looked up towards the court with pleas for mercy one last time. The other Gammoreans laughed at the shameful display, grateful to finally see the end of the master's so-called "favorite." With Jubnuk out of the way, the guards felt confident that they could earn the master's favor, giving them access to whichever slave girls Bib and Jabba had finished with. The various slave girls around Jabba's palace whispered in delight upon hearing Jubnuk's pleas and squeals for mercy, each of them slowly inching their way closer to the grate see his violent end.

Jubnuk whimpered and fought back his fear as he turned to face the approaching beast. The grim realization before his fall once again reminded him that not a single person in the room upstairs cared about his life. He thought about the people who claimed to respect him and the loyalty he had given in service of Jabba. Hearing Jabba's laughter extinguished any sense of hope he could still manage. The gate was closed, sealing off the chute and any chance Jubnuk had at survival. He realized far too late that Jabba's insatiable lust for pleasure would always dwarf any sense of loyalty he felt towards his men. The hutt wanted entertainment more than he did the loyalty of a single guard. The truth had finally sunk in. In his despair, Jubnuk's resolve broke. He let himself cry. He cried for how little he could do to save his own life. He cried for his own foolishness for trusting Jabba's good graces. Most of all, Jubnuk cried for his own foolishness in believing that anyone in Jabba's courtroom cared what happened to him. Instead, despair and fear took over as the rancor approached. The giant monster loomed over the terrified Gamorrean. Jubnuk struggled against the chute and gazed into the monster's eyes. He looked and felt ridiculous next to the towering beast. His tears fell on the deaf ears of the heartless crowd above and the ravenous beast in front. The jedi, however, felt a small amount of pity for the struggling Gamorrean, but stood motionless in the shadows of the pit, preparing for what was to come after the rancor's first meal.


Jubnuk is devoured.

The gigantic beast reached a clawed hand towards the Gamorrean, who could only raise both hands above his head. The beast caught Jubnuk between its claws and squeezed the guard tightly. Gnarled flesh curled around Jubnuk's muscular form, sharp claws cutting through the leather armor and tightening as it pulled the victim away from the grate. His feet scraped across the rock and sand as the rancor pulled him away from the chute. Jubnuk gasped as the rancor's grip continued tightening around him, gradually forcing the air out of his lungs. With what strength he had left, Jubnuk pulled at the rancor's fingers and kicked his legs wildly, praying that his efforts could somehow loosen the death grip the rancor locked him in. Jubnuk squealed as the ground grew further and further away. He coughed from the tightened grip of the beast and struggled to get free, trying his hardest to take a deep breath between his screams. With renewed desperation, Jubnuk's long fingers wrapped around a claw of the beast and pulled desperately against its grip. The ends of the rancor's claws tightened against the victim's struggle, digging into Jubnuk's green skin like a row of sharpened daggers. The talons dug deep into the Gamorran's flesh, causing it to ooze with fresh blood beneath the torn layer of leather armor. Jubnuk cringed and felt a fresh river of tears run down his face, wailing in pain and wiggling desperately in the hand of the rancor. The talons penetrated deep into the guard's sides and made every desperate flail the guard tried that much more painful. The monster's mouth opened wide, revealing a bloody tongue and rows of sharp, white teeth stained with the blood and flesh of past meals. The rancid breath blasted the Gamorrean in waves of pungent smells, causing him to gasp and cry helplessly. Jubnuk's legs kicked frantically as a last attempt to loosen the beast's grip, but the beast ignored him, moving the Gamorrean closer to its open maw. His toes flexed and curled wildly as he tried to shift himself to safety. Try as he might to save himself, Jubnuk could do nothing but watch his slimy, wet demise approach in agonizing slow motion. Tears flowed down his jowls, his body trembling for what would happen next. Above, hecklers taunted the unfortunate guard as his helpless body sailed towards its doom. His eyes scanned the crowd in his naive hope that at least one person was interceeding for his life as he sailed towards his doom. The faces of the crowd, no matter how hard he looked, only laughed at his fate. His entire body shuddered, hands reaching up towards the top of his head in an attempt to shield himself from the oncoming teeth. He closed his eyes and braced for what followed. At first the guard felt a wave of warmth wash through his body as the sound of the monster's breathing grew louder. Next, Jubnuk felt the back of his neck touch against the slimy surface of the rancor's tongue. Shocked by the sudden slimy sensation running through his spine, the Gamorrean opened his eyes.

Jubnuk is eaten by the rancor.

The roof of the rancor's mouth bit down. The monster's teeth plunged into the Gamorrean's body, cutting deep into the layers of fresh Gamorrean flesh. The pain surged through Jubnuk's body with a sudden, agonizing force. Blood oozed from the Gamorrean's body; the rancor slurped it down with a lick of the tender Gamorrean meat. Jubnuk's powerful, muscular thighs struggled one last time to push him free. His legs kicked and twitched before his lower extremities sharply fell numb. A cacaphony of cracking noises helped Jubnuk feel every bone throughout his body snap one by one. Any sound he could make was muffled by the closed maw of the rancor's bite. He tried to take in a final breath, but the rancor's sharp teeth shattered his rib cage, turning his lungs into something that resembled a bloody pincushion. Blood erupted from the guard's mouth as he tried breathing, eyes fluttering as he began losing consciousness. The rancor opened his mouth to take a second bite, giving the guard one last sight of the merciless crowd above. Jubnuk squeaked a final whimper of fear as tears mixed with the gore that now covered his face. He took one last hazy sight down the rancor's bottomless gullet. His hands limply tried to push the roof of the rancor's mouth away from his broken body, whimpers and tears calling for a miracle to save him. Any miracle.

The rancor bit down. Jubnuk's body instantly went limp as the rancor's second bite crunched and killed what was left of him. The guard's meaty, thick legs convulsed and twitched in spasms as they were sucked into the monster's mouth. The tips of his toes were devoured last, his body breaking into pieces as one arm caught itself between the rancor's mighty rows of teeth. The limp arm hung motionless from the rancor's mouth as the beast sucked the rest of Jubnuk's lifeless body down its throat. The rancor savored what was left of the dead Gamorrean as it took a third bite, the Gamorrean's arm still flopping out of the rancor's maw like a broken chew toy. With a slurp, the rancor sucked in the last sign of Jubnuk before turning to face the horrified jedi knight.

As Jubnuk was slowly savored by the rancor, the courtiers cheered. Pleased by the violent scene below, they quickly climaxed, their seed erupting onto the grating, filling the throne room with their putrid stench. Salacious Crumb chuckled as he watched the rancor finish off the unfortunate guard with each crunching bite. Jubnuk's shouts of agony overexcited Jabba, who raised his left hand in a sign of triumph. Jabba was proud of his beast, and as the Gamorrean pleaded for mercy, the hutt licked his lips and savored the sight of the cowering guard's muscled thighs being hoisted to the grate, covered in saliva, glistening and showing off the husky pig's tender cheeks. By looking in the pit, he also saw Leia, almost naked, exciting him as much as the Jubnuk's pleas for mercy. He saw her shoulders bare, her supple breasts and her beautiful back. He started to stroke her buttocks with his enormous tail to show her his power. Leia, already terrified by the violent entertainment, could only watch as she noticed Jabba's tail eagerly slither towards her and begin to stroke her thigh. As a thick white substance dripped from the grating and into the pit, Jabba's tail slipped underneath Leia's skirt and began to move against the tender crevice between her legs. Aroused by the feeling of Leia's womanhood against his tail, Jabba reached down, and easily undid the straps for her bra, causing it to fall onto the throne in front of Leia. As Jabba looked down on Leia's exposed breasts, his tail became hard and firm; ready to once again abuse the young woman in the worst ways imaginable. He looked away from her only to watch the Gamorrean's last pleas for mercy before being devoured. The hutt moaned as he watched the Gamorrean's muscles tense and harden in their last spasms of life, blood dripping from the maw of the rancor. As the tips of the pig's toes slid into the rancor's mouth, the hutt yanked the slave's chain and savored the scent of blood in the air.

In the end, no one mourned Jubnuk nor gave any thoughts to his passing. Not even Jabba cared for the Gamorrean's fate, despite Jubnuk's staunch loyalty and selfless sacrifice. Like so many other victims of the rancor, Jubnuk's demise was met only by cheers and self-gratification, his violent death just another piece of erotic entertainment.


As one of Jabba's guards, Jubnuk's main purpose was to oversee protection of Jabba and his guests. However, he also served the gangster in other ways, the most depraved of which was the punishment of Jabba's slave girls. When Jabba's girls were disobedient, Jabba would give the slave over to Jubnuk and the other Gamorreans. Once the girl was stripped of all of her clothing and restrained, Jubnuk had the naked slave beaten in front of the audience chamber to humiliate and punish them. Jubnuk always oversaw the job, mostly due to the unusual restraint he was capable of. Jabba didn't want any unattractive bruises on his lovely girls' skin, so careful beatings were always necessary, which was something Jubnuk acceled at. Due to his large penis, he was often used to torment slave girls in highly sexual manners, usually involving rape and humiliation.

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Jubnuk and Oola.

Slave EnforcementEdit

Oola suffered the most at Jubnuk's hands due to her constant rebuffs of Jabba's advances. The Twi'lek girl constantly refused to submit to her master even after the Gamorreans' repeated beatings, which eventually earned her an even more sadistic punishment: a night in the Gamorrean barracks with Jubnuk, his guards and Bib Fortuna. The Gamorreans argued over who got first turn with the helpless Twi'lek slave, but it was always Jubnuk who eventually took the honor while Fortuna watched. Pulling rank over the others and threatening to beat any guard who said otherwise, Jubnuk initiated the poor slave's breaking, forcing her to strip naked in front of the men and beating and spanking her several times, before finally raping her several times and urinating on her . Only after Jubnuk had finished did he allow the rest of the guards and later Bib Fortuna to take their turn, shocking the slave when she realized Jubnuk's turn was merely the opening act. Her horrified screams echoed through the barracks those nights amid the Gamorreans' grunts and squeals of pleasure, nurturing the Gamorrean to dream of even more sensual methods of breaking the slave.

Jubnuk was one of the first to rush to the viewing of Oola's demise. Tumbling into the pit, the slave looked up towards the stage in hopes that someone would be interceding for her salvation, only to find the lustful eyes of her spiteful torturer. Jubnuk snorted with delight when he spotted the Twi'lek's gaze, pointing down towards her with a long finger. Oola looked at him first with contempt, but then with a pleading look of mercy. Although his lust for her continued to rise, Jubnuk responded with only a deep chuckle and shook his finger at the stressed girl.

The large metal door of the rancor pit opened, and Oola turned to face her destiny with a terrified scream of fear. Like the rest of the court, Jubnuk found it hard to control himself when the Twi'lek's screams screeched through the courtroom. The massive bulge in the Gamorrean's pants released and grew wet with pleasure, his eyes turning to the other slaves in Jabba's court while the young Twi'lek's legs were slurped into the rancor's stomach. Although slightly remorseful that his favorite toy had been thrown away, Jubnuk was more than willing to settle for the many other slave girls in Jabba's palace.

Leia never felt Jubnuk's fists, much to his dismay. The princess played along with Jabba for the most part, and was careful to never raise the Hutt's ire. Although she never did anything to rouse Jabba's anger, Jabba would often give Leia over to Jubnuk and the other Gamorreans whenever he or Bib weren't using her. Jubnuk would then forcibly strip Leia of her costume, and make her kneel before him before making her worship and suck on his penis. She would then be subjected to rape and sexual tortures involving public nudity, forced masturbation, and molestation in front of the guests. Although being used as a sexual plaything by Jubnuk wasn't nearly as painful as Jabba or Bib was, those nights were still extremely unpleasant for her.