Leia's Boots

During her time serving Jabba, Leia wore some peanut-coloured skin shoes, which were slightly elevated. The shoes were made from the hide of a jerba and outlined with a fancy gold design to represent her status as a princess, like the rest of her golden costume.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba loved his new slave's bare feet, but felt that as a princess, Leia should not soil them unnecessarily. He had a pair of boots made for her from the skin of a Jerba, a luxury leather used in many fancy types of clothes. The skin of a beast of burden was meant to symbolize Leia's place as a pet on a chain, to be subservient to her master's every whim.

Leia's PerceptionEdit

Leia didn't like wearing her boots as she felt they were too cumbersome and fancy. Leia preferred a simpler design, and especially hated how well they went with the costume. They did not provide any traction either, making it easy for Jabba to pull her close to his bulk whenever he wanted to. She was thankful, though, both for that the boots provided exellent protection from the Tattooine heat and that Jabba did not force her to go around his palace in her bare feet, which would have only felt worse.

She was not given any panties or any other undergarments in general to wear underneath her skirt veils, so it would have only increased her sensation of bareness and vulnerability to go barefoot with nothing on her feet while her vagina and butt were uncovered. Leia's bare feet and bare soles would have also become dirty with no boots, which would not be fitting for a princess, and would become the source of mocking from Jabba and his men. Without boots, she would have had been made to point her bare toes all the time, causing her dirty bare soles to wrinkle.