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Jabba Strokes Leia's Back

A view of Leia's bra from the front

Leia's bra consisted of a gold and brass brassiere fastened over the neck and behind the back with elastic strings to restrain her ample breasts. There was also a pair of rigid gold clamps underneath the cups of her top, which acted as a harness to keep the brasserie in place over her chest.

The sinuous design on the bra cups, like the relief on her skirt plates, was curious but had an explanation. The pure gold material represented her royal status as a princess, while the winding pattern referred to the feminine curves of her body, especially her breasts, which the bra was meant to barely conceal and accentuate.

Leia Presses Up to Jabba

The back of Leia's bra

The bra was fastened with thin but strong elastic strings rather than straps, to expose as much of Leia's shoulders and back as possible for Jabba to caress with his eager, groping hands or lick the exposed skin in a grotesque parody of a kiss. These thin strings allowed Jabba could rip away her Leia's bra when she resisted him. This would not only humiliate Leia as her breasts would be exposed before the crowd, but it would arouse Jabba by revealing her beautiful breasts for his viewing pleasure.

Bib Fortuna’s Perception Edit

Bin loved Leia’s inadequately-sized brassiere. Not only did the bra make Leia’s breasts look full and firm all day, but the bra was also easy for him to remove. Whenever Leia was far enough away from Jabba or when he had the crime lord's permission, Bib would be sure to unfasten Leia’s bra and molest her bare bosom in many humiliating ways. He would often pull back on the straps to let them snap back onto Leia's back, as well as molesting her breasts and slapping them with his hands, making Leia feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Leia's perception of the metal braEdit

As a conservative princess with little regard for showing off her curvaceous physique, Leia was mortified that the top of her slave costume was little more than a horribly uncomfortable variant of a wonder bra, designed to push her already sizable, firm breasts upwards and accentuate their shape and size, further inciting the perverse desires of her obese master.

Not only did the top give Leia a fantastically formed cleavage and make her seem more voluptuous, but it also left her back, shoulders, and stomach completely bare, ensuring that Jabba would have easy access to most of her body at all times. There was no padding beneath the cups, leaving nothing but cold metal over her nipples. This would make them go erect, which was very uncomfortable for the enslaved princess as the cups would rub against them and make them more sensitive.

The fact that the brassiere was fastened with string also made it easy for the Hutt to remove her top when he wanted to feel her bare breasts against his oily skin or taste them with his slimy tongue. The bra was also held tightly against her body with rigid gold bands under the brass cups, to the point where it felt more like an uncomfortable metal harness for her breasts. All of these things made Leia absolutely loathe her skimpy top. But Leia was a little thankful. It at least covered her areolas and half of her breasts. Although she was almost completely naked, her body wasn't fully bare, which was something she would never be able to endure for very long.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba was pleased with his newest slave's bust size, something he loved in his female slaves. He had the brasserie designed so that it would accentuate her breasts and raise them upwards, making them seem even larger for his viewing pleasure. It was also very simple to remove, making it easy for him to enjoy the taste and feel of his personal concubine's breasts. He would often rub the exposed tops of her breasts and dip his fingers between her mounds, much to his pleasure. He would often strip her of it completely, sometimes refusing to give it back for a few days while he touched and licked her large breasts. This would humiliate Leia and make her easier to control as she hated being topless in public, especially before males.