While serving Jabba as his slave, Leia wore two bracelets as part of her slave girl outfit. The first was a snake-like one which she wore on her right arm. The snake is also the symbol of rebirth because of its apparent ability to be rejuvenated through the shedding of its skin, also which holds the meaning of symbol of life throwing away the past and continuing to live, which is what Leia had to endure living a new life as Jabba's slave.

The second was an armlet with a hole in the middle, representing her status as a sexual object to be penetrated. They were both golden to match her slave outfit. Their being made of gold and their shapes--which carried certain significance in Huttese culture--also marked Leia out as different from Jabba's other slaves. That is, they declared her royal status as a princess, a fact which only made Jabba's mastery of her all the more impressive.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba put the bracelets on Leia to accentuate her thin arms and decorate her body for his own pleasure, adding a bracelet with a hole in it to symbolize her status as a sex object. He put the snakelike one on her left arm to show she was a prisoner of a superior race, his own. He would often keep these bands and her collar as the only things on her body whenever she was stripped nude, to show her status even in full nudity. 

Leia's PerceptionEdit

Leia also disliked the upper arm band as it resembled a snake which was a symbol of rebirth and favorite slave to Jabba, the second was an armlet with a hole in the middle which carried significance in the Huttese culture and also.

Though they were made of gold, Leia despised her bracelets. They displayed her status as the Hutt's royal pleasure slave and a former princess. Leia never been a fan of jewelry, but as Jabba's slave she hated it much more. Also, the strange and uncomfortable nature of her bracelet adorning her wrist and especially the looped, ornate golden arm band she wore gave her a feeling that she was some treasure to be shown off to adorn the Hutt's throne and to proclaim his power. As she got a closer look at all of her jewelry, she despised how the arm band resembled a snake, which served to remind her of her master's physiology, especially his tail which often 'snaked' its way inside of her during her time as Jabba's pet human.

Close Up Of Leia's Collar, Bracelet, Bra

The snake-like bracelet

Slave costume photo shoot, red couch

The armlet bracelet and another view of the wound one.