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Leia's breasts were Jabba's favorite fantasy. To emphasize them, he forced her to wear a light bra held by strings that forced them upwards. Jabba loved humanoid females and more particularly the human women. Leia was the last one to undergo the slavery of Hutt, and although her breasts were not large, they were perfectly round and firm. She also had firm, large breasts for Jabba's groping hands.

Jabba often forced his slave girl to remove her bra, usually in public. Whenever she was bare-breasted her nipples, which he made sure to pierce with gold rings, would harden from the cold, making him more aroused. When Jabba retained Leia prisoner with him on his throne, she was a trophy. From time to time, he pulled at her chain and crossed his hand coiled under her bra to caress her delicate and soft breasts.

Leia's first night on Jabba's throne Edit

At night of her capture, Leia was humbled by Jabba in front of his courtiers. She was finally able to settle down in front of Hutt, against her tail to try to sleep. Jabba and its court also commented to sleep after an evening of debauchery … But Jabba had "been chaste": he had made undress and dance Leia, he had not raped her in front of everybody. Because they had stayed up all night to surprise Leia, and Jabba had decided to watch her dance for a bit, Jabba and his court were exhausted and eventually drifted off to sleep, yet Jabba remained somewhat awake to further appreciate his new slave.

After a few hours, Leia had fallen asleep, but Jabba woke up slowly. He bent and saw Leia lengthened against his fat stomach. Everybody slept and he fired at the chain of his new slave to wake her. Leia raised eyes and lives the perverse look of Jabba. "Hello Princess" says Jabba. Leia recovered to speak, but Jabba interrupted her. "Don't wake nobody here my beautiful, or your friends will be eaten…"

Leia obeyed and remained silent. Jabba still fired at the chain to put her up in front of him. "Come near me Leia…" She tried to avoid any contact with the Hutt, but with the chain he was very pressing.

She was in some centimeter of the face of Hutt that looked at her with the eyes of reptile. Jabba was in seventh heaven to be able to have Leia just for him as personal slave. Very quietly, he made her a dribbling kiss with his sticky tongue. Leia was disgusted by the smell and felt the tail of Hutt winding around one of her barelegged. Jabba laughed at it and tried to affect(touch) the princess. "And now Leia, I'm going to see your royal breast…" he says.

"Oh no !" She answered in suffocating a shout. Leia wanted to put his hands to prevent Jabba from touching her, but he prevented her from it by using of voucher arguments. "I am going to ask to Captain Solo to join us to eat him…" Leia did not have the choice, she had to be passive, in spite of the disgust which she felt for Hutt.

The bra was very easy to remove. He just held with very fine threads and in a few seconds, Jabba could admire Leia's beautiful breasts. He licked his lips and pulled on Leia's leash insistently. She closed her eyes in abhorennce and then glared back backwards without turning her head. Soon she would take her revenge on him, she told herself.

But Leia was chained and Jabba abused of her with lust … "Beautiful breast! Beautiful tits!" He says to Leia and kissing her once again with his thick tongue. Her ordeal was not finished because Jabba looked only at its breasts. But he saw that the tits of his slave were hard because of the cold, him wanted to touch Leia

With his free hand, Jabba took her a breast and felt it firmly. Leia began to moan: "stop that!". But Jabba took her its other breast to touch up it even more hardly. "Princess, now I am your new lover!" says Jabba. Leia also felt that the big tail of Hutt squeezed her even more hardly her leg. She wore only a slender tissue and skirt plates on her female reproductive organs and was afraid that Jabba rapes her immediately. She wanted to move back, but chains her whom she had around the neck prevented her from it.

"When we shall be alone, I will make you discover new pleasures…" says Jabba when he sees Leia's breasts. Very quietly, he still took out his tongue and licked him nipples. Leia made a face of disgust. She says to himself that other girls before her had undergone such a treatment and had become the sexual slaves for Jabba. She expected to be raped, but Jabba released her and authorized her to put back its bra.

"That is good my princess! I am sure that you will be a good slave" says Jabba and Leia took back immediately her bra to put back on her. "You will regret what you made me!" She Answered. "I am sure! Soon you will discover my power..." answered Jabba who still looked at her with his wriggling tail. Leia put on her the bra very quickly under the perverse eyes of Jabba. He looked her with envy and especially when she adjusted her breasts in the beautiful underwear, which was almost too small for her. It had for consequence to enlarge her breast and to put them forward to excite better the males of the court of Jabba and well on very Jabba…

Leia felt herself all over, testing the feel of her only form of coverage. It felt rigid, uncomfortable, like her body was held in a golden prison that served to restrain her and adorn her most desired features with treasures. The was so tight it thrust her medium-sized breasts upwards more than she was comfortable with, and it only covered half of them, leaving the tops exposed, but thankfully, not her nipples.

Jabba always retained her with the chain. Jabba utilized whatever resources he had at his disposal to make sure the princess was reduced from a proud and strong royal to a submissive sex slave. He made install his slave in front of him, against the stomach for night. While he had abused of the princess, nobody had woken up and he had been able to enjoy her calmly. "Now sleep my beautiful. Tomorrow we have a big day and I would need some entertainment..." he tells Leia.

Jabba then moved his hand down to her shoulder and began to stroke her bare arm and the soft hair on her head. Too exhausted to resist, Leia tried to ignore Jabba. The slow rhythm of Jabba's breathing lulled the princess to sleep more quickly than she expected, and within a few minutes she too was unconscious. Leia's virgin womanhood was left exposed under the skirts and Jabba's tail slowly moved against it, pressing into it just the slightest bit. The Hutt smiled as a digusted and exhausted groan emitted from Leia's throat. Withdrawing his hand, Jabba allowed sleep to take him as well. Even asleep, however, the Hutt's complex brain continued to work out business plans and schemes, as well as plans for the Princess.

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