the princess's soft sexy breasts

Leia's Breasts Edit


Leia breasts were medium sized pert, firmed from physical activity and very attractive to males. Jabba was immediately attracted to her bosom, and forced her to wear a gold brasserie to enhance them.

How Jabba used her Breast. Edit

Upon gazing on his new slave's breasts, Jabba had many plans for them. During his business dealings he would strip Leia of the gold brasserie as a symbol of dominance to impress his guests. For Jabbas own pleasure, he would squeeze and molest them with his stubby fingers and slimy tongue around the areolas, hardening the nipples and bringing Leia unwanted arousal. Later in the evening, Jabba would force Leia to massage his bloated mass using her breasts after they had a massage cream infused with a Hutt aphrodisiac further arousing Jabba.


Leia's Perception Edit

Leia was aware of the attractiveness of her breasts, especially to males. She did not like wearing clothing that enhanced them and usually preferred to either wear a modest brasserie that supported her breasts healthily or just not wear a bra at all. Because of this, being forced to wear a bra that not only thrust her breasts upwards for a male's viewing pleasure, but was also obscenely uncomfortable due to it's absence of padding. Occasionally, she would be deprived of her bra in public, which humiliated her.

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