Jabba Licks Leia

Jabba makes his first advance on the captive princess

Although Princess Leia had successfuly freed Han Solo from carbonite, she and her lover were immediately captured by the wizened Jabba the Hutt, who had seen through her disguise as the bounty hunter Boussh.

As Jabba's guards dragged Solo off to the dungeon, Lando Calrissian attempted to lead Leia away too, not wanting the princess to have to suffer Jabba's attentions. However, during his one-sided conversation with Solo the Hutt had already gotten a good look at the princess, who glared at him as he insulted and threatened the smuggler. Jabba was immediately allured by her spirit and beauty, and could immediately sense her royal pride as a princess. At once he desired to enjoy her beauty, take his pleasure from her, and reduce her from a strong rebel princess to his personal slave.

Leia glares at Jabba, who taunts Han

Leia glares at the Hutt, inciting his lust

When the Hutt Empire had controlled a large portion of the galaxy, centuries before the Republic, Hutts would often take the rulers of subjugated worlds into slavery, in order to demonstrate their power and break the spirit of the people. Leia's world, Jabba knew, had been destroyed years ago by the current Imperial Empire. However, she was still a princess--famously known as the last one of Alderaan. She was also one of the most prominent leaders of a Rebellion that had caused the Emperor so much trouble. By taking this strong-willed warrior princess into his harem, Jabba would signify his power and a return to ancient Hutt ideals. And then, of course, there was the simple matter of her beauty and strength, which enticed him and demanded his mastery. As he considered all these things, the Exalted Hutt began to positively drool over his prize.
Leia hears Jabba call for her

The princess hears the deep, powerful voice of the Hutt calling for her

Lando gripped Leia's arm and attempted to lead her away. Suddenly, they heard the gangster slug's booming voice: "Stop! Bring her to me."
Jabba orders Leia brought to him

Jabba calls for Leia to be brought before him

Lando hesitated, dreading what was coming next. Leia, however, in a credit to her inner strength, simply whispered a quick assurance to him: "I'll be alright."

Leia is dragged to Jabba

A Gamorrean takes Leia from Lando and begins to bring her before Jabab

"I'm not so sure," Lando surreptiously replied, before a heavy Gamorrean guard succeeded him in bringing the rebel princess before Tatoinne's loathsome monarch.

Jabba's appreciation of Leia's charming features deepened as she was brought closer before him, struggling all the way. Watching her resist her inevitable meeting with him he groaned deeply, relishing the opportunity to tame such beauty and fierceness.

Leia is pushed into Jabba

Jabba leers at the feisty princess as she struggles and threatens him

Crossing the final few feet seperating her from the Hutt's throne, Leia muttered a quick threat: "We have powerful friends. You're going to regret this." The words did not come out as strongly as she had wished. She hadn't noticed before how truly massive he was, especially his head. His orange eyes in particular were incredible in size and bewildering in their reptilian complexity, as both his pupils and irises expanded and contracted in pleasure at the sight of her. Leia quickly found that she could not maintain eye contact with the Hutt for long before she began to feel weakened by his vast, piercing gaze, but she also found it incredibly difficult to look away once he had locked eyes with her, losing herself in their orange gleaming. Thus, by the time she was brought onto his throne she was quite limp, allowing the Gamorrean behind her to shove her rudely into the Hutt's tremendous girth.
Jabba mocks Leia's threat

Jabba responds sarcastically to the princess's threat, overpowering her with his commanding voice

Jabba's stretched his left hand around her waist and placed it commandingly on her hip. Then he drew her even closer to himself, until their faces were mere inches apart, her belly and chest pressed against his snake-like skin. Only after he had again locked her eyes with his and noticed her weaken did he respond to her threat.

Leia awaits Jabba's advance

Leia stares helpless into the Hutt's penetrating, reptilian gaze, bracing herself for the worst

"Oh, I'm sure. But in the meantime I will thoroughly enjoy the pleasue of your company."

Fingers clutching at her hip and side, he took in her scent through his flaring nostrils and then breathed out his appreciation through his hideous maw: " princess."

Jabba Pulls Leia Closer and Offers her his tongue

Jabba offers his tongue to Leia while gripping her hip

Wasting little time, Jabba poked his fat, dripping tongue out to Leia, offering her a beastly kiss. Horrified, Leia turned away, pushing her hands against his snake-like skin and moaning in disgust. However, Jabba's hold around her waist and hip was surprisingly strong, so that she found she could not propel herself from the Hutt's abhorrent affections. Although a Hutt's body appear to be mostly fat, she knew that they were actually quite muscular underneath, especially in their abdomen, which had to support their massive heads and power their locomotion. But it was the great strength of his stubby arms that she hadn't counted on. Utterly helpless now, she suffered Jabba's slow lick across her neck and earlobe.
Jabba Puts His Slimy Tongue on Leia

Jabba licks Leia with his slime-covered tongue

"Oh, I can't bear to watch," C-3PO said, watching the Hutt's amorous display. He then hid behind the three-eyed alien, Ree-yees--still to be haunted by the sounds of the Hutt's ministrations and Leia's moans.

Denied the taste of the princess's mouth, Jabba was still satisfied by a good beginning to his advances. Keeping his one hand on her hip, he took her chin in his other hand and gently but firmly turned her to face him. He smiled as he saw her that her eyes were sealed shut, the desperation evident on her face. Offering her his tongue again, he lingeringly slopped it over her mouth as Salacious Crumb, his court jester, laughed at the princess's misfortune. Leia kept her lips as tightly closed as her eyes, refusing to let the Hutt's foul member defile the inside of her mouth.

But Jabba's hunger for the princess would not be denied. Gently but firmly again he squeezed her cheeks with his fingers until her mouth opened, groaning in surrender. His tongue rose from her neck where it had strayed, slobbered up her chin, and then plunged through her full red lips.

Now Jabba's eyes closed tightly, as he finally relished the taste of her fresh mouth. His strong amphibian tongue easily dominated her weaker mammalian one, then expanded its conquest to her curious ivory teeth. With her mouth full of the strange, bitter taste of the Hutt's saliva, Leia felt the first inklings of slave conciousness enter her mind. As her knees buckled and her resilience began to give way to the Hutt's gross assault, Leia still managed to store away some of her inner strength, for her to access when Luke arrived. Until then, she decided to put up with this slimepot as best she could. For she knew (having studied Hutt culture herself) that he would respect her royal status enough not to ravish her until he had broken her will completely. And this would never happen as long as her friends were alive.

Jabba Extends his Tongue to Leia

Jabba withdraws his tongue from its conquest of Leia's fresh mouth

As Jabba's strong tongue finally ceased its exploration of her mouth, Leia began to steel herself for the slavery she knew Jabba intended to submit her to. She swore that, contrary to their original plan, she would kill the Hutt Lord herself as soon as Luke had assured the safety of the others. Fully hiding away her resolve now, the princess gazed again into the awesome eyes of her new master, and--with a quiet dignity only a princess could possess--awaited his first command.

Night of Passion

Night of Passion