Leia's chain was attached to a loop on the collar around her neck and held by Jabba.

Unlike Oola's Leash, Leia's consisted of chain links as opposed to the rope-like texture of her predecessor.

The chain was originally very long until broken by R2-D2.
Leia's chain

A close-up of Leia's chain

Jabba used the chain to prevent Leia's escape and also to control her. By tugging on the chain from time to time he reminded Leia of his mastery over her. Ironically, she would eventually use the chain to strangle the Hutt Lord to death.

After R2-D2 freed her, half of her chain was still attached to her collar, a reminder of the slavery she had escaped from.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba utilized whatever resources he had at his disposal to make sure the princess was reduced from a proud and strong royal to a submissive sex slave. When she was forcibly disrobed in front of his audience, the collar was the first thing to go on to her slender and sexy body, and the only thing she was allowed to wear. It not only accentuated her neck, but to attach the leash as well. He then kept her chained to his throne for over a week to keep her under his control and show everyone around that she was his slave, as she would not choose to be naked in public, which thoroughly humiliated the princess and kept her shy and silent. It allowed her to be pulled close to him while she was kept naked for the next week, giving him total control of her nude form. When her golden bikini was given to her, he relished the control The leash gave over her now-more-attractive body, using the leash to his advantage so that he could taste her newly-perfumed skin. Although, this chain was also the source of his demise by the angry and humiliated princess.  

After what happened with Oola, Jabba figured he had to keep his slaves on a shorter leash from that point on. Little did he know that it would also be his undoing.

Leia's Perception of her Chain.Edit

Leia hated her chain the most out of all of her whole costume, along with her collar, as it gave Jabba complete control over her by keeping her on a short metal tether letting Leia go as far away from Jabba on the throne as the chain would allow. Leia hated the fact that Jabba would tug hard on the chain and force Leia to obey Jabba's commands and make her choke for air. Leia hated the cold chain against her naked back, along with Jabba's constant tugging, and yanking keeping her close as possible to make the scantily clad princess not to stray far from him, especially on the sail barge. If she ever resisted a yank, he would follow up her newfound courage with an even harder yank, forcing her to either run towards him, or force her back against his bloated belly. Leia was repulsed most when Jabba choked her as she had to gasp for air in pain. She was always annoyed when Jabba played with the chain, reminding her of her place as his slave. Jabba loved seeing the half naked princess in pain from his tugs and yanks of her chain, Along with her collar, this showed everybody the proud princess was now a pet to the Great Jabba the Hutt. She also hated feeling the cold chain against her naked back when she slept, as it would often move causing her to make her self comfortable adjusting her self accordance to the chain.

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