Leia Against Jabba

Detail showing how the chain attached to the collar

Whilst serving as Jabba's slave Leia wore a gold-plated collar to match her gold bikini.

The collar had a loop extension where a chain could be attached. The collar itself was padded and was specifically made to fit snugly around the princess's stately neck. Even when Jabba wasn't pulling her chain, Leia could still feel the collar around her neck. The collar's constant presence helped instill a slave consciousness in the defiant princess. The collar showed ownership that Jabba had of Leia, and also symbolized the solemnizing of Leia and Jabba's relationship as master and slave similar to that of marriage. The collar's constant presence helped instill a slave consciousness in the defiant princes

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba's slave girls were commonly held with a collar, but this collar in particular had a special meaning to it. He had it made out of hardened durasteel with a pure gold coating, representing her royal status. The collar was also made to resemble a wedding ring, symbolizing Leia's bond to him and solemnizing it like marriage. It was also made to be a support for her head if she let it fall, symbolically supporting her royal posture. Also, the collar made it easier to make her have sex with him, since he could pull the nearly-naked princess close to him whenever he wanted and manipulate her body for his visual and physical pleasure.

Leia's Perception of her CollarEdit

Leia hated all of her slave costume, but she despised her collar most. Not only did it allow Jabba to use his chain to control her every movement, it also symbolized her status as the pet and trophy to the powerful crime lord. Coupled with his habit of choking her for disobedience, she hated the fact that the collar dug into her throat and that it was so tight on her neck. When Jabba pulled her collar hard, she tried to stop it from choke her with her hands, leaving her body free for Jabba to touch and fondle. Jabba would often pull the chain and collar hard, forcing Leia to lay on the Hutt's stomach. When Jabba was really angry, he would grab her chain and hoist her up off the dais. When that happened, the whole room would go quiet and there would only be deep, guttural choking and strangling sounds that Leia would make from her throat. Her body would twitch and her skirt veils would shift back and forth, exposing her as she choked. Leia couldn't stop herself from making the choking noises in the silent room while everybody watched her, and losing her dignity.