Whilst serving as Jabba's slave, Leia was forced to wear two round gold earrings and a generous amount of makeup, in addition to her slave outfit.

Beautifying a Slave PrincessEdit

Leia's EarringsEdit

The gold earrings, like the rest of the princess's slave costume, proclaimed her royal status. They had curious triangular shapes that met on the bottom, designed to look like the claws of a Manka cat of Alderaan. Jabba enjoyed the way they graced her ears and stately neck.

Leia's Beautiful Face

Another close up of Leia's makeup and earrings.

Leia's Make-upEdit

Leia's make-up included dark red lipstick on her pouting lips, mascara and eyeliner on her eyelashes, plus a bluish eyeshadow, and plenty of blush on her cheeks, all emphasizing her feminine beauty and sensuality for Jabba's enjoyment.

Leia's Self-Awareness Edit

When Leia was a princess on Alderaan, she was often dolled up for state events. But since joining the Rebellion, she rarely wore earrings and used just enough makeup to make her look professional, embracing a more warrior-like persona. Ironically, then, Jabba returned her somewhat to her past appearance and life as a princess by having her made up in the aforementioned ways. She used this fact to her advantage as much as she could, adopting a royal poise and maintaining a beautiful dignity in order to show that she was not intimidated. This regal and misplaced confidence had a more undesired effect, however as it allured the Hutt even more to his pretty human plaything on his throne.

Leia's PerceptionEdit

Like everything else, Leia disliked her make-up and earrings, as they made her look like a slut to the mighty Jabba. Forced to wear them, Leia hated her make-up and earrings even more than when she was dressed up for state events while princess of Alderaan, because her current state of undress and excess of makeup on her face was reminiscent of a prostitute's manner of dressing when she was attempting to woo a male. She also despised how petite and immature her makeup made her look, as if she were a young girl playing at being a woman. Although she tried to maintain a regal poise on the throne, her makeup still made her seem simply like a well-trained slutty slave girl, willing and able to please her master.

Jabba's perception Edit

Jabba wanted Leia to look her sexiest for his pleasure, and forced her to wear the makeup and earrings for him. The earrings were designed to look like the claws of a Manka cat, a now-extinct species native to Alderaan, much like how Leia was the last royal member from Alderaan. They also resembled his tail, penetrating another of her orifices, in this case her ears. The earrings signified Leia's rarity and he enjoyed the way they looked on Leia. He enjoyed the idea of violating a virgin Princess, and as such he forced her to wear semi-permanent makeup that made her look younger and more innocent. By contrast, the eyeshadow was molded after a prostitute's makeup, to further humiliate Leia. He loved seeing the proud Princess reduced to looking like an immature girl, or worse yet, a whore trying to attract a male.