Close Up of Leia's Hair Clips, Chain, and Bra Wires

Leia's hair clips

During her time as Jabba's slave Leia was forced to wear a golden metal bikini. Part of this outfit consisted of two crown-shaped golden hair clips which had her hair in a rather large bun. The curved points of the hair clips that bound her hair were like extensions of the Hutt's hands and fingers maintaining their hold on captive princess. The round bolts on the hair clips further signified that Leia was Jabba's prisoner, as they made the hair clips seem even more like manacles.Furthermore the hair clips resembled a crown showcasing Leia's status as a princess.

Leia's PerceptionEdit

The clips were hated by Leia. Due to their nature of keeping her hair prisoner reminding her of her new place, these clips often displeased Leia.