Joining together Leia's skirt plates and veils were hip fasteners, loops of gold which formed an open oval to represent spread vaginal lips, providing a tantalizing view of Leia's flanks and alerting watchers to the fact that she had no underwear on underneath her skirt veils.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba had the skirts made for Leia so they could show off her long legs and make her seem more sexy and elegant. He loved the way they swirled between her hips and shins when she walked and danced, making her seem like a goddess of lust and pleasure. He forbid her from wearing anything underneath them, both to make her easy to control since her lack of underwear would make her self-conscious for fear of exposing her most sacred body parts, and so he could easily grope her or penetrate her with his tail. The clips holding them together were built with holes in them, to show the fact she was not wearing anything under the skirts to cover her vagina and rear. They were made to be easy to unclip, so as to expose her before his men, to humiliate the proud princess, or to molest her publicly. 

Leia's PerceptionEdit

Leia disliked her hip fasteners for the generous view of her bare hips that they provided. Leia often had to adjust the fasteners because they were a bit loose, and her skirt plates would slowly slide down her hips as she moved. This would threaten to expose her vaginal area. In the back, the top of the crease of her bare butt would start to show. The fasteners were designed to alert observers that she wore nothing at all underneath her skirts, a fact shown by the open loops. They could also be unclipped to expose her completely to everyone around her. This would humiliate the princess as her lack of panties would become apparent to anyone watching her, exposing her to derision and jeering.  


Right gold hip fastener

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Left gold hip fastener.