A Beautiful and Haughty Princess Edit

Physical Appearance : Although athletic and hardened from years of training and fighting in the Rebellion, Leia still possessed great feminine beauty. Despite her short height, her legs were proportionately long and muscular. Above her slim waist her tummy was tight and flat, with rock hard abs. yet soft and smooth with an attractive bellybutton, and her young skin was still milky and tender. A captivating neck stood on top of her smooth shoulders and beautifully curving back. She also had firm, pert breasts, perfectly sized for Jabba's groping hands.

Continuing upwards, the princess's face was most lovely, featuring deep brown eyes, smooth skin, a regal nose and forehead, and full, pouting lips enclosing an alluring mouth--all surrounded by dark brown hair that reached down to her stomach.

With all her charms, Leia drew the attention of most males she encountered, including Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian...and Jabba the Hutt, to her chagrin.

Personality: Leia had a strong intellect and forceful personality, having accomplished much in her youth. She was notoriously stubborn and could be quite haughty at times when faced with someone who challenged her authority or tried to intimidate her. She was also very resilient, not even weeping upon the destruction of her home planet Alderaan. Upon being captured by Jabba, Leia immediately insulted him, then constantly sought ways to challenge his mastery despite the Hutt's greater physical strength. Leia was also quite intelligent and aware, waiting for an opportunity to turn on her Hutt master.

Princess Leia had been a strong proponent for the Rebel Alliance, the youngest Senator ever of the Galactic Empire at eighteen standard years of age, and a member of the Royal Family of Alderaan. However, Jabba brought her down from these heights, attempting to reign in her strength for his own pleasure. With the entire galaxy at war, Leia hated to be detained by the vile gangster.


Leia's Sexual Awakening & Enslavement Edit

Stw6 slaveleia 70-2

Once revealed to be a woman and enslaved by Jabba, Leia is only valued for her appearance. The only thing Jabba can place on Leia is her beauty as he turns her into his sex slave. She has nothing to say as a slave because Jabba expects nothing out of her except to be scantly-clad and silent, and only values Leia's beauty.

Jabba saw Leia as nothing more than sex object. Once he caught her and Han she looses all control and forced into a life of slavery. Leia did not choose to wear the slave outfit; it was Jabba that forced her in minimally dressed as possible and in one of the most humiliating things he could do to her. Leia was a strong woman and to place her in this outfit showcasing her as his prize was pretty detrimental to her self-respect. But you could also see that she sublimated reaction to that of an emotional and sexual awakening.

Having been captured by Jabba against her will. She had become a woman along with having a sexual awaking with her body being on display but in captivity . Her only duty is to serve him as her slave girl, and as a women her only role is to be silent and stay in a submissive position on the dais, as Jabba sees Leia only for her beauty and to display it as she is a slave and nothing more. Transfigured from liberator to captive, Leia is shown nearly naked, wearing nothing but a gold bikini and choker metal collar. Jabba holds Leia by this collar with a chain attached to it, forcing her to recline in front of him, at times pulling her tightly against his belly while he strokes her, a luscious prize subject to the rapacious appetite of her captor. Leia despised that she was put on display, and her focal point is her form, and not her function as a rebel leader instead as Jabba sees her for only her beauty. Leia is seen as a model of control – more specifically, as a model of the disciplined body. Leia illustrated to everyone that saw her what follows from "chaining the body," Reading the image of her thin body as a kind of text in code, her ideal form is shown to be the consequence of constraining desire, that Jabba desires of her.

An Outfit Worthy For a Princess Edit


Introduction Edit

The bikini-style outfit consisted of leather boots, two golden bracelets, hair fasteners, burgundy veils that were attached to two skirt plates, and a brass brassiere fastened over the neck and behind the back with a thin string. The veils were made of lashaa silk, a luxury cloth that was used in fine clothing. The leather boots were made from jerba hide, a Tatooine beast of burden. From the time of her capture to the battle over the Great Pit of Carkoon where she finally killed her repulsive master, Leia was forced to wear the revealing outfit, keeping Jabba the Hutt constantly aroused. Like other scantily-clad dancers previously in his service, the imprisoned Leia was forced to lay before Jabba, kept in place by a chain held by the hutt. Jabba kept her in this submissive position in front of all his subjects and henchmen as a means of humiliating the princess. However, Leia would later use the same chain that enslaved her to strangle Jabba the Hutt to death.

Extended cut Leia slave embrace

Extended cut Leia slave embrace

Leia's whole costume was made from the finest materials that Hutt owned her bikini, the veils/skirts, the gold in the costume, the bracelets, the boots, the earrings, the jewellery and the makeup. The outfit symbolized she was a slave woman but it also symbolized status as royalty unlike Oola's netting Leia's outfit was more modest Oola's symbolized she was a cheap prostitute, a slave, a whore and a slut.

Leia's Perception Edit

Princess Leia was obviously humiliated and disgusted that she would have to wear the outfit Jabba had picked out for her, as it demonstrated an early submission to his power and authority over her as her new master. The bikini-like qualities of the outfit were designed to show off her body to the Hutt and his guests. While the gold material and overall look of the outfit reminded everyone that even though this girl had once been a princess, she was now the property of Jabba the Hutt, and Jabba's favorite slave girl.

HQ Picture of Fisher's Slave Shoot

Since Leia did not choose to wear the outfit, she was embracing her future as a sex slave to Jabba. Due to its nature in bringing attention to the curves of her body and her flat stomach, it constantly reminded her that she was the fat Hutt's pleasure slave, a thought that revolted her. The bra and skirt plates were not lined, and she was forbidden to wear any panties under the skirts under threat of public torture, leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed, and extremely susceptible to the cold. This would cause her vagina to go numb as the metal plate pressed against it, making her feel very uncomfortable. However, she preferred wearing the outfit over wearing nothing but empty air, her only other option as his slave girl.  

Leia's Bra Edit

Jabba Strokes Leia's Back

Front view of Leia's Bra

Leia's bra consisted of a gold and brass brassiere fastened over the neck and behind the back with elastic strings to restrain her ample breasts. There was also a pair of rigid gold clamps underneath the cups of her top, which acted as a harness to keep the brasserie in place over her chest.The sinuous design on the bra cups, like the relief on her skirt plates, was curious but had an explanation. The pure gold material represented her royal status as a princess, while the winding pattern referred to the feminine curves of her body, especially her breasts, which the bra was meant to barely conceal and accentuate them. The bra was fastened with thin but strong elastic strings rather than straps, to expose as much of Leia's shoulders and back as possible for Jabba to caress with his eager, groping hands.


Back of Leia's bra

Leia's perception of her bra Edit

As a conservative princess with little regard for showing off her curvaceous physique, Leia was mortified that her top was little more than a horribly uncomfortable variant of a wonder bra, designed to push her already large and firm breasts upwards and accentuate their shape and size, further inciting the perverse desires of her obese master. Not only did the top give Leia a fantastically formed cleavage and make her seem more voluptuous, but it also left her back, shoulders, and stomach completely bare, ensuring that Jabba would have easy access to her body at all times. There was no padding beneath the cups, leaving nothing but cold metal over her nipples. This would make them go erect, which was very uncomfortable for the enslaved princess as the cups would rub against them and make them more sensitive.

She knew Hutts were well known for the way they dressed their slaves to enhance their appearance, and made her look like a whore, but the new outfit Leia wore... its only purpose was to expose every inch of her beauty. As a conservative princess with little regard for showing off her curvaceous physique, Leia hated that the cups of the gold brassiere it didn't comfort her as it covered her firm nipples exposing her firm hard breasts showing off her boobs. The brassiere left her back, shoulders, stomach, and even her upper curves of her hips completely exposed, while also exposing her birthmark on her lower right back, as a pair of very thin floss black strings ran across her back in an X shape that you could barley see from a long distance making it appear as is she has no strings, from her shoulders to under the opposite arm, holding her micro nipple cups in place that created her top in place, and was a little loose, but likely that was the idea.

Leia loathed the bra, but she disliked feeling her naked skin against Jabba's body, even more, especially her breasts. So, despite the fact that the bra left her back and stomach bare to press her warm, soft mammalian flesh uncomfortably against the rough, bumpy, reptilian flesh of her master, she was grateful that it at it gave her some protection from feeling that sensation on her sensitive breasts as well from what the cups just covered which was nothing more than her breast nipples. Leia hated the fact that the bra cups covers her nipples while covering a little of her breasts from what the size of the cups covered that the two thin strings attached to it left her back completely exposed. This left her having to feel the cold air at night and Jabba's rough body against her soft skin, along with Jabba, Salacious, his henchmen, guests and also feeling Bib Fortuna's hand on her naked back forcing her against Jabba's belly.

Leia hated that Jabba's men and guests would feel her soft naked back, and with their finger circle around her birthmark on her lower back. Because the bra cups if you can call it that just covering her nipples was made out of metal with no padding or other material to insulate her breasts inside the cups, her breasts were always uncomfortable as they always were in contact with the cold, hard, metal from the two bra cups that covers her nipples. The coldness of the metal also ensured that her nipples were almost always standing erect against the inside of her metal bra, leading to much discomfort on the part of Leia. Her bra also expose her breasts, which made her uncomfortable as the bottoms of her breasts were often pinched between the metal frame of her bra and were exposed to the cool air of the throne room.

There was no padding beneath the cups, leaving nothing but cold metal over her nipples. This would make them go erect, which was very uncomfortable for the enslaved princess as the cups would rub against them and make them more sensitive.

The fact that the brassiere was fastened with string also made it easy for the Hutt to remove her top when he wanted to feel her bare breasts against his oily skin or taste them with his slimy tongue. The bra was also held tightly against her body with rigid gold bands under the brass cups, to the point where it felt more like an uncomfortable gold harness for her breasts. All of these things made Leia absolutely loathe her skimpy top. But Leia was a little thankful. It at least covered her nipples and half of her breasts. Although she was almost completely naked, her body wasn't fully bare, which was something she could not stand for.


The fact that the brassiere was fastened with string also made it easy for the Hutt to remove her top when he wanted to feel her bare breasts against his oily skin or taste them with his slimy tongue. The bra was also held tightly against her body with rigid gold bands under the brass cups, to the point where it felt more like an uncomfortable gold harness for her breasts. All of these things made Leia absolutely loathe her skimpy top. But Leia was a little thankful. It at least covered her nipples and half of her breasts. Although she was almost completely naked, her body wasn't fully bare, which was something she could not stand for.

Leia's Skirt Plates Edit


The front face of Leia's gold bikini etched to resemble a uterus and ovaries.

The lower piece of Leia's slave bikini consisted of gold crescent-shaped plates suspended by hip fasteners around her waist. Suspended from the plates were luxurious, red flowing silk skirts which draped to her ankles. The plates were intricately etched with a depiction of the interior female reproductive organs, including the uterus, ovaries, endometrium, cervix, vagina, fallopian tubes and lastly, a hymen, to show her purity and virginity.

The crescent moon shape of the plates was symbolic of the human menstrual cycle, since a crescent moon only occurs once a month, which is very much like a woman's menstrual period. While the front plate concealed Leia's womanhood, the design symbolically exposed her deeper than her vulva. For Jabba, this represented her femininity and her complete availability to the Hutt master.

Butt Plate

The back plate of her bikini had a similar design. Although it was shaped to conform to Leia's butt, she found it very uncomfortable to sit upon.

Leia's Perception of her Skirt Plates Edit

As a royal woman, Leia was raised in a socially conservative atmosphere in which a princess was demure by nature. Wearing gold plates etched with depictions of her ovaries and uterus humiliated her. Leia hated her skirt plates, both for what they didn't cover and what they symbolized. Leia disgusted by the plates as they had the design of a woman's anatomy engraved on them; it was a symbol of her femininity, as well as her royal status. She also hated feeling the cold metal plates rubbing against her nakedness underneath. The idea of wearing an outfit with a uterus and ovaries on it was embarrassing to her because they symbolized her status as a virgin and her female fertility, and the idea of wearing an outfit with a uterus and ovaries on it was embarrassing to her because they symbolized her status as a virgin by displaying a hymen showing she was untouched by a male and ovaries showing her female fertility, which was important to many females of many species. As a conservative royal, this humiliated her beyond words. The two ideas displayed right over her vagina embarrassed her, since it displayed a very private fact about her as a woman that would normally be hidden from view, even with stark nudity.

Front Skirt Plate

Salacious gazes upon his master's newest prize, where Leia's front skirt plate entices him.

The plates also left her sides exposed, baring her flanks for all to see. This exposed more of Leia to the world than she was comfortable with, as not only her breasts, stomach, back and legs were exposed, but now the supple cheeks of her butt and smooth curve of her waist and hips were also bared for all to see. The rigidness of her skirt plates meant that while she was moving, there was no way to ensure that the skirt plates did not slip out of line and expose part of her even more, which often gave the throne room even more of a view of her nether regions than she was already comfortable giving. (see Leia's Skirts).

Leia's Skirts Edit

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While Leia was Jabba's slave a part of her slave costume was red flowing veils attached to the front and back of the gold plates. The veils were made of Lashaa silk. The color purople symbolized her female sexuality, from her pouting lips to the estrous cycle itself. There was also no under covering, leaving her vagina and butt uncovered except for the skirt.

Leia's Perception of her Skirts Edit


Front View of Leia's Skirt

The most embarrassing aspect of all, however, were the skirts, or...was it even enough to constitute such a word? The lower piece consisted of two gold triangular crescent moon Chastity plates covering her crotch that hung suspended just slightly below her pelvis and only an inch of her ass crack, which were joined together by hip fasteners, made of two separate parts of loops on each of her hips made of gold which formed and open oval, providing a tantalizing view of Leia's flanks which were a bit loose. Leia found it absurd that Jabba had such an expensive outfit made especially for her. Leia did not like the design on the front plate, which portrayed a uterus and ovaries, while it only covered her crotch. It was as if the very thing meant to conceal her nudity symbolically exposed her for all to see.


Leia's skirts flutter as she runs

The outfit was uncomfortable. The purple Lashaa silk flowed to just her ankles. Resembling a split-skirt, they didn't conceal anything but hung in between her inner legs, but exposing her legs at the same time the rear silk skirt exposed butt cheeks. Leia wore nothing underneath, leaving her exposed underneath, with only the silks being her coverage covering only the ultimate regions of her womanhood, not leaving any privacy down the centers of her legs on either side. The sensation of bareness was overwhelming to the young, conservative princess. She could always tell if the skirts were betraying her modesty as they covered very little no matter what even when reclining, the silk might slip to the side and her ass crack would show as her bare butt would be fully exposed which didn't help and with her vagina peeking out from between, as he had to have the front skirt in front at all times.


Back view of Leia's skirt

Leia despised the silks as it did not give her any modesty while she was leashed to Jabba's throne. She was not allowed to wear any underwear beneath the thin lashaa silks leaving her rear and genitals exposed. The fabrics often shifted or slid to the side, making it difficult for Leia to move around without exposing her bareness. She spent much of her time on the throne making sure the skirts covered her rear and vagina, as well as worrying about how she would control them once she moved around as that's all they covered . Leia disliked Jabba's tail as it would go beneath the silk skirts caressing her naked butt cheeks and womanhood, especially when she was asleep, and at time Jabba's tail would move her rear silk skirt on his tail leaving her rear completely exposed leaving anyone near her to see. Moreover, Leia did not like that she wore nothing underneath the skirts as Jabba had easy access to violate her whenever he wanted. She despised the lashaa silks when standing because walking around in her outfi exposed her bare womanly parts and her butt cheeks for everyone to see.

Leia's Hip Fasteners Edit

Joining together Leia's skirt plates and veils were hip fasteners, loops of gold which formed an open oval to represent spread vaginal lips, providing a tantalizing view of Leia's flanks and alerting watchers to the fact that she had no underwear on underneath her skirt veils.


Right gold hip fastener

Whitear1139 copy

Left gold hip fastener

Leia's Perception of her Hip Fastners Edit

Leia disliked her hip fasteners for the generous view of her bare hips that they provided. Leia often had to adjust the fasteners because they were a bit loose, and her skirt plates would slowly slide down her hips as she moved. This would threaten to expose her vaginal area. In the back, the top of the crease of her bare butt would start to show. The fasteners were designed to alert observers that she wore nothing at all underneath her skirts, a fact shown by the open loops. They could also be unclipped to expose her completely to everyone around her. This would humiliate the princess as her lack of panties would become apparent to anyone watching her, exposing her to derision and jeering.     

Leia adjusts hip fasteners

Leia adjust her Hip Fasteners

Leia's Bracelets Edit

Slave Leia Shoot with Chain

snake-like one which she wore on her right arm.

While serving Jabba as his slave, Leia wore two bracelets as part of her slave girl outfit. The first was a snake-like one which she wore on her left arm. The snake is also the symbol of rebirth because of its apparent ability to be rejuvenated through the shedding of its skin, also which holds the meaning of symbol of life throwing away the past and continuing to live, which is what Leia had to endure living a new life as Jabba's slave.

The second was an armlet with a hole in the middle, representing her status as a sexual object to be penetrated. They were both golden to match her slave outfit. Their being made of gold and their shapes--which carried certain significance in Huttese culture--also marked Leia out as different from Jabba's other slaves. That is, they declared her royal status as a princess, a fact which only made Jabba's mastery of her all the more impressive.


armlet with a hole in the middle, representing her status as a sexual object to be penetrated.

Leia's Perception of her Bracelets Edit

Leia also disliked the upper arm band as it resembled a snake which was a symbol of rebirth and favorite slave to Jabba, the second was an armlet with a hole in the middle which carried significance in the Huttese culture and also.

Though they were made of gold, Leia despised her bracelets. They displayed her status as the Hutt's royal pleasure slave and a former princess. Leia never been a fan of jewelry, but as Jabba's slave she hated it much more. Also, the strange and uncomfortable nature of her bracelet adorning her wrist and especially the looped, ornate golden arm band she wore gave her a feeling that she was some treasure to be shown off to adorn the Hutt's throne and to proclaim his power. As she got a closer look at all of her jewelry, she despised how the arm band resembled a snake, which served to remind her of her master's physiology, especially his tail which often 'snaked' its way inside of her during her time as Jabba's pet human.

Leia's Earrings and Make-up Edit

Whilst serving as Jabba's slave, Leia was forced to wear two round gold earrings and a generous amount of makeup, in addition to her slave outfit.


Beautifying a Slave Princess Edit

Leia's Earrings Edit

The gold earrings, like the rest of the princess's slave costume, proclaimed her royal status. They had curious triangular shapes that met on the bottom, apparently of Huttese design. Jabba enjoyed the way they graced her ears and stately neck.

Leia's Make-up Edit

Leia also had make-up put on her, which included dark red lipstick which symbolized she was a woman with overtly feminine power, on her lips, mascara and eyeliner, plus a bluish eye shadow and plenty of blush on her cheeks, all emphasizing her feminine beauty and sensuality.

Leia's Self-Awareness Edit


When Leia was a princess on Alderaan, she was often dolled up for state events. But since joining the Rebellion, she had never wore earrings and used just enough makeup to make her look professional, embracing a more warrior-like persona. Ironically, then, Jabba returned her somewhat to her past appearance and life as a princess by having her made up in the aforementioned ways. She used this fact to her advantage as much as she could, adopting a royal poise and maintaining a beautiful dignity in order to show that she was not intimidated. This regal and misplaced confidence had a more undesired effect, however as it allured the Hutt even more to his pretty human plaything on his throne.

Leia's Perception of her earrings and make-up Edit

Tumblr mukginR4Kn1rx9233o5 250

Like everything else, Leia disliked her make-up and earrings, as they made her look like a slut to the mighty Jabba. Forced to wear them, Leia hated her make-up and earrings even more than when she was dressed up for state events while princess of Alderran, due to her current state of undress and excess of makeup on her face, which was reminiscent of a prostitute's manner of dressing. She also despised how petite and immature her makeup made her look, and although she tried to maintain a regal poise on the throne, her makeup still made her seem simply like a well-trained slutty slave girl, willing and able to please her master.

Leia's Hair Bun Edit

Jabba had her hair done in a rather big bun pulling her hair back from her face as it was held in place by two gold hair clips that resembled a crown showcasing Leia's status as a princess, and from the bun her hair was done into a long braid secured by a gold hair fastener that dangled suggestively across her shoulder going down to her navel, which is how she had been wearing it since her capture to Jabba that symbolized she was a tease, to be shown off.

In addition to her hair being tied in a plait it was also done in a rather big bun at at the back held in place by a golden hair fastener. By binding Leia's hair in all these different ways, Jabba symbolized his own binding of the rebel princess herself.

Leia's Perception of her hair bun Edit

Leia didn't appreciate her bun mostly because it helped create the suggestive hairstyle Jabba made her wear. Aside from that, there wasn't much in of itself that made Leia hate it. The clips were hated by Leia. Due to their nature of keeping her hair prisoner, just like she as a whole was, as well as reminding her of her new place, these clips displeased Leia.

Leia's Hair Clips Edit

Close Up of Leia's Hair Clips, Chain, and Bra Strings

During her time as Jabba's slave Leia was forced to wear a golden metal bikini. Part of this outfit consisted of two crown-shaped golden hair clips which had her hair in a rather large bun. The curved points of the hair clips that bound her hair were like extensions of the Hutt's hands and fingers maintaining their hold on captive princess. The round bolts on the hair clips further signified that Leia was Jabba's prisoner, as they made the hair clips seem even more like manacles.Furthermore the hair clips resembled a crown showcasing Leia's status as a princess.

Leia's Perception of her hair clips Edit

The clips were hated by Leia. Due to their nature of keeping her hair prisoner, just like she as a whole was, as well as reminding her of her new place, these clips often displeased Leia.


Leia's Plait Edit


While serving as Jabba's slave Leia had her hair done in a rather long plait secured by a golden hair fastener and a rather big single hair bun. Jabba enjoyed the way Leia's hair dangled suggestively down her back or across her shoulder, and would often fondle her plait when he grew bored or restless. The braid was meant to draw her long brown hair away from her body, to keep as much skin exposed as possible. It also symbolized that she was a tease, to be shown off and also signified her status as Jabba's slave.

Leia's Perception of her Plait Edit

Jabba may have enjoyed it, but Leia wasn't fond of her plait as it was yet another thing her master forced on her. It also earned her ire as it formed Leia's hair into a suggestive style. Leia never wore her hair below her chest and she did not like feeling the plait against her naked stomach and back. It also earned her ire as it formed Leia's hair into a suggestive style. Her plait and the bounded, corrugated style it formed her hair into was meant to be suggestive of two things. One, the tied and interwoven pattern was symbolic of Leia's enslavement, in that she was bound as a slave to Jabba, and it was her place to serve his every need. Second, the ribbed pattern that the plait formed her hair into was meant to be reflective of the ribbed texture of Jabba's tail, which was meant to be her sole source of sexual pleasure in the world, and she was supposed to worship and adore it because it was her giver of pleasure. By incorporating this nature of the Hutt's tail into her costume, it was implied that Leia worshipped Jabba's tail to the point that even her hairstyle served as a reminder of the Hutt's might.


Leia's Hair Fastener Edit

Part of Leia's slave outfit consisted of a golden hair fastener which held her plait in place. The complex decoration of Leia's hair was a microcosm of her status as Jabba's new favorite decoration.

Leia's Perception of her hair fastener Edit

Leia dislike her hair fastener because it helped her plait form her hair into a revealing braid. Also, it showcased her status as being in Jabba's control, a fact which she resented.

Leia's Boots Edit

During her time serving Jabba, Leia wore some peanut-coloured skin shoes, which were slightly elevated. The shoes were made from the hide of a jerba and outlined with a fancy gold design to represent her status


as a princess, like the rest of her golden costume.

Leia's Perception of her boots Edit

Leia didn't like wearing her boots as she felt they were too cumbersome and fancy. Leia preferred a simpler design, and especially hated how well they went with the costume. They did not provide any traction either, making it easy for Jabba to pull her close to his bulk whenever he wanted to. She was thankful, though, both for that the boots provided exellent protection from the Tattooine heat and that Jabba did not force her to go around his palace in her bare feet, which would have only felt worse.

Leia's Collar Edit

Whilst serving as Jabba's slave Leia wore a gold-plated collar to match her gold bikini.

Return of the Jedi Slave Leia Scene Special Edition

The collar had a loop extension where a chain could be attached. The collar itself was padded and was specifically made to fit snugly around the princess's stately neck and stuck to her body by a super-strong glue substance. Thus, even when Jabba wasn't pulling her chain, Leia could still feel the collar around her neck. The collar's constant presence helped instill a slave consciousness in the defiant princess. The collar showed ownership that Jabba had of Leia, and also symbolized the solemnizing of Leia and Jabba's relationship as master and slave similar to that of marriage. The collar's constant presence helped instill a slave consciousness in the defiant princess.


Leia's Perception of her Collar Edit


Leia hated all of her slave costume, but she despised her collar most. Not only did it allow Jabba to use his chain to control her every movement, it also symbolized her status as the pet and trophy to the powerful crime lord. Coupled with his habit of choking her for disobedience, she hated the fact that the collar dug into her throat and that it was so tight on her neck, thanks to the adhesive. When Jabba pulled her collar hard, she tried to stop it from choke her with her hands, leaving her body free for Jabba to touch and fondle. Jabba would often pull the chain and collar hard, forcing Leia to lay on the Hutt's stomach. When Jabba was really he would grab her chain. When that happened, the whole room would go quiet and there would only be deep, guttural choking and strangling sounds that Leia would make from her throat. Her body would twitch and her skirt veils would shift back and forth, exposing her as she choked. Leia couldn't stop herself from making the choking noises in the silent room, and losing her dignity.


Leia's Chain Edit

Leia's chain was attached to a loop on the collar around her neck and held by Jabba.

Unlike Oola's Leash, Leia's consisted of chain links as opposed to the rope-like texture o

Leia's Perception of her Chain Edit


Leia hated her chain the most out of all of her whole costume, along with her collar, as it gave Jabba complete control over her by keeping her on a short metal tether letting Leia go as far away from Jabba on the throne as the chain would allow. Leia hated the fact that Jabba would tug and tug and tug on the chain and force Leia to obey Jabba's commands and make her choke for air. Leia hated the cold chain against her naked back, along with Jabba's constant tugging, and yanking keeping her close as possible to make the scantily clad princess not to stray far from him, especially on the sail barge. If she ever resisted a yank, he would follow up her newfound courage with an even harder yank, forcing her to either run towards him, or force her back against his bloated belly. Leia was replused most when Jabba choked her as she had to gasp for air in pain. She was always annoyed when Jabba played with the chain, reminding her of her place as his slave. Jabba loved seeing the half naked princess in pain from his tuggs and yanks of her chain, Along with her collar, this showed everybody the proud princess was now a pet to the Great Jabba the Hutt. She also hated feeling the cold chain against her naked back when she slept, as it would often move causing her to make her self comfortable adjusting her self accordence to the chain. Also when Jabba yanked her chain for her to sleep on his belly feeling the coldness of it on her hated the tug of the chain and the cold metal on her neck. The tug of the chain forces her closer to Jabba and his big, bloated, belly.

Jabba's Lechery Edit


Jabba's lechery over Leia is meant show his power over her, as times reminding her of her place as his slave. When Luke is negotiating with Jabba. Jabba is constantly pulling on Leia's chain reinforcing his dominance over the scantily-clad Leia. On the Sail Barge Leia resists control when Jabba yanks on her chain once as Leia glances at him and ignores proceeding to look out that Sail Barge window to see her friends. But Jabba yanks on her chain causing her to run to him which threatens to overwhelm Leia whenever she is far away from her master. In some circumstances, this fear of existence is directed toward the body,sometimes the female body, but there's no need to focus exclusively on the feminine, as he is concentrating on Leia more than her body when he tells her she will learn to appreciate him. The problem isn't the female body, but material existence generally, as Jabba sees Leia as nothing more than a sex object. Jabba promotes resistance to the prevailing standard of her beauty as he desires Leia by drawing attention to the damaging influence of widely disseminated of Leia in her gold bikini. Jabba desires to control Leia mentally and physically. While her captivity focuses mostly on the despot Jabba, in reality the scene empowers a more oppressive master in the form of Leia as Jabba is taken by Leia as he states "Soon you will learn to appreciate me". As Leia is a leader, but although a slave she has control over Jabba because of her beauty as by stating this to Leia he is fixated towards her and likes Leia more than he is leading on.

Return of the Jedi Slave Leia Scene Special Edition(4)

Jabba's Palace Edit

Jabba's largest possession was certainly his pleasure palace, located on the fringe of the Western Dune Sea on the planet Tatooine. While Jabba's home was on Nal Hutta, he used his Tatooine palace as a base of operations for his business ventures in that part of the galaxy.

Leia's Perception of Jabba's Palace Edit

Leia familiarized herself with the layout of the Hutt's domain as much as she could before her mission to rescue Han Solo. But the information she and Luke were able to gather did not prepare her for the sheer size of the palace when she entered it with Chewbacca in tow. Stepping through the main gate into the dark cavernous entrance, she went on alert, concerned that some creature might surprise her from the darkness.

While negotiating with Jabba for the price of Chewbacca, Leia took time to take in the Hutt's throne room, already beginning to plan how she would sneak in later to rescue her lover. As her exchange with Jabba grew tense, she forced herself not to look to where Han stood frozen in carbonite on the far wall. Instead, forced into slavery focused on her hatred for the Hutt. Leia did not like that at night as it would get very cold and she was only wearing the bikini that left her no modesty and her outfit left her bare exposing her midriff, back, legs, and the silks having nothing underneath the lashaa silk left her cold during the nights, having no choice but to sleep through the cold night reclining on the pillows close to Jabba trying to sleep through the cold Tatoonie night. In Jabba's palace she would remain confined to his dais only going were Jabba allowed her to go. As many of Jabba's henchmen stayed at the palace along with guests she was the center of attention in the palace as she was a half-naked princess chained to Jabba and put on display.

Leia's Privacy Edit


Leia hated that she was given no privacy around Jabba and his guests. Subjected to being degraded and reduced to nothing more than a sex slave to Jabba. Having been dressed in a skimpy slave outfit exposing her for all to see. Jabba kept her very close and on a very short metal tether. Leia only being allowed to go as far as the chain would let her. Her every action was watched by everyone ranging from the guards and patrons to Jabba himself. The utter void of privacy while on a leash made Leia feel like the lowest life form, humiliating her as the audience mocked and jeered at her exposed body.

Speaking: Edit


Leia silenced

Leia disliked that as Jabba's scantily clad slave girl, she was not allowed to speak without her master's permission. If she disobeyed him, such as laughing as she did when the rancor died at the hands of Luke he would pull her back and start choking her. Leia only there to be Jabba's personal slave and dressed in nothing more than a skimpy slave girl outfit she was meant to be seen and not speak. This kept Leia in her place, where Jabba believed she belonged: exposed, silent, on a leash, and available for his sexual desires. With this punishment, Leia quickly learned to keep her mouth shut around her Hutt master for fear of this humiliating exposure.

Possessions: Edit


Seeing as Jabba captured Leia against her own free will . Reduced to the lowest life form of them all a...slave and was forced to be a half-naked slave chained to the neck. Sexuality was a "core feature" for slaves that were owned by Jabba especially Leia, as she wore the most revealing and was his prized slave. Because Leia was property he chose to use Leia as a sex slave. Jabba takes a symbolic view of the sexual value of Leia as his slave: to dream of having sex with one's own female slave was a good thing, "for slaves are the dreamer's possession; therefore taking pleasure in them signifies the dreamer's being pleased with his own possessions. Leia's sexuality was closely controlled as she was given nothing more that her skimpy slave girl outfit and made to look like a slut. Leia was forbidden to have any positions. As a slave girl she was not allowed anything except for what Jabba provided her. Having been a princess reduced to a sex slave. Leia was only given her slave outfit that left the slave princess no modesty. It left her completely exposed for everyone to see. Having a collar around her neck made out of gold like the rest of her outfit to show her status as a princess to everyone. She was only provided the clothes given to her by Jabba, The collar around her neck, her boots, arm and wrist bracelet, the small space provided for her on the dais, and her pillows to lay on.

Sleep: Edit

Though Leia hated laying before her master, she was glad that she had pillows for some comfort and not sit directly on the mock thick stone of Jabba's dais, though it didn't change her unfavorable opinion of her master. Another thing she didn't like about them was that they didn't support her head, forcing her to lay against her master and at times recline against them using her shoulder as support to sleep and also that it did not provide much of a barrier between her and Jabba.


Jabba's Throne Edit


During his stays at his desert palace on Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt would normally rest his bulky form on a large stone dais at the front of his audience chamber. While it had the look of stone, the dais was actually a technologically advanced repulsorlift, with the stone frame being used to keep in line with the stony decor that permeated the Hutt's palace. Eight statues of Abyssin heads wrapped around the front of Jabba's dais (two heads on each side, and four in the front), all of them holding a large metallic ring in their sculpted jaws. While the rings served in both manually moving Jabba's throne and welding a slave girl's chain to the throne, the heads themselves were meant to serve as good luck charms to protect Jabba. In his later years, Jabba would plant himself on his throne due to his immense weight and a desire for mobility. As well as having an armrest, the Hutt's dais was also covered in various rugs and pillows, giving the Hutt's bloated body maximum comfort when he lounged and prevented his slimy skin from chafing against his throne. While Jabba found the rugs and cushions comfortable,his slave girls found them slightly less so, as they were usually stained with the slop that fell from the Hutt's mouth when he ate, as well as the mucous that coated his disgusting body.


Leia's Perception of Jabba's Throne Edit


With her chain welded into one of the rings on the dais, Leia spent the majority of her time on Jabba's throne, and she quickly became familiar with its numerous features."Throne" in an abstract sense can also refer to the monarchy or the Crown itself, an instance of metonomy, and is also used in many expressions such as "The power behind the throne", which represented Leia's status as a slave princess to Jabba. As the throne was made of a mock-thick stone, it was quite cold to her bare skin even in the Tatooine heat, so Leia avoided contact with it most of the time but lying on pillows provided for her. Leia did not like the fact that Jabba occupied most of the throne, as she only had a small space to sit and lay down next to Jabba, letting her silk flow down the throne and only going as far as Jabba would let her as she was kept on a very short tether.

Return of the Jedi Slave Leia Scene Special Edition(3)

Leia would sit on the throne in front of Jabba in a regal submissive position while the Lashaa silk hanging from her chastity plates drapes over the dais in Jabba's palace at his tail and presents the slave figure very well. Being forced to be silent we can still tell she has many things on her mind by her facial expressions which is given away when her words cannot, and of what her thoughts are going around her but is still restricted from speaking. Leia is forced is expose her sexuality and is reduced to a submissive sexual object.

Leia's Pillows Edit

Whilst serving as Jabba's slave, Leia sat on about four large pillows. She also had some pillows on the sail barge. Usually only Jabba enjoyed such comfort on his throne, but since Leia was a princess he pampered her more than his usual slaves. In other words, the pillows, like her costume, were another sign of her special status as a royal sex slave.

Leia original

Leia's Perception of her Pillows Edit

Though Leia hated laying before her master, she was glad that she had pillows for comfort, though it didn't change her unfavorable opinion of her master. Despite the comfort they gave her, Leia was disgusted by her master's slime on them. Another thing she didn't like about them was that they didn't support her head, forcing her to lay against her master and at times recline against them using her shoulder as support to sleep. She also hated the implications of laziness the pillows gave off, making her seem like a pampered princess who barely moved.

Jabba's Snackquarium Edit

Connected to Jabba's armrest was a large, glass bowl, eloquently referred to by Hutts as a "Snackquarium", filled with the Hutt's favorite live snacks, such as Klatooine paddy frogs, creatures known for their aggressive tempers. Jabba enjoyed consuming the amphibious delicacies on a semi-regular basis and not many creatures in the universe met with such unpleasant demise. Some frogs had their heads ripped off by Jabba before their lifeless body was tossed into the giant maw of the gangster... those were the lucky ones. The unlucky ones would find themselves in his slimy mouth still alive! These creatures would then be rolled around by the slug's massive tongue and their bodies coated in thick scum. The foul stench of Jabba's breath would make it quite nearly impossible for them to inhale and when they would try their mouth would fill with the fetid slime. Then the creature's final humiliation.. being swallowed alive and left to rot inside the slug. Upon sending one of his victims to the rancor, Jabba was also known to eat a paddy frog while watching the rancor devour its meal.

Leia's Opinion of Jabba's Snackquarium Edit

Leia was disgusted by Jabba's gluttony, which was as powerful as his lust. The Hutt's uncivilized eating habits repulsed her, as she had to constantly try to avoid the pieces of half-eaten frog and drool that would slip from his mouth while he was chewing.

His mannersims also increased her awareness of herself as the pet of a powerful crime lord who held her fate in his hands. Lying beside the aquarium, Leia reflected on the fact that she was another easily available "morsel" for the debauched Hutt to figuratively "devour."

Jabba's Hookah Edit

Among the many pleasures that Jabba the Hutt indulged himself with, one that became his trademark was his large hookah pipe. As a gangster who had cornered the market in Glitterstim along with various other forms of narcotics, Jabba had a near endless supply of spices and other substances which were used with his pipe.

The Hutt would usually puff on the hose of his hookah after a particularly long day of business deals or perhaps to relax himself in preparation for the hedonistic pleasures he was to take part in the evening. Jabba was notorious for being able to take many "hits" from his hookah before his mind would be severely inhibited, allowing the crime lord to retain all of his intelligence even when under the influence of the spice.

Princess Leia's Perception of Jabba's Hookah Edit

Leia, as a princess and rebel leader with a strict anti-drug policy, abhorred Jabba's smoking of his hookah, finding the practice to be vile and repulsive. Not only did the spice from the Hutt's pipe accentuate his own body odor and foul breath, but it also invigorated Jabba's senses and dulled his inhibitions, bringing out the perverted nature of the bloated crime lord all the more. Jabba was known to take multiple puffs from his pipe, allowing his lechery to be brought to new heights, and then he would take to groping the princess with his fetid hands and scum-coated tongue. Leia would have been made to take a hit from Jabba's hookah before retiring to his private chambers for a pleasurable night with her master.

Jabba's Sail Barge Edit


Not long after Jabba settled down on Tatooine he bought a sail barge and called the Khetanna he used it for


business trips, to watch executions, watch races, watch sports, lavish parties and tours across the deserts of Tatooine. He also had weapons on there to use it for raids on his rivals. The Khetanna was a modified luxury Sail barge with three decks the top deck was equipped with orange sails to protect anyone up there from Tatooine's two suns. The next deck had a private lounge for the Hutt, his henchmen and his guests. The private lounge had a microphone, kitchen, bar, throne, tables, chairs and stage all to the Hutt and his guests more comfortable. The barge also had cameras just like the palace to record events the Hutt wanted to share with othersand to catch anyone secretly working for his rivals.

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Leia's Perception of Jabba's Sail Barge Edit

Return of the Jedi Slave Leia Scene Special Edition(2)

Leia did not like Jabba's Sail Barge. She hated being the center attention when she was sitting on Jabba's tail. His guests and henchmen would look at her lustfully mocking her as Jabba's slut slave princess, even when she was forced to drink from Jabba's goblet they flourished in seeing the scantly-clad Leia humilated. She was grateful that Jabba let her leave to see Han, Luke, and Chewie at the window, which was the only time she was allowed any privacy, and others during trips. While at the window she enjoyed her time away from Jabba, but did not like that Jabba would tug on her chain and his men and guests would look at the half naked Leia at the window. She did not like feeling her naked body against the metal on the sail barge and only going as far as her chain would allow her to go. Leia did not like that she wore nothing underneath the skirts as Jabba had easy access to violate her whenever he wanted. She despised the lashaa silks when standing and also because walking around in her outfit would sometimes expose her bare womanly parts and butt crack for everyone to glimpse as the rear silk skirt only covered her butt crack. Leia would try to ignore the men (and sometimes women) groping her from behind as she passed, and the crude catcalls they'd shout if they caught a glimpse of her nudity.

Return of the Jedi Slave Leia Scene Special Edition-0

Despite herself, Leia was impressed by the amenities provided on Jabba's barge. As a teenager and diplomat, Leia had ridden on a pleasure barge once during a political celebration, so she was familiar with the layout. What she was prepared for was the sheer opulence that Jabba had granted the interior, through priceless artworks, silk curtains, and stuffed heads of rare beasts from across the galaxy. Still, she dreaded moving from the main observation deck into Jabba's private quarters, where she knew she would have to submit to the Hutt's advances. When she had first boarded the barge she stole a glance into this room and noticed a tremendendously large bed with cushions for multiple slaves to rest on, as well as several hookahs for them to smoke spice with.


The Slave Embrace Edit


The Slave's Embrace was a sexual action performed by Jabba and a slave girl who Jabba would happen to get his slimy hands on. To initiate the Slave Embrace, Jabba would usually pull the girl by her chain, causing her to fall against his slimy flesh as she faced him. Once their bodies were touching, the Hutt would then wrap either one or both of his arms around the girl, making sure that she could not escape. Jabba would then subject the slave to his slimy affections. Whether it be a grotesque parody of a kiss with his giant tongue or groping around her body, the Hutt surely made his slaves disgusted and uncomfortable whenever he pulled them into his arms

Leia's Perception of the Slave Embrace: Edit

Extended cut Leia slave embrace(1)

Leia considered the Slave Embrace to be one of the most disgusting parts of serving Jabba. Not only was he attempting to dominate her bold spirit but he was gaining pleasure from her beautiful body. Leia despised everything that happened in the Embrace. The tug of the chain commanding her to come to her Master's arms, the feel of her belly against Jabba's, the dreadful tongue that grotesquely kissed her and on occasion entered her mouth, Jabba's groping hands feeling over her, the warm, putrid feel of the Hutt's breath and, rarely, her golden brasserie pushed up against Jabba's flesh feeling her ample breasts . Leia hated it all the same. Often times she hated when she was forced to drink. Bib would push her closer to Jabba and forcing her to drink as Jabba would put his arms around her naked back and violate her, feeling her naked skin against his. Leia would be tugged close to Jabba by her chain, forcing her to run to him so as not to subject her neck to further punishment. This action symbolized a longing for the Hutt's affection, humiliating the princess as the crowd would mock her for it and call her a whore. Leia would then be forced into the folds of the Hutt's fat as she climbed into Jabba's arms herself, the leash ensuring she could not escape. Even so Leia in the embrace Leia had no room or privacy to move away from Jabba as his hands would be groping her as she was pressed up against Jabba's flesh as all of Jabba's men would stare at her lustfully and mock her.

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Jabba's Ceremonial Drinking Cup Edit


On his sail barge on the way to the Pit of Carkoon, Jabba and his guests had drinks served to them by R2-D2 and other of the Hutt's servants. Jabba had a priceless goblet filled with some sort of green liquid, most likely alcoholic or Hutt and slave urine given Jabba's debauched behavior, which he forced Leia to drink.


Leia's Perception of his Drinking Cup Edit


Given that the cup was half full and encrusted with Jabba's green saliva, it is likely that Jabba took a sip of the beverage before offering it to Leia. For her part, the princess found the Huttese liquor extremely strong and did not enjoy partaking of the drink, as the drool from Jabba's mouth that coated the lip of the glass sullied her lips and tongue. Leia was also given no privacy on what she drank that Jabba offered. As she was forced to drink from his goblet in disgust knowing he himself was drinking from it.


Leia being forced to drink

Leia's Relationship with Jabba Edit

Although Jabba took quite a liking to Leia's beautiful face and nubile form, the princess was repulsed by the Hutt Lord's bloated mass, oily snake skin, and hideous attentions.

Having lived for over 600 years, Jabba was very experienced in controlling slaves, but Leia provided an interesting challenge due to her royal dignity and pride. To break the princess, Jabba had her collared and chained and kept her on a very short tether, not letting her sit at the other end of the throne like he had with Oola. From time to time he would jostle her leash, making its links drag over her back as a reminder of her enslavement. If he sensed her lean away from him, he would tug the chain firmly but gently, returning her to the  proper position closely in front of him, where he could stroke her luscious chestnut hair or rub her shoulders and back. When he especially hungered for her touch or wished to demonstrate his power over her, he would jerk the chain, forcing her to fall against his huge belly. Whenever Jabba pulled Leia's leash, making her fall into his grasp, he would take great pleasure in reminding her of just who was Master and who was Slave. He would then rub Leia's shoulders and back with his hands, sliding his simly fingers under her bra. If Leia tried to pull away Jabba would tug on her leash harder, choking the princess and pulling her closer against his flesh. This made it very difficult for Leia to move her body. She groaned as Jabba continued to do what he did before, sliding his hand under Leia's bra to feel her full, soft breasts while tugging the leash. She then felt Jabba's slimy tongue lick her face. She tried turning her face, but couldn't. He would then proceed to hassle and molest her with his cold, clammy hands and long, powerful tail.

Jabba although the beast he is the king on the throne, and Leia being beauty is Jabba's princess on his throne, as she is lavished by him. Her appearance altered drastically to beautify her and dress her up in revealing skimpy gold and silk slave outfit to show his wealth and power over her while also showing her status as a princess and slave to the mighty Hutt.

This was her life and there was nothing she could do about it, but live her life as Jabba's slave, having been disconnected from the outside world since her capture she didn't know what was going on in the galaxy or what the Empire was doing. But all she knew was that she was safe in Jabba's hands as weird as that sounded to her. Jabba treated her well, but in his own sadistic way. Having been used to this life and how a position of Jabba, but he didn't quite care for her much from what she was as Jabba was only focused on the scantily clad princess.

Despite Jabba's power, Leia always stood tall before her new master, carrying herself with a pride and dignity he was unused to seeing in his slaves. Clearly this was because of her royal status as a princess, something that only made her even more attractive to the Hutt, who relished the opportunity to control and defile this strong-willed royal female.

When she was a princess on Alderaan, Leia often had to dress up for state events. Since she joined the Rebellion, however, she wore few fancy clothes and little makeup or jewelry, living according to the meager means the rebels had available to them. Jabba's pampering of Leia as his slave ironically brought back memories of being dolled up on Alderaan. Leia used these memories to her advantage, adopting a regal pose on Jabba's throne despite being chained. Nevertheless, while the skimpy costume she wore was fit for a princess in its gold material and purple flowing veils, it also served as a constant reminder of her slavery and availability to the Hutt for his pleasure. Leia especially disliked her bracelets and her bound hair , as these things only symbolized Jabba's complete possession of her.

Whenever Jabba's tail strayed too close to her thigh or back, Leia would protect these sensitive parts of her body with her hands, even pushing Jabba's member away at times. However, having the princess's hands on his tail only aroused the Hutt more, for he soon wished to make her appreciate its touch and power enough to adore and massage it. Similarly, when Jabba stroked her hair and shoulders or even ventured his hands to the top of her breasts, Leia would squirm to avoid his loathsome touch. However, Jabba would tug her chain to bring her within his reach. At other times he would pull the leash tight enough so that Leia would again have to grasp it at with her fingers, leaving her tender skin completely open to his slimy other times, Leia would simply ignore Jabba's jerking of her chain, or turn around and glare at him, only causing the Hutt to drool and desire the haughty princess,now a slave girl, all the more.

Beauty & The Beast Edit

In contrast Jabba is a big fat slug that is nothing but filth, drinking, his flesh appears clotted and gelatinous and drooling showing no concern of his appearance. Which, is the opposite of Leia as her appearance is completely changed from being stripped out of her Boush outfit. Leia is fit, her skin is tight and her muscles are clearly defined and smooth. Leia is thin and toned, well groomed. Her hair is pulled back, put into a large bun, with a braid hanging down her shoulder. Leia is dolled up with an excess of make-up to show her femininity. Her outfit is nothing more than a gold metal bra with thin black strings attached from the back exposing her nakedness from her back, and stomach. Her bottom is nothing more than two gold triangular chastity plates covering her vagina and half of her buttocks from her hips that are connected together by two open oval hip fasteners, which left her legs exposed and the sides of her butt cheeks exposed. With design of a woman's overies embossed on them showing her sexual availability, and two violet thin Lashaa silk skirts hanging from the plates. Along with this a pair of Jerba leather boots, with a bracelet and armband. Leia was vulnerable.

Both Leia and Jabba are different in appearance as Leia represented beauty with her appearance in her slave outfit to everyone in Jabba's Palace . Leia is clean in appearance while Jabba is nothing but filth. Which was a vast contrast from her point of view.