As a slave girl, Leia was forced to follow many strict rules. If she refused, Jabba would threaten to execute her friends to keep her submissive for fear of her friends' deaths. Punishments of sexual nature were also put in place to keep her obedient and dissuade misbehavior through sexual humiliation or pain. These rules helped break her will and make her obedient to the Hutt as many of them would hurt her personally. Though she is a strong and tough woman Leia quickly learned the rules to receive less punishments.



Leia lies submissively in front of Jabba while Salacious Crumb anxiously looks on.

: Leia was given very little, if any, privacy while in the palace. Her costume was designed to mock her royal status as the princess of Alderaan, covering her womanly parts while accentuating the parts of her body that men loved the most, such as her breasts and thighs. If she displeased Jabba, the most common and quickest form of punishment would be to deprive her of her outfit and forbid her to wear any clothing or covering for as long as he wanted. His sexual displays of affection--removing certain parts of her costume to touch her, groping her crotch, licking her breasts--were also done in public. If he desired her to wear an even more revealing outfit, Jabba would have the Gamorreans restrain her while she was stripped in front of the entire throne room, and leave her naked until her outfit was brought forth. Her every action was watched by everyone ranging from the guards and patrons to Jabba himself. The utter void of privacy while on a leash made Leia feel like an animal, humiliating her as the audience mocked and jeered at her exposed body.

Clothing: Leia was given very little clothing other than her golden slave outfit, and was not allowed to wear any form of underwear beneath her skirts, keeping her shy and submissive for fear of exposing her intimate regions. If she was found wearing any underwear, she would be stripped publicly and humiliated via public shaming. On occasion, Jabba would have Leia change out of her bikini for a far more lewd and revealing outfit, most of which were so trashy she wouldn't even wear them with Han in private. 

If she disobeyed Jabba, he would forbid her to wear anything, denying her even the scant modesty of her slave outfit in front of everyone in the throne room to degrade the princess. She would then be kept nude for as long as he wanted, performing all the tasks she was expected to, including dancing, feeding him, greeting his friends, and laying on his tail, nude and self-conscious. This would give Leia a very strong incentive to obey him, as she hated being fully exposed in public more than wearing the gold bikini. After her humiliation became evident to everyone around her, Jabba would have her dressed again. Sometimes this was for a few days, other times, more than a week.

Dancing: As a dancer, Leia was expected to perform erotic dances for Jabba's pleasure. These would be performed publicly, much to her displeasure, and often involved exposing certain parts of her body that she would rather not show to males. She would also be forced to dance naked at times, which made her even more uncomfortable as she would be kept naked for the rest of the day after that. Private dances, like a lapdance, were also something she would perform, usually for a "VIP" such as a bounty hunter or a crime boss, and were just as humiliating as dances performed publicly. These lewd forms of dance made Leia feel like a whore to all watching, because of their nature and her state of undress. 

Movement: Aside from being forced to dance for her bloated master, Leia was not allowed to move very much. Whenever she sat up straight, Jabba would tug her half-naked body against his bulk, causing her to fall back onto his oily stomach and feel his skin against her own. This submissive pose displayed the fact that she was totally subservient to Jabba and also provided him with a clear view of her body. She could only move off the throne if Jabba allowed it, usually to to dance or to be cleaned. To punish her, she would sometimes be stripped naked and bound in iron stocks to immobilize her arms and legs, holding her in a submissive and humiliating position while men, and sometimes women, groped and molested her exposed body, spanking her as well.

Sex: Jabba would often humiliate the princess sexually, such as forcing her to massage his tail. Besides molesting her and penetrating her with his tail, Jabba often used other countless methods of sexually humiliating the princess.

One major form of humiliation for the princess was forcing her to worship Jabba's tail, as it was her sole source of pleasure. Jabba's main method of sexually humiliating Leia was penetrating her with his tail in front of the crowd, however, he also forced her to lay on his tail in public, suckle his tail to simulate fellatio, coo as if she desired it, and stroke and kiss it's ribbed surface. Due to the fact that a Hutt's tail is a sex organ, this made Leia look like a slut before the audience.

Leia was also forced to masturbate in front of the audience, and moan sensually while doing so. She would also be made to say Jabba's name while touching herself, to make her seem like a slut who wanted nothing more than Jabba to have sex with her. Jabba was satisfied by the sexual' qualities of Leia. He was excited by his shouts when he wanted to have sex with her. She was her whore and he wishes that she says that she wants him and her tail.

What Leia didn't know was that Jabba, being a hermaphrodite, possessed another male sex organ that she was all too familiar with. He never had the chance to penetrate Leia in this way, but he often fantasized about it while she was his concubine.

Food: Leia was only allowed to eat whatever Jabba allowed her to, which was not much. To add to her disgust, Jabba usually fed Leia foods that were similar to what he himself ate, knowing that she would be disgusted not only by the look of her food, but the taste as well.

Forced Drink

Bib presses Leia against their master as Jabba orders Leia to drink from his glass.

Ocassionally, Jabba would pull Leia to him and force her to drink from his slime-covered goblet as well as be forced to eat one of the live paddy frogs that swam in his snackquarium. Jabba's drinks were always too strong for her, and like all the food and drinks she consumed during her captivity, his drinks tasted just as revolting as everything else. If his personal drinks weren't bad enough, his paddy frogs were even worse. Jabba would hold the slippery creature in his hand as Leia took a bite out of the creature, its remains still wiggling in her mouth as it passed down the back of her throat and into her stomach.

If Leia displeased him, he would sometimes starve her for a few days, making her even slimmer and decreasing her strength of resistance. Jabba would also force-feed the princess, by way of forcing her mouth open with a muzzle and threading a long rubber tube down her throat. This would make Leia unable to refuse any food or liquid that was pumped down the tube, as a form of torture.

Sometimes, if her food was soft enough, Jabba would humiliate Leia by smearing her food on his body, forcing her to lick it off of his skin. or even making her eat off a bowl on the ground with only her mouth, like an animal. Desserts were special, and would only be given to her if she pleased Jabba in some way, or on a special occasion. Jabba liked how feisty, strong-willed and stubborn she was he also liked how quickly she learned. Leia quickly learned to expect what whatever she had to eat no matter how little or disgusting it was.

Speaking: As a scantily-clad slave girl, Leia was not allowed to speak without her master's permission. Jabba would usually make her compliment him by saying how fat, cunning, or powerful he was. If she disobeyed him, he would strip her naked and then bind and muzzle her, keeping her like that until her humiliation would become evident to all those around her. After that, he would force her to beg to be his sex slave, only giving her costume back when she spoke the exact words he wanted, in the tone he wanted to hear them in. This would keep her in her place, where Jabba believed she belonged: exposed, silent, on a leash, and available for his sexual desires. With this punishment, Leia quickly learned to keep her mouth shut around her Hutt master for fear of this humiliating exposure.

Hygiene: The princess's hygienic needs were usually taken care of by Jabba or Bib Fortuna. When she first became his slave girl, Leia assumed that Jabba would release her so that she could go relieve herself. She quickly found out how wrong she was. Instead of releasing her, Leia learned that she had to beg Jabba whenever the occasion arose. Although Jabba would agree, he would make her squat over a hidden bowl built into his throne, allowing Leia to relieve her bowels when needed, albeit in full public view.

After she was finished, Jabba would often pull Leia up to him and lick her rear clean while the bowl containing her waste was removed and given to him. Keeping her close, Jabba would then take a handful of Leia's feces and eat it right in front of the princess, disgusting her to no end. Another way he would humiliate Leia was to force put her costume back on without being given any cleansing material to wipe herself with so her excrement would allowing it to chaffe and stick itself against her buttocks and outfit. Sometimes, Leia would be forced to eat her own excrement, which made Leia pray she was somewhere else as she was made to devour her own waste in front of the crowd. This form of debasement was easily the worst form of public humiliation that Jabba submitted her to on a daily basis, and did more to break her than the other punishments that she endured.

Leia quickly discovered that Jabba's throne not only acted as a public toilet for her, but for Jabba as well. She could always tell when her bloated master was relieving himself due to the sickening sounds of his waste being transported through his body until it finally dropped into the large bowl that was concealed inside his throne, filling the room with the foul stench of his excrement. If Jabba was feeling particularly lustful for Leia, he was always quick to consider forcing her to eat his feces when his bowl needed to be emptied. She was never so unfortunate as to suffer this twisted form of unwanted affection, but Jabba threatened her with it on several occasions.

Bathing was about the closest thing to private time as Leia could get. Whenever Jabba deemed that she needed to be cleaned, Leia would be taken to Jabba's harem where the other girl gathered. In the harem, Leia would often be showered or bathed by other slave girls there, and sometimes even the guards, if any were present. After she had been cleaned, the other girls would begin preparing her for Jabba again. The other slaves would apply her makeup, perfume, braid her hair, brush her teeth, give her manicures, clean out her nose and ears, and remove any pubic hair as well as any other hairs on her body. 

All the pampering and primping reminded Leia of when she had been treated like that as a child, usually cleaned and dressed in adorable dresses which she naturally hated, only now, she was dressed in a skimpy bikini which she hated even more. Finally, she'd be dressed in her slave outfit once again and returned to Jabba. As relaxing as her cleaning was, there was one aspect of her cleaning that would be done back in the throne room. Every now and then, Jabba would order some of the other girls to give Leia an enema in the throne room to thoroughly flush her out while the men watched, embarrassing and degrading Jabba's favorite slave.

Whenever Leia had her menstrual period, Jabba would remove her costume and have her cleaned in front of the crowd. She was allowed to wear feminine hygiene devices such as tampons, but she was always cleaned out in public. Although this was usually by other women, Jabba was more than happy to send men to clean her up if she was obstinate.

Sleeping: While enslaved to Jabba, Leia was forced to sleep with the bloated Hutt on his throne. She usually wore her slave bikini while sleeping, but Salacious Crumb was always at her side, watching her as he anxiously waited for Leia to fall asleep before he began touching the princess or sneaking underneath her skirts to fondle her female parts. She was also kept so close to Jabba she could hear his heartbeat and smell his slimy skin, disgusting her while she slept. Often, Jabba would release gas through his skin as Hutt's did. The stench would mix with his foul slime and mucus, so powerful that Leia could see it in steamy clouds. Naturally, she was the first for it to waft over, being so intimately positioned with Jabba, and she would often wake up in the middle of the night, roused by the noxious smell, and would suffer a terrible coughing fit, unable to bear the assault on her senses. She would try to get away to no avail, trapped by her chain.

Leia would occasionally be forced to sleep with the Hutt on his cold throne completely naked, giving her an even greater sense of vulnerability as she could be violated at any time, and her body would be exposed to everyone in the court while she slept, much to her fear. Though Leia didn't like the Hutt she quickly learned to sleep comfortably with her master, even though she could be raped at any time.

Exercise: As a slave dancer, Leia was required to perform a series of exercises to keep her body nimble and strong. These excercises ranged anywhere from running to strength training, but would always be performed naked in the dancers pit, since her sweat would have permeated her costume from excessive movement duing practice. When she wasn't performing these exercises, Leia would often practice dancing with Lyn Me while the gamorrean guards watched, making sure that neither of the girls tried to escape during their practice.

When she wasn't being comanded to perform some acrobatic erotic dance, Jabba usually had Leia perform slow and sensual stripteases and pole dances in their place, causing Leia to feel like a cheap prostitute instead of being the princess she knew she was.  While Leia was greatful that dancing allowed her some rare moments to leave Jabba's side, dancing wasn't much better. Like Oola before her, Leia learned to use the entire throne room while she danced; knowing that the men would try to grope her while she danced while others would masturbate to her performance.

Possessions: Seeing as she was a half-naked slave that was not paid money, Leia was forbidden personal possessions aside from her slave bikini and its accessories. She would be strip-searched a few times daily for anything she could use to either kill herself or someone else, or just any possessions in general. This would include body cavity searches, done both by men and women with latex gloves. Leia felt humiliated having to remove all of her clothing, what little she had on, and stand naked in front of everyone. This was usually performed by a guard and harem trainer, who would search every bodily orifice extremely thouroughly. She would almost always be molested while being searched, humiliating her and making her feel self-conscious of her sexual arousal.

If Leia was found with anything other than her slave costume, she would be kept nude and hung by her wrists while she was whipped and fondled in public, discouraging her from owning anything that Jabba did not allow her to. Eventually, she'd have her outfit given back to her later on in the day, after everyone had a good look at her. Like with many other things from her life as a slave she quickly learned not have anything else other than her costume, jewelry, collar, leash and makeup.

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