Leia Sleeps by Jabba

Leia sleeps on some pillows before Jabba's belly

Whilst serving as Jabba's slave, Leia sat on about four large pillows. She also had some pillows on the sail barge. Usually only Jabba enjoyed such comfort on his throne, but since Leia was a princess he pampered her more than his usual slaves. In other words, the pillows, like her costume, were another sign of her special status as a royal sex slave.

Jabba's PerceptionEdit

Jabba gave Leia the pillows to show that among all of his sex slaves, she was special. Only a few slave girls had been given such comfort on his throne, not including Oola. He would sometimes taunt Leia by calling her a "pillow princess", implying she would just lay there and receive pleasure while they had sex.

Leia's Perceptions of her PillowsEdit

Though Leia hated laying before her master, she was glad that she had pillows for comfort, though it didn't change her unfavorable opinion of her master. Despite the comfort they gave her, Leia was disgusted by her master's slime on them. Another thing she didn't like about them was that they didn't support her head, forcing her to lay against her master and at times recline against them using her shoulder as support to sleep. She also hated the implications of laziness the pillows gave off, making her seem like a pampered princess who barely moved.