Jabba's Tattooed Hand Holding Leia2
While serving as Jabba's slave Leia had her hair done in a rather long plait secured by a golden hair fastener and a rather big single hair bun. Jabba enjoyed the way Leia's hair dangled suggestively down her back or across her shoulder, and would often fondle her plait when he grew bored or restless. The braid was meant to draw her long brown hair away from her body, to keep as much skin exposed as possible. It also symbolized that she was a tease, to be shown off and also signified her status as Jabba's slave.

Leia's PerceptionEdit

Jabba may have enjoyed it, but Leia wasn't fond of her plait as it was yet another thing her master forced on her. It also earned her ire as it formed Leia's hair into a suggestive style. Leia never wore her hair below her chest and she did not like feeling the plait against her naked stomach and back. It also earned her ire as it formed Leia's hair into a suggestive style. Her plait and the bounded, corrugated style it formed her hair into was meant to be suggestive of two things. One, the tied and interwoven pattern was symbolic of Leia's enslavement, in that she was bound as a slave to Jabba, and it was her place to serve his every need. Second, the ribbed pattern that the plait formed her hair into was meant to be reflective of the ribbed texture of Jabba's tail, which was meant to be her sole source of sexual pleasure in the world, and she was supposed to worship and adore it because it was her giver of pleasure. By incorporating this nature of the Hutt's tail into her costume, it was implied that Leia worshipped Jabba's tail to the point that even her hairstyle served as a reminder of the Hutt's might.

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