The front face of Leia's gold bikini etched to resemble a uterus and ovaries.

The lower piece of Leia's slave bikini consisted of gold crescent-shaped plates suspended by hip fasteners around her waist. Suspended from the plates were luxurious, red flowing silk skirts which draped to her ankles. The plates were intricately etched with a depiction of the interior female reproductive organs, including the uterus, ovaries, endometrium, cervix, vagina, fallopian tubes and lastly, a hymen, to show her purity and virginity.

The crescent moon shape of the plates was symbolic of the human menstrual cycle, since a crescent moon only occurs once a month, which is very much like a woman's menstrual period. While the front plate concealed Leia's womanhood, the design symbolically exposed her deeper than her vulva. For Jabba, this represented her femininity and her complete availability to the Hutt master.

Leia's PerceptionEdit

Butt Plate

The back plate of her bikini had a similar design. Although it was shaped to conform to Leia's butt, she found it very uncomfortable to sit upon.

As a royal woman, Leia was raised in a socially conservative atmosphere in which a princess was demure by nature. Wearing gold plates etched with stylized depictions of the interior of her reproductive organs, the most private parts of a woman's body, humiliated her. Despite concealing her womanhood from prying eyes, Leia couldn't help noticing the irony of wearing a costume which symbolically depicted something much more private than her bare body. The rigid nature of the plates chafed against her skin, and the concave swell of the back plate made sitting uncomfortable. The front plate also pressed against her vulva, the cold metal making it go numb. In sharp contrast Leia did appreciate the comfort and protection of silk veils suspended from the plates, which concealed her womanhood underneath (see Leia's Skirts). Unfortunately the lower piece of her bikini was left open, making it possible for prying eyes to catch brief glimpses of her most private areas.

Jabba's perceptionEdit

Front Skirt Plate

Salacious gazes upon his master's newest prize, where Leia's front skirt plate entices him.

As a royal princess, Leia was very protective of who she exposed herself to. In response, Jabba forced Leia to wear nothing but gold skirt plates to cover her vagina and buttocks to humiliate her and display his dominance over the enslaved princess. Jabba also refused to give the princess any form of underwear beneath the skirts, both so her legs could move freely while dancing, and so that he could enjoy her womanhood whenever he wanted.  This left her completely bare underneath and vulnerable to others seeing her vagina when she moved, shifted, and (especially) danced.

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