While Leia was Jabba's slave a part of her slave costume was red flowing veils attached to the front and back of the gold plates. The veils were made of Lashaa silk. The color red symbolized her female sexuality, from her pouting lips to the estrous cycle itself. There was also no under covering, leaving her vagina and butt uncovered except for the skirt.

Leia's PerceptionEdit

Leia was grateful that her skirt veils allowed her at least some modesty while she was leashed to Jabba's throne. However, she was not allowed to wear any underwear beneath the thin lashaa silks leaving her butt and vulva almost exposed. The fabrics often shifted or slid to the side, making it difficult for Leia to move around without exposing her bareness. She spent much of her time on the throne making sure the skirts covered her bare bottom and bare vagina, as well as worrying about how she would control them once she was forced to dance. Leia disliked Jabba's tail as it would go beneath the silk skirts caressing her naked butt cheeks and vulva, especially when she was asleep. Leia did not like that she wore nothing underneath the skirts as Jabba had easy access to violate her whenever he wanted. She despised the lashaa silks when standing because walking around in her outfit would sometimes expose her bare vagina and butt for everyone to glimpse. She would try to ignore the men (and sometimes women) groping her from behind as she passed, and the crude catcalls they'd shout if they caught a glimpse of her pussy. The sensation of bareness was overwhelming to the young, conservative princess. She could not always tell if the skirts were betraying her modesty or not. When reclining, the silk might slip to the side and the cheeks of her bare butt would be exposed with her vulva peeking out from between.

Jabba's perceptionEdit

Jabba loved the skirts on his newest slave girl. They were not only sexy and rippled invitingly whenever she moved, but they were very easy to remove from her hips, making her body easily accessible to him whenever he lusted for the flesh of his beautiful concubine. He forced Leia to go commando by removing her underwear and forbidding her to wear any, removing any possiblility of privacy or comfort while she wore them, as the light would shine through them and make them transparent, showing her female parts to anyone watching. This would allow him to dry-hump her by pulling her close to him and rubbing her genitals against the skin of his belly and tail, much to Leia's humiliation. It would also show off his slave girl and tease the men in the crowd as they could see she was wearing nothing underneath her costume, but could not touch her without Jabba's permission. All in all, Jabba knew the skirts would humiliate the conservative and modest princess, making her easy to control. 
SlaveLeia rare09a

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