Leia's Stomach Edit

There was no doubt Leia was highly attractive; although short, her legs were slender; although her neck was short, it was surrounded by toned shoulder; and although her breasts were not especially large, they were pert and sometimes larger than the bra, pressing them flat to her body, sometimes made them look smaller than they were. However, she was mostly abdomen. Due to her lifestyle of intense action for the Rebellion, Leia developed a shapely stomach, possibly the most voluptuous part of her body, that would tighten and tone when upright, and when reclining, would soften and yet become smooth and concave. As he forced himself in her her stomach was filled with his cum her body was writhing as she was raped by the vile hutt and her stomach was sliding up and down his stomach as her breasts heaved with pleasure as she was forced to cum on him for Jabba he loved being able to have sex with Leia her stomach was being wrapped up in tail and cum was spilling out of her vagina he went in deep as she moaned as her vagina clenched his tail

How Jabba used her Stomach Edit

Because how her stomach shifted in shape, and because of the wonderful shapes her stomach would make, from firmly toned to softly concave, and of course for possibly being the most similar part to Hutt anatomy (save that the Hutt stomach was often bloated, whereas Leia's was a slender one, which some Hutts desired), Jabba was extremely fond of Leia's stomach; as a matter of fact, it was possibly his single most favorite physical aspect of her. The costume he chose was specifically chosen to keep it bare, and he knew that Leia would assume she wasn't catering to his whims, because humans, often thinking about their parts associated with sex, would completely forget that aliens would have different modes of sexual attraction, and thus Leia wouldn't offer as much resistance to the advances he made on her abdomen. He'd often simply caress indents of her stomach when it was upright, feeling the shapes and lines of her abdomen, feeling the indents as well. He would also often rub it when she was reclining, applying pressure on the soft, tense flesh, both awake and asleep, which he did shortly she fell asleep the night before Luke arrived. However, he would sometimes do more than that, such as wrapping his tail around it, which he would sometimes do when she was asleep (and occasionally when she was awake), feeling the vertical line from her breasts to her belly button with his finger, putting his finger in her navel and making it move in a circular fashion, and putting his hand on it to feel it shift as she breathed. Perhaps this was the closest thing to an almost genuinely intimate affection that Jabba would show her. Part of the point of the Slave's Embrace was so that the Hutt could feel the stomach against his own while it was squirming, rubbing against his body. He also liked to make her dance, partly to see the stomach move; his personal favorites were slow, smooth, serpentine dances she would give him on his own dias, that would be largely made of torso movements that made the stomach slowly and sensually contort.

Leia's Perception Edit

Leia was a conservative dresser, and so was not used to having her stomach exposed, but she originally thought her body was safe, as her more sexual parts were covered, and so for a while, she let the corpulent Hutt caress and rub her belly, thinking it was only preparing her for what he might do to her later, and not part of the sexual attraction itself. She was proven wrong, when he simply kept doing it, and thus was often uneasy and bewildered by his fixation with her stomach, as it meant she was offering him some pleasure, but she bore it with dignity, letting him touch it, and dancing in a fashion that would sensualize her stomach. In fact, on occasion she would focus more on the vaguely tingly feelings it gave her, for the sake of expressing some mild outward pleasure to keep him occupied with her abdomen. After all, it was better that her stomach was exposed and touched than her more intimate areas. He often rubbed her chest but as long as he didn't try to rape her she ignored him