Bib Introduces Luke to Jabba as Leia Looks On

Leia looks on while Luke tries to negotiate her freedom

After Leia was captured and enslaved by Jabba the Hutt, Luke Skywalker arrived and attempted to negotiate her release, as well as the freedom of Han Solo and Chewbacca. When Jabba refused to bargain, Luke grabbed a laser pistol from a nearby guard, officially ending the negotiations. Jabba responded by sending him to the Rancor Pit below his throne. Leia was forced to watch anxiously as Luke fought and ultimately slew the Rancor. Jabba, filled with rage at the death of his "pet," he practically strangled his other pet with her leash and decreed that Luke, Han, and Chewbacca were to be executed at the Pit of Carkoon, while saving Leia for a different fate .

Before the Meeting Between Luke and JabbaEdit

Leia Sleeps by Jabba

Leia dozes before her sleeping master's belly

After her capture, Leia was stripped of all of her clothes by several slave girls and a guard in front of the entire entourage. Much to her humiliation, she was not even allowed to keep her underwear on her body, leaving her completely exposed and bare before the crowd. She was then forced to give them her name, credentials, and age. She was also forced to dance for Jabba completely nude, which completely deflated her will and even reduced her to the level of crying before the crowd. During this time, she was often penetrated by Jabba's tail and forced to service customers and serve drinks completely naked, sometimes being made to travel to podraces with Jabba nude in public. She was kept like that for three weeks, feeling extremely vulnerable until Jabba finally allowed her to wear her golden slave bikini, which had just recently been completed. Even wearing her costume, Leia still felt naked, not only with the amount of exposed skin, but because there were no panties under her skirts and her bra could easily be removed.   

Leia rested before Jabba's huge belly, laying on some pillows that had been placed on the throne just for her. Her new master kept her on a tight leash, even while asleep, with the result that Leia reclined enough to the Huttt to hear the beating of his massive heart. The slow rhythm of Jabba's pulse and breathing actually lulled the princess to sleep more quickly than she expected, so that within a few minutes she too was unconscious.

In the late hours of the morning she was awoken by the feel of Jabba's tail wriggling against her bare thighs. Shifting a bit and placing her left hand over her lower body to protect her female parts, Leia attempted to go back to sleep, strugglig not to think of how horribly exposed she felt. Just then she heard a voice in the corridor--it was Luke's voice! She rose up instinctively, yet minding the short tether of her chain, and peered into the shadowy stairs leading into the audience chamber.
Leia Awakens

Leia awakens as she senses Luke's presence

In the time since Luke had trained with Yoda, Leia had felt an increasing connection to him through the Force. She never attributed this connection to herself, crediting it fully to Luke's burgeoning powers as a Jedi. But upon hearing his voice she immediately made a mental link with him, expressing her pain and humiliation wordlessly and receiving immediate sympathy from him. Since she knew that he would have to focus all his attention on Jabba she broke off this link quickly--yet kept a sliver of her mind open to Luke in case he would need her help.

Soon Bib Fortuna, the Hutt's majordomo, emerged from the stairs with Luke in tow. He was dressed in his Jedi robes and Leia couldn't see his face at first. When he finally stopped in front of Jabba's throne Leia looked downward at first, mortified that he should see her body so exposed. But she quickly recovered her poise, making eye contact with Luke and assuring him that she remained strong and determined despite her slavery.

Jabba Awakens with a Start and Pulls on Leia's Leash

Jabba awakes with a start

Luke Presents Himself to JabbaEdit

Meanwhile, Jabba's major-domo, Bib Fortuna, had climbed the steps beside Jabba's throne and leaned in close to the Hutt's ear.


Jabba awoke at once with a booming shout and reflexively tightened his grip on Leia's chain. His major-domo had just interrupted a wonderful dream of debauchery, and he was quite perturbed. His annoyance only increased when he saw Luke before him.

Bib continued speaking, "I present to you Luke Skywalker, Jed Knight."
Jabba Refuses to Bargain as Leia Looks On

Jabba interacts with Luke while Leia watches, silently

"I told you not to admit him!" the Hutt growled, while shortening the tether on Leia's chain. He could sense she was happy to see Skywalker, which only increased his annoyance further. He would have to remind her of her slavery during his conversation with the young Jedi, who now spoke for himself.

"I must be allowed to speak."

"He must be allowed to speak." Fortuna repeated mindlessly to his Hutt master.

Jabba, furious now, grabbed Fortuna by his robe.
Jabba angry with Bib Fortuna

Jabba deals angrily with his major domo

"You weak-minded fool! He's using a Jedi mind trick!" Jabba then threw his major-domo roughly aside.

"You will bring Solo and the Wookie to me." Luke said, stepping closer to Jabba and using the same inward turning voice he had used in speaking with Fortuna.

Leia Grimaces as Jabba Remains Immune to Luke's Mind Trick

Leia grimaces as Jabba remains immune to Luke's mind trick

But Jabba simply laughed, long and nastily at the Jedi's ploy. Leia looked at Luke, smirking and beseeching him to cease trying to bargain with the Hutt and just attack him. Luke returned her glance and extending a calming touch to her through the Force.

"Your mind tricks will not work on me, boy," Jabba spoke. He tugged on the princess's chain to drive the crushing point home. "I am unaffected by your human thought pattern." Then, as an after thought, he added, "I was killing your kind when being a Jedi meant something." Indeed, with his superior Hutt intelligence, he was easily able to divide his attention between the princess and the Jedi.

Jabba asserts his power over Leia and Luke

Jabba asserts his dominance over the princess

Luke took another threatening step closer to Jabba's throne, as Jabba's guards, including Jubnuk the Gammorrean, encircled him. "Nevertheless, I am talking Captain Solo, and his friends. You can profit by this, or be destroyed. But I warn you not to underestimate my powers."

Jabba snorted at Luke's arrogance. Like all Hutts, Jabba hated the Jedi Order, as they had opposed the activities of his criminal empire during the days of the Old Republic. But Luke's cockiness and calm was a personal affront to his power, and must be especially punished. Since the Empire had been formed, there had been no Jedi. Now one last Knight had appeared in his midst to challenge him. Jabba noticed with satisfaction that Luke was standing right above his trap door, and drooled as he anticipated sending the young Jedi to his demise. Yes, he would be the Hutt to kill the last of the Jedi.

C3PO too noticed that Luke was standing over the trap door, having seen Jabba use it before to dispose of Oola. He attempted to warn Luke of his dangerous position, but could only get a few words out before the Gran Ree-yees, who stood directly behind him, placed his hand over his mouth and silenced the droid.

Jabba dismisses Luke and yanks Leia back

Jabba yanks on Leia's chain while refusing the Jedi's offer to negotiate

"There will be no bargain, young Jedi," Jabba resumed speaking. This time he did not tug but rather yanked roughly on Leia's chain, unquestionably demonstrating his possession of her. His orange eyes glared at the Jedi and his pupils widened ominously as he continued to speak. "I shall enjoy watching you die." Jabba then burst into a fit of laughter and readied himself to send the Jedi to the pit below.

Suddenly, Luke reached out with the Force and grabbed a laser pistol from a guard beside him. Leia immediately ducked, trying to give Luke an open shot at the Hutt.

But the Gammorean Guard Jubnuk grabbed Luke's hand, raising it before he could fire.

Jabba laughs at his defeat of Luke

Jabba and Leia watch as Luke falls into the pit

"Boska!" Jabba spat, slamming his fist on the armrest control that opened the trapdoor to the rancor pit. As Luke fell he fired, but the shot harmlessly hit the ceiling above Jabba's head. Jubnuk lost his balance as he let go of the Jedi, and soon followed him down into the pit, as Jabba laughed evilly and Leia looked on in horror.

The Fight with the RancorEdit

Disguised Lando attempts to calm a worried Leia

Lando reassures the captive princess

As Leia saw Luke fall through the trap door, she felt a part herself being torn away. Poising to flee, she felt the presence of the collar around her neck as Jabba tugged her back. Suddenly Lando was beside her, shooting her a surreptitious, assuring glance. She sighed deeply to restore her spirits as the throne began to move forward.
Jabba Rejoices with Fett over Luke's Fall

Jabba gloats in triumph

Jabba, for his part, was intoxicated by the power her had just demonstrated to his captive princess. As the throne moved up to an open grate on the floor where he could watch his victory unfold, Jabba turned to Boba Fett who stood beside him and spoke excitedly: "Gedi Jedi! Gedi Jedi!" Gedi being a complicated difficult-to-translate Huttese word meaning "foolish, dominated, and doomed."

Leia looks for the Rancor's emergence

Leia watches in horror as the rancor emerges

Below in the pit, Luke and Jubnuk were picking themselves up off of the dirty floor of the pit. Luke immediately took of his robe, giving himself freedom of movement for the challenge at hand. The gate at the far end of the pit creaked as it slowly began to rise. Two monstrous claws soon became visible.

"Oh no, the rancor!" C3PO cried out.

Jabba uttered a guttural confirmation as Leia looked on with concern, placing her fingers between the collar and her tender neck so she could maintain a view of the pit as the Hutt continued to tug on her leash possessively.

As the gate finished rising, Leia could see the rancor's huge, crustacean-like form emerge into the light. When she was a child her mother had told her scary stories about rancors who ate little girls who refused to go to sleep, but this was no bedtime story.

The rancor first moved towards a squealing Jubnuk, who was pathetically attempting to climb back up the chute that had dropped him into the pit. The rancor grabbed the Gammorrean guard in his huge claws with surprising swiftness, raised him to his slobbering mouth, and gobbled him up in three gulps.

Standing around the pit above, Jabba's court cheered at Jubunk's demise. Especially happy were the other Gamorreans who had envied Jubnuk's position as head guard. Jabba himself chuckled to see the Gamorrean's fall. Only Leia was horrified, aghast at the betrayal and lack of sympathy she witnessed in Jabba's men and especially in Jabba himself. Slurping up Jubnuk's severed hand, which had become stuck in its dagger-like teeth, the rancor turned its attention to the young Jedi. Luke stole a momentary glance upward and met Leia's gaze, then Jabba's who raised his arms and cried out in triumph.

Jabba and Leia Watch Luke Battle the Rancor

Jabba, Boba Fett, and Leia Watch Luke Struggle Against the Rancor

Suddenly, Luke jumped with the aid of the force straight up into the air and grasped onto the bars of the floor grate, to Jabba's shock and outrage. The Hutt ordered some men to dislodge the Jedi. Two Jawas standing beside their master's throne rushed to do his bidding, and began to beat on Luke's fingers with the butts of their guns.

Although chained, Leia could not sit by and watch this. Taking advantage of a distracted Jabba, she ripped her chain out of his grip, rushed onto the floor, and began to push the Jawas away from Luke.

Jabba Prevents Leia from Helping Luke

Jabba holds Leia back, preventing her from helping Luke

Jabba, more bemused than furious at his slave's ultimately futile actions, reestablished his grip on her leash and pulled her violently back onto his throne. He then shortened her tether, and placed his hand on her slave braid to assert his dominance. Meanwhile, the Jawas had just finished breaking Luke's grip on the grate. The Jedi fell, knocking against the Rancor's eye and finally landing on the dusty floor below. The rancor cried out in pain and fumbled about, nearly crushing Luke with his massive hoofs.

Jabba's Sentence Edit

Jabba was furious with Luke Skywalker for slaying his beloved rancor, and was determined to have him executed at once. He ordered C-3PO to announce to the male rebels their fate, while stroking the princess's hair to try and calm himself.

In other circumstances, Jabba would have waited to execute the Jedi and his friends, relishing the moment of his victory. But the Hutt had another, more personally pressing motivation for wishing to punish his rebel prisoners immediately for their transgression. In the short time he had possessed Princess Leia as his slave, he had already come to understand her personality and strength. He knew that her friends' lives fueled her resistance against him, since she still foolishly hoped that the Jedi would rescue them all. And then there was her love for Han Solo, which Jabba, being a Hutt, could not understand, his species having long ago evolved from such piquant notions.

And so the evil gangster wished to crush her spirit by killing her friends. Then she would be ripe for his taking complete pleasure from her.

"His High Exaltedness," 3P0 flatteringly spoke, "the Great Jabba the Hutt, has decreed that you are to be terminated....immediately."

Salacious Crumb, seated besides his master and observing his tail thrashing with lust and excitement, against the princess's back, knew well what Jabba had mind for her. And so when Solo responded to C-3PO's announcement of Jabba's judgement with one of his trademarked quips--"I hate long waits"--he turned to Leia and laughed. A Hutt in lust hated long waits too.
Jabba, Leia, and 3PO at Luke's Sentencing

Jabba Rubs Leia's Shoulder as They Listen to C-3PO

Leia, seated in front of Jabba and feeling him play with her chain, soon sensed what was in store for her and looked beseechingly at Luke, who didn't return her gaze but listened to C-3PO's declaration:

"You will therefore be taken to the Dune Sea, to the Pit of Carkoon, the nesting place of the all powerful Sarlacc."

"Doesn't sound so bad," Solo quipped again.

C-3P0 ignored him and continued: "In his belly you will find a new definition of pain and suffering--as you are slowly digested over a thousand years."

As C-3PO spoke, Jabba licked his lips and pulled on Leia's leash insistently. The princess allowed herself to be pulled back and felt his hand rub up and down her back and then return to stroking her hair. She closed her eyes in abhorennce and then glared back backwards without turning her head. Soon she would take her revenge on him, she told herself.

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