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Lyn Me was a Twi'lek dancing girl and back-up singer for the Max Rebo Band which often played in Jabba's court. Up until Oola's untimely death, Jabba considered Lyn Me as the second sexiest Twi'lek in his palace. Had it not been for Leia's capture later that night, Lyn probably would have become Jabba's newest slave girl.


Early LifeEdit

When she was a little girl, Lyn Me had her first experience with slavers when her village was raided. The slavers managed to kidnap many of the village's women and children, but not before a lone Mandalorian mercenary put a stop to their operation. Somehow, the village elders managed to scrape up enough money to hire the greatest bounty hunter of the time: Boba Fett. Fett quickly dispatched the slavers, but not before the ensuing skirmish caused the local school house to catch fire with Lyn and the other children still trapped inside. Fett saved her, and from that day on, Lyn looked up to Fett as her hero; making it her life-long ambition to one day thank the Mandalorian for saving her life.

After the attack on her village, Lyn Me began training to become a dancer, hoping to become a professional entertainer and find work off Ryloth. Lyn began searching for work offworld, eventually meeting up with Max Rebo--a blue Ortolan, and leader of a band--, who offered her a job as a dancer and back-up singer for his band. She took the job and was pleased to hear that the band had signed a contract to perform at Jabba the Hutt's palace where Lyn had heard that Boba Fett made frequent visits. Though she did finally get to perform for her hero, she was disgusted by the scum of the palace she also had to entertain. Although she was given her own room and food, Lyn Me was rarely allowed to leave the palace, and like the rest of the band, wasn't paid at all. While Rystall and the other women were forced to perform lewd acts for the men due to their contracts, Lyn Me was always the busiest with these disgusting tasks due to her being the second sexiest woman in the palace.

Boba passes by

Boba Fett walks by following Oola's demise as Lyn Me comes closer to her hero than she has ever come in her life.

She hated being treated as a common stripper and was preparing to leave the band when Boba finally approached after a show and complimented her on her performance. Lyn Me was surprised and honored to be given such a compliment by her childhood hero. Fett promised to meet with her later but their plans were interrupted by the arrival of Luke and his band of rebels.

A New MasterEdit

Lyn Me was forced to stay behind as Jabba took his victims to the Pit of Carkoon to have them executed. She soon heard about the destruction of the sail barge and Jabba's death as well as the demise of her hero. She was shocked, but had no time to mourn because as soon as the news of Jabba's death reached the palace, it erupted into chaos. The scum that still lingered at Jabba's palace quickly began looting the palace of everything and anything; taking money, valuables, and even slaves in the resulting confusion. During the chaotic looting, Lyn was able to lock herself away in her room. Unfortunately for her, Bib Fortuna--Jabba's major-domo, and a fellow Twi'lek--had survived the battle in the dune sea, and saw her leave. Fortuna had always lusted after Lyn, but now that their bloated master was dead, he had the opportunity to make her his own slave. While everyone else was busy looting the palace, Bib took a few of the remaining Gamorrean guards and headed for Lyn's room. Bib used the override code on Lyn's door to break in and capture her, forcing Lyn Me into his speeder and leave with him. Fortuna then fled with Lyn and the Gamorreans to Ryloth where he began his own criminal slave trade. Keeping her as his personal slave, Bib would force Lyn to perform erotic dances and pleasure him. Unlike her time at Jabba's Palace, Bib usually denied Lyn Me from wearing any clothing. When he did give her something to wear, however, her outfits would be so skimpy and revealing that there would practically be no difference than when she was nude. When she refused or disobeyed her new master, however, Bib would use the Gamorreans to punish her while he watched. She eventually escaped with the help of a rebel squadron, becoming a close friend to Leia while she was being treated in a hospital base.


Like the other two members of her species in the service to Jabba the Hutt, Lyn Me sported two shapely lekku. Although they weren't as long and thick as Oola's and Bib's, Lyn Me's lekku alone were almost the main cause of her becoming Jabba's second sexiest female in the palace. With her average sized breasts, long legs and equally long torso, Lyn Me could match Oola's acrobatic performances if Jabba so desired her to do so. Standing in sharp contrast to the color of her outfit was Lyn's chalk-white skin that was duller than Bib's pale color.

Lyn Me's OutfitEdit

As with all other enslaved women in the palace, Lyn Me was given a revealing outfit as her only form of attire. Consisting of nothing more than strips of charcoal-gray fabric of varying widths, Lyn's outfit wrapped around her entire body in one complex pattern. Since the strips would easily come loose, the fabric was wrapped around her forearms, ankles, and neck to ensure tightness. Another large section of fabric passed between her legs and wrapped around her stomach, creating a high-riding thong that hid her navel, just like Oola's outfit. When worn, Lyn Me's complete outfit loosely resembled a lewd version of a ballerina. Although her outfit was more revealing than she liked, it was at least far more modest than all of the other outfits the other women wore, especially when compared to Oola's fishnet outfit.

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