Lyn Me was a Twi'lek dancing girl and back-up singer for the Max Rebo Band which often played in Jabba's court. Up until Oola's untimely death, Jabba considered Lyn Me as the second sexiest Twi'lek in his palace. Had it not been for Leia's capture later that night, Lyn would have probably become Jabba's newest slave girl.


Early LifeEdit

When she was a little girl, Lyn Me had her first experience with slavers when her village was raided. The slavers managed to kidnap many of the village's women and children, but not before a lone Mandalorian mercenary put a stop to their operation. Somehow, the village elders managed to scrape up enough money to hire the greatest bounty hunter of the time: Boba Fett. Fett quickly dispatched the slavers, but not before the ensuing skirmish caused the local school house to catch fire with Lyn and the other children still trapped inside. Fett saved her, and from that day on, Lyn looked up to Fett as her hero; making it her life-long ambition to one day thank the Mandalorian for saving her life.

After the attack on her village, Lyn Me began training to become a dancer, hoping to become a professional entertainer and find work off Ryloth. Lyn began searching for work offworld, eventually meeting up with Max Rebo--a blue Ortolan, and leader of a band--, who offered her a job as a dancer and back-up singer for his band. She took the job and was pleased to hear that the band had signed a contract to perform at Jabba the Hutt's palace where Lyn had heard that Boba Fett made frequent visits. Though she did finally get to perform for her hero, she was disgusted by the scum of the palace she also had to entertain. Although she was given her own room and food, Lyn Me was rarely allowed to leave the palace, and like the rest of the band, wasn't paid at all. While Rystall and the other women were forced to perform lewd acts for the men due to their contracts, Lyn Me was always the busiest with these disgusting tasks due to her being the second sexiest woman in the palace.

Boba passes by

Boba Fett walks by following Oola's demise as Lyn Me comes closer to her hero than she has ever come in her life.

She hated being treated as a common stripper and was preparing to leave the band when Boba finally approached after a show and complimented her on her performance. Lyn Me was surprised and honored to be given such a compliment by her childhood hero. Fett promised to meet with her later but their plans were interrupted by the arrival of Luke and his band of rebels.

Life in Jabba's PalaceEdit

After the death of Evar Orbus and the band changed their name the new Max Rebo made a deal with Jabba the Hutt with a lifetime time contract. Lyn Me like everyone else hated that they only got payed with food instead of money but naively thought because they were going to a palace their lives would be okay with out money plus she heard rumors that her childhood hero Boba Fett occasionally visited there.

Unlike fellow members like Sy Snootles who worked with the Hutt families and Rystall Sant who was a slave to the Black Sun Lyn Me and Greeata never got a close look at the criminal underworld until they entered Jabba's palace. The sight of the palace made Lyn Me gasp it wasn't a pleasnet sight but quickly put a smile on her face if thinking it can't be to bad. The band was told if the master liked there preform they could in the palace but if they didn't please him they would die all the members got scared. The members of the band who had never seen a Hutt before were speechless when they saw him Lyn Me was one them. She ignored him and scanned the palace for the bounty hunter who was nowhere to be found Lyn Me's focus went back to the giant slug when asked in a loud voice for the band to play. During their preformance Lyn Me and the other back up singers noticed everyone had their eyes fix on them.

After the sing was over Jabba was pleased and told them that they now have the honor to play for him. The mighty crime lord ordered the guards to take the girls to the harem as the band's bedrooms get picked out and ready. Lyn Me couldn't believe it her hero didn't show up a guards shoved the girls from behind they started moving they didn't know why this then Lyn Me was shoved again. Walking past the crowd Lyn Me noticed the inappropriate manners it was when her view turned back to the throne she realized what type of place this was Lyn Me saw a girl chained next to Jabba she gasped. She couldn't believe she heard about thugs, criminal, pirates, gangs, smugglers, and slavery in the speedy parts of Ryloth but never have seen any of it. She then felt a tug on her Lekku when stopped walking and was now being dragged to the doorway she screamed and cried in pain all the way do the hall.

Day one on the job and the band knew that their lives would be miserable. In the harem the slaves had to get the dancers looking nice make fell comfortable until they were aloud in their rooms. The back singers found out what dances they had to do while in the service of Jabba they found out what makeup they would be wearing and got to see the outfit choices. When Lyn Me saw her costume she didn't want to wear until the harem mistress told her it was either this or nothing the look in Melina's eyes when she said those words made Lyn Me garb the costume out of fear. Before they started changing Melina stopped them she told Lyn Me that the Twi'lek could not change until her master a proved of the outfit. Rystall and Greeata stayed with the other girls with guards at the door Lyn Me didn't want use this outfit to attract attention of Jabba she wanted to use to get Boba's attention after returning to the throne room with Melina the costume was shown to the Hutt who a proved it.

Lyn Me tried to go back to the harem but was stopped "Strip" the Hutt commanded Lyn Me heard she was just speechless Melina got angry and struck the young Twi'lek "He said strip." the crowd busted with laughter. Lyn Me removed her clothes and stood there naked the noise from the crowd made her try to dress faster but it was difficult watching the girl struggle to put on her new outfit was very amusing. When she was finally done Jabba ordered for Lyn Me to be taken to her room and for Melina to bring in the next girl.

As the days went by Lyn Me went through pretty much the same thing almost every day singing, dancing, training, humiliation, punishment and torture occasionally she got see Boba Fett but it wasn't very long because he was always busy.

Dancing with Arica and OolaEdit

When Jabba summoned both Arica and Oola to his dais Lyn Me quickly scampered into the crowd to watch. She didn't think that the Hutt noticed but he did he just let her think she was safe while he had sex with Arica and Oola. When it started, Lyn Me was pleased she wasn't up there. The men aroused from watching the Hutt and looked at Lyn Me and decided to have some fun with her. When she felt the first hand, her smile went away she found out that Jabba hide in the audience she learned she was not safe. Lyn Me couldn't laugh at the other slaves humiliation because she was going through the same thing men pulling at her straps and untying them. Lyn didn't know what was worse the court room raping her or Jabba raping her. She was forced to have sex with Malakili, Bib, Jubnuk, Salacious Crumb and Melina. Tears rolled down her face as she looked around the throne room for her hero Boba Fett so she could have something to make her feel better but couldn't spot him anywhere in the crowd she did however she Rystall, Snootles and Greeata who looked like they were okay with what the crowd was doing to her Lyn Me tried to get some pleasure this just like them but it didn't work. The Hutt over to the part of the crowd where Lyn Me scampered off to thow he couldn't see her he could tell what was going on over which put a smile on his face.

When Malakili had his turn Lyn Me was gagging from the stench that came from the obese human. She couldn't stand his brutal nature and didn't know why a slave like him was so loyal to the Hutt. That's because even though he was a slave he viewed the Hutt more as an employer then a master.

When it Jubnuk had his Lyn Me let out a big scream before being gagged Gammoreans were probably the worst to have sex with other Jabba the Hutt their thick, ruff skin was not comfortable and their their members were huge.

When it was Bib's turn that is when she tried even harder to back free from the crowd's grasp but failed. She could see the lust in his eyes got stronger when whenever got pleasure from a female Twi'lek which really scared her. When he rubbed her lekku, face, head, body, hands, feet, arms, legs or back she would put up a struggle. She was not going to be treated as a slave like Oola was. But Fortuna's lust would not be denied as with many other Twi'lek females, she knew what he was capable of.

When it was Melina's turn she told the young how she noticed her trying to get away from Jabba she had the audience make a clearing so the could get a good view of throne where Jabba, Arica and Oola were she yanked on her Lekku to hold her head up and told that one day that will be her up there right where she belongs Lyn Me shook head not believing it Melina and the crowd laughed at her denial. After Melina let go of Lekku and allowed her to move her head she looked over at the other dancers Greeata, Rystall, and Snootles Rystall was smiling but Lyn Me didn't know what she could be smiling about the Theelin was smiling because she was in close range to hear every word Melina said and unlike Lyn Me she knew where Boba Fett was and didn't tell her.

When it was Salacious Crumb's turn he sat on the girl laughing at her touching her womanhood and crawled all over her body. When the crowd was do with Greeata she picked up her costume and quietly went back to her room though she was quite she didn't have a shameful look on her face, Sy Snootles left when the Max Rebo and the other members left, Rystall picked up costume and happily danced out naked with shame holding a smugglers hand and took him back to her room. Salacious Crumb was the last one in the crowd to play with after she was released from their grasped she reached for her costume Salacious Crumb decided that the fun was not over he grabbed her costume and ran off everyone laughed as Lyn Me to catch the little imp. She didn't have the energy to keep up with him all that sex took it out of her the last thing she remembered before passing out was seeing Monkey-lizard climbing on to the dias with her costume where Jabba, Oola and Arica were. The room was started to empty guests were leaving, slaves were going back to the harem, guards and henchmen going back to their rooms Oola and Arica spend a night with their master while Lyn Me lays naked on the floor were everyone leaves.

The next day Lyn Me woke up feeling miserable barley able to stand her costume is now laying on the ground beside her and the court room is full again Arica and Oola still chained to the dias the band wasn't in their duo the fact that there is no festival, party, or celebration. After her experience yesterday day Jabba and his audience decided to do something they believed would be a fun idea fun for them anyway it was planned while Lyn Me was passed out. Lyn Me jumped at the sound of the Hutt's booming voice "So my pet you thought you could hide from me well I'll make sure that doesn't happen again". This scared Lyn Me she thought he was being serious "Guards put a collar on her and bring her to me". Two guards started to walk away and grab a collar the poor girl ran out of the room screaming and crying with her costume still her hands everyone laughed and the day is just getting started and they were already having a lot of fun. After their laugh Jabba looked at Boba Fett "Bounty hunter time to do one of things I pay you". He told Boba Fett to go spend some time with the girl Boba Fett walked out of the room the Hutt and audience knew that the many girls in the palace loved the bounty hunter and Lyn Me was one of them.

Jabba's PartyEdit

Unlike the other girls who willing pleasured the guests during the band's breaks Lyn Me was forced into the pleasure she only wanted to make love with one person and that was Bob Fett. Unfortunately for her she found her self in the arms of people she didn't want to be with Melina, Jubnuk, Bib, Malakili and many more. She tried to fool herself into thinking she was with him but her fantasy was churched everytime. What was really hard for to handle was seeing Rystall, Oola or another girl with the bounty hunter during the party. If it wasn't for her love of Boba Fett which was greater than her love for singing and dancing she would have left she was even willingly to end her friendship with the band to escape this "hell" that they called a palace.

Everytime the attention of room turned to her during the party she tried thinking if she pretended like she didn't know what was going on they'd all stop and she won't be chained like Oola. Lyn Me didn't like to think about she didn't even like Oola in her eyes Oola was lower than her, she thought Oola was fool trying to get freedom she would never have but Lyn Me was the way Oola wanted freedom from slavery, Lyn Me wanted freedom from the palace, Oola believe because she was the masters favorite pet she would be treated better, Lyn Me believe because she was a dancer she would never be treated as a slave.

When the band started preforming again Lyn Me noticed the argument with Jabba and Oola however unlike Sy Snootles and Joh Yowza Lyn Me, Rystall, and Greeata decided not to give hear any warnings. When Oola fell into the pit Lyn Me didn't expect that to happen she didn't have horrified look on her face like the other members she leaned forward not knowing what was going on.

After Oola's grim fate Lyn Me and Rystall were smiling and flirting with Boba Fett and didn't have a care in world what happened to Oola. Lyn Me noticed that all eyes were her now and she pryed that their lust would move on to someone else.

Reactions to Oola's ExecutionEdit

When Lyn Me heard Oola's horrified scream she walked to the grate she didn't want to miss this as looked wait for Oola to come out of pipe she begged for once that she could enjoy something with out be harassed by anyone in the palace. Like always her hopes of being left alone were shattered the second she got excited it was noticed by everyone around her she already had someone touch her were she didn't want to be touched. Oola came rolling out on to the sandy Lyn Me felt Jabba made the right choice the hands stoked every part her body remind her how close she was being on a chain just Oola "No No! I cannot think that way I to keep positive that their attention will eventually be focused on someone else". Lyn Me fooling she as she stood by the looking down at Oola and those who are gathered around the grate. She Melina was having sex with men and women who gathered around Greeata and Rystall were grind dancing with with the men standing there Sy Snootles was making bets along with everyone one else and Yarna was laughing the fat dancer told the white Twi'lek about her the story of how her kids are prisoners of Jabba so that meant she would do anything to keep them safe even betray another or mock another slave.

Lyn Me watched as Oola started to get up off the floor before she stood up all the way Lyn Me that Oola's nipples were sticky out and she wasn't the only one she noticed all the guys boners and she could  one being purposely shoved in her Lyn Me couldn't take anymore she was naked, she was being fondled and she had cock up butt she wasn't going watch if they were going to ruin it for but once the poor was held against her will and to watch the rest. Oola was now standing up all the way and was brushing sand off of her body tears streamed her which made Lyn Me smile however every thrust man made her smile go away she noticed Melina was now watching the show on the other side that involved her and the man humping her she made her decision she wasn't going to stay here after this Lyn Me didn't care if she'd never see her hero ever again she was done this has gone on long enough. Oola looked around for anyone who had pity for her but all she was drooling mouths, lustful eyes, men clutching their cocks, people laughing, smiling, cheering, happy people, betting and girls pleasuring guys all around the edge of the grate.

As she looked around she noticed Lyn Me who looked like she had finally had enough just like her yet despite all pain Lyn Me was going through Oola could just every else she wanted to enjoy what they would call a beautiful moment each second that happiness turned into humiliation. Oola's body was shaking from the cold and little fear she didn't what was eyes all red and watery Lyn Me had tears in her two if these so "Gentlemen" that's what Rystall called them kept this up they were permanently destroy her body. A large door opened Oola made another noise and started shaking even this made the guys humiliating lust increase which was bad for Lyn Me the door opened all the away a growl could be heard in the dark Oola let out a whimper then a scream as the stomped into the pit. It was a rancor Oola let out a scream seeing the horrifying creature she heard about them and Lyn Me let out a scream of pain from the rape she was receiving both at the same and everyone laughed at both of them.

After the rancor was done with it's meal the guests were done with Lyn it felt like the longest moment of her life Oola standing there frozen with fear, trying to open the gate and climb into the tube, stumbling, fumbling, tripping, trying to climb the walls, sliding down rocks, hiding under ledges, her leash get caught and tangled. While that happened to Oola Lyn Me went through terrible things at the same time rape, sex, fondling, rubbing, nudity, touchy, licking, fingering, climax and ejaculation. All in all Lyn Me was miserable so she barley got any enjoyment from Oola's execution after her costume back Lyn Me was just about to walk out of the throne room with men still pawing at when she stopped by Boba Fett and her friend Rystall after the three had a chat together Lyn Me cheered up when Boussh showed up Lyn Me was filling much better Boba Fett put his hand loving under Rystall's chin when she whispered something to him. As he walked a way Lyn Me thought yes he is definitely worth it.

Leia CapturedEdit

When Bib told Jabba that a girl was impersonating Boussh he change his mind about having his guards bringing Lyn Me to him that night Jabba and some of his creepy goons hide and watched Leia free Han Solo who was later taken to the dungeons with Chewbacca Leia was taken to the harem later by Jess, Melina and Yarna who would train the princess and teach her how to be a slave. Lyn Me was asleep in her room just like Rystall and Greeata despite what happened to her earlier Lyn Me had the best night she ever had thinks to Boba Fett advice. However it didn't last long as was forced to wake up and train a new young woman Jabba had just captured Lyn Me was happy some else had arrived to put up with the nightmare of being chained to the Hutt. However not all of her prayers came true she wasn't chained to the Hutt's dias but the lustful stares didn't stop and neither did the humiliation. Yet despite everything she had been through she still thought about the handsome bounty hunters advice. After the princess was discovered Lyn Me tried to help just like all the other poor girls even though she like to remind them she was free and they slaves she still tired to help them. When Lyn Me tried to help princess Jabba noticed and had her punished only this time she didn't struggle Lyn Me decided put up with it so she could get her chance leave and have life with Boba Fett.

Though Lyn Me didn't end up as Jabba's new favorite after seeing Oola died the moment made realize that even though Leia is now Jabba's slave if she did one more thing to upset him slave or not she would end up with the same fate as Oola which would be death and she wouldn't get her happy life with Boba.

Journey to the Pit of CarkoonEdit

Jabba's DeathEdit

A New MasterEdit

Lyn Me was forced to stay behind as Jabba took his victims to the Pit of Carkoon to have them executed. She soon heard about the destruction of the sail barge and Jabba's death as well as the demise of her hero. She was shocked, but had no time to mourn because as soon as the news of Jabba's death reached the palace, it erupted into chaos. The scum that still lingered at Jabba's palace quickly began looting the palace of everything and anything; taking money, valuables, and even slaves in the resulting confusion. During the chaotic looting, Lyn was able to lock herself away in her room. Unfortunately for her, Bib Fortuna--Jabba's major-domo, and a fellow Twi'lek--had survived the battle in the dune sea, and saw her leave.

Fortuna, having made other Twi'lek girls his concubines, had his eyes on Lyn and always lusted after her, but now that their bloated master was dead, he had the opportunity to make her his own slave like he did with Oola, Shakka, Tann and Ann. While everyone else was busy looting the palace, Bib took a few of the remaining Gamorrean guards and headed for Lyn's room. Bib used the override code on Lyn's door to break in and capture her, forcing Lyn Me into his speeder and leave with him. Fortuna then fled with Lyn and the Gamorreans to Ryloth where he began his own criminal slave trade. Keeping her as his personal slave and concubine, Bib would force Lyn to perform squalid tasks like pole dances, erotic dances, massages, or pleasing him in many forms of lewd sexual pleasure.

Lyn felt absolutely humiliated since, unlike her time at Jabba's Palace, Bib usually denied Lyn Me from wearing any clothing. Lyn was kept naked throughout her servitude of Bib Fortuna, almost 24/7, under punishment of public whipping and body-shaming by making her walk through the streets while mocking her to all they passed. When he did give her something to wear, however, her outfits would be so skimpy and revealing that there would practically be no difference than when she was nude. When she refused to pleasure him or disobeyed her new master, Bib would use the Gamorreans to torture and rape her while he watched. She eventually escaped with the help of a Rebel squadron who raided Jabba's palace and was taken to a medical center on Dantooine, becoming a close friend to Leia, who would often visit Lyn while she was being treated in the hospital.


Like the other two members of her species in the service to Jabba the Hutt, Lyn Me sported two shapely lekku. Although they weren't as long and thick as Oola's and Bib's, Lyn Me's lekku alone were almost the main cause of her becoming Jabba's second sexiest female in the palace. With her average sized breasts, long legs and equally long torso, Lyn Me could match Oola's acrobatic performances if Jabba so desired her to do so. Standing in sharp contrast to the color of her outfit was Lyn's chalk-white skin that was duller than Bib's pale color. Her pale skin tone was a source of shame for her, since white or non-colored Twi'leks were among the least desired in the galaxy.

Lyn Me's OutfitEdit

As with all other enslaved women in the palace, Lyn Me was given a revealing outfit as her only form of attire. Consisting of nothing more than strips of charcoal-gray fabric of varying widths, Lyn's outfit wrapped around her entire body in one complex pattern. Since the strips would easily come loose, the fabric was wrapped around her forearms, ankles, and neck to ensure tightness. Another large section of fabric passed between her legs and wrapped around her stomach, creating a high-riding thong that hid her navel, just like Oola's outfit. When worn, Lyn Me's complete outfit loosely resembled a lewd version of a ballerina's costume. Although her outfit was more revealing than she liked, it was at least far more modest than all of the other outfits the other women wore, especially when compared to Oola's fishnet outfit. Though it is more modest than the other outfits if she had a choice she would pick an outfit less revealing like Arica's, an outfit Rystall's, an outfit like Jess, or a bikini like Greeata's even an outfit like the mistress Melina.

Lyn Me's PerceptionEdit

Though the outfit was more revealing than she liked, she didn't hate as much as Oola hated her netting because Lyn Me is and entertainer Lyn Me loves fashion and this outfit was fashionable. Although if she had the pick another she would only if it was fancy, glamorous and fashionable if nothing meet up to her expectations she was just fine wearing this one.