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Malakili was a boorish and slovenly Corellian who was also the caretaker of the Rancor.


Early LifeEdit

Malakili was a human born on Corellia, a planet of the Core Worlds best known for its pirates, its fast starships, and skilled merchants. Since his most tender childhood, the young Malakili was fascinated by the wild animals, and he wished he could decicate his life to taking care of them. By 32 BBy, Corellian became involved with Gargonn the Hutt's Circus Horrificus, a traveling menagerie that displayed monstrous creatures throughout the galaxy, for which he became a professional beast handler and monster trainer. Only he knew how to tend the circus' restless beast while avoiding undue risk. Aside from the bloodthirsty creatures themselves Malakili became the true star of the Circus Horrificus.

Incident On Nar ShaddaaEdit

Despite the Corellian's unequaled skills, accidents remained posable in the fourth month of 22 BBY, an unexpected event took place while the menagerie was preforming in the Ko Hentota district Nar Shaddaa. One of the wrangler's beasts, an aggressive arget, got rid of its restraints and attacked the spectators, killing twelve in the process. The Corellian attempted to stun the arget, but to no avail. While the murderous creature crawled into the district's ventilation grid Malakili and the other members of her circus vacated the premises.

Servant of Jabba the HuttEdit

Following the incident of the Circus Horrificus Malakili was sent to work for Jabba Desilijic Tiure, a Hutt crime lord and shipping magnate in the Outer Rim Territories. The wrangler was mild-mannered and friendly with many of Jabba's crowd. He viewed the Rancor as kindhearted creature and a friend. At some point, the bloodthirsty gamblers demanded more violence. So Jabba ordered Malakili to train the Rancor for battle, and had a special harness built. Malakili fitted the Rancor with the weapons harness and entered the dangerous demolition derby. Malakili and his mount however did not emerge victorious in the contest. As a cruel punishment, the wrangler was forced to endure humiliation by Salacious B. Crumb Jabba's court jester who sat on his shoulders giggling madly in front of the whole court. Never the less Malakili forged a colse bond with the Rancor, such that the creature would allow him to treat its wounds and eat meals with it.

At some point during his time on Tatooine, killed a giant mutanted womp rat that had taken over a cave owned by Tusken Raiders, and got a gaderffii as a gift from team.

He was planning on betraying Jabba to Lady Valarian and leaving with the Rancor because Jabba planed on pitting it against a Krayt dragon, which would surely kill it. He hid a camera for her in Jabba'sthrone room. When Gonar another human in Jabba's palace threatened to blackmail Malakili with evidence of the planned betrayal, Malakili murdered Gonar by beating him to death and fed the body to the rancor. Despite his murder the rest of Jabba's minions, including Jabba himself, never learned of his Gonar's fate. Other officials quickly made their move in succeeding Gonar's position. The court noticed Gonar's disappearance from the palace they just didn't care and had no clue that Malakili killed him.

When Luke killed the rancor, Malakili wept painfully. His assistant Gian despite not being found of the rancor, attempted to comfort him. After Jabba's death at the Great Pit of Carkoon, Malakili brook the cook Porcellus out of Jabba's dungeon, and went on to found a successful restaurant in Mos Eisley called the Crystal Moon.

Jabba's PartyEdit

The night of Jabba's elaborate party Malakili enjoyed the event with the rest of Jabba's minions he listened music played by the band had food and drinks talked with almost every one in the palace he spent some time with the hutt lords slaves and watched Oola's dance until after she was dropped in to the rancor pit below the throne room.

Reaction to Oola's ExecutionEdit

Malakili enjoyed seeing his favorite beast in the palace satisfied. So when Oola fell from the throne room n to the rancor pit Malakili to watch the rancor eat its new meal. Starting down in the pit the Corellian saw the pitiful look in her eyes but he didn't care the only care he had was for the monsters he looked after. He knew the rancor would enjoy eating her because he had seen the reaction of the beast before when it had eaten slave girls. When the rancor devoured her Malakili could tell that out of all the meals the rancor had she was the monster's favorite. He then thought about the upcoming demolition sport and wondered who his pet would enjoy next after he won he looked at the second most beautiful girl in the palace Lyn Me yes she would be a great choice.

Jabba's Demolition GamesEdit

During the the event Malakili mounted a weapon harness on the rancor and entered the demolition race. If Malakili lost Jabba would make his beloved beast fight a Krayt dragon which Malakili knew would kill his friend. If he won Malakili would be aloud to feed any one he wanted to his pet after seeing what happened to Oola the human though about feeding Lyn Me to the rancor he saw how much his pet enjoyed the first twi'lek girl and he that his pet would love another one. Malakili didn't win so he made a deal with Valarian so he could escape from Jabba and save his rancor.

Jabba's DeathEdit

Malakili went with the court to watch the execution of rebels for killing his pet. When the fighting started Malakili jumped off the sail barge with a few other survivors went back to the palace to free his friend Porcellus. After the wrangler freed the cook from the dungeon they looted the crime lords treasury in order to open their restaurant. The Crystal Moon was soon widely reputed the finest restaurant in Mos Eisley.


Interaction with OolaEdit

Interaction with LeiaEdit

One night Malakili requested the bathing services of Leia, which to Jabba agreed. Once Leia arrived, Malakili forced the young princess to strip naked, and then to strip him as well. As Leia stripped Malakili he made sure to grope her and fondle her breasts with extreme pleasure. Before even starting the bath, Malakili forced Leia to pleasure him orally as he than emptied his load deep inside the princess's throat forcing her to swallow. Once the bath began, Leia could not get away from Malakili's wandering hands as he began to insert his fingers into every hole he could find. Once his arousal peaked again he flipped the princess over, inserted her anally, which she did not find much pleasure in, and began to thrust with great might as his hands toyed with her nipples. When Malakili neared climax, he again flipped her over and inserted his enormous penis into her vagina which caused her stomach to bludge greatly and released his load as he firmly grasped the hips of the young woman in hopes of getting the princess pregnant. A scared Leia ran out of the quarters hoping to never return.

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