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Malakili was a boorish and slovenly Corellian who was also the caretaker of the Rancor.

Interaction with OolaEdit

Interaction with LeiaEdit

One night Malakili requested the bathing services of Leia, which to Jabba agreed. Once Leia arrived, Malakili forced the young princess to strip naked, and then to strip him as well. As Leia stripped Malakili he made sure to grope her and fondle her breasts with extreme pleasure. Before even starting the bath, Malakili forced Leia to pleasure him orally as he than emptied his load deep inside the princess's throat forcing her to swallow. Once the bath began, Leia could not get away from Malakili's wandering hands as he began to insert his fingers into every hole he could find. Once his arousal peaked again he flipped the princess over, inserted her anally, which she did not find much pleasure in, and began to thrust with great might as his hands toyed with her nipples. When Malakili neared climax, he again flipped her over and inserted his enormous penis into her vagina which caused her stomach to bludge greatly and released his load as he firmly grasped the hips of the young woman in hopes of getting the princess pregnant. A scared Leia ran out of the quarters hoping to never return.

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